Friday, July 27, 2012

POLICE BRUTALITY & MURDER ... From LA/ Anaheim to San Francisco to Dallas ... a MONTH of MAYHEM & MURDER By America's FINEST (POLICE BRUTALITY PT.9)

Part 9 of this "Police Brutality" series will take a look at probably one of the most violent month's in this nation as far as police brutality in America's cities with increasing unjustified violence and outright murder in each case. I have been following this and noticed the run around after run around in case after case, as well as the downplay from mainstream media in large on so much, of course too, I realize that there are many importante issue's/ news. The more this is ignored, the worse this mayhem grow's, so there couldnt be enough blog's/ media's covering this as far as I'm concerned. But some video's and newsread/ link's below, then of course I want to add to this after.

San Francisco Police shoot handcuffed man ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

Anaheim protestors demand investigation of Police Brutality ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

Police Brutality wave hits Dallas ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

***** THE DAILY SHEEPLE: Handcuffed man shot by San Francisco Police ...

***** DAILY BREEZE: Mother of man shot by Anaheim Police begs for end to violent protests ...

***** NBC5 | DFW: Man Killed in Officer- Involved Shooting in Dallas ...

One of the most incredible part's to this is how the San Francisco case was almost entirely swept under the rug, and of course there was this Batman movie character in the Colorado theater killing's that drew so much of the media atencion. But what happened here in San Francisco in broad daylight in front of multiple witnesses on the street to a handcuffed man is incredible, I reckon the Bay Area these dayz are just so desensitized to these murdering cop's that plague the entire Bay Area it seem's, including BART transit cop's (?). Of course in the Los Angeles metro area you have so much protesting over the recent murder there of citizen's in Anaheim, and in Dallas growing protest's and question's as to what in Hell really happened here ... no shit ... this Dallas case so far as of the news yesterday afternoon (dayz after) still hasnt confirmed or denied publicly as a statement from the county coroner if the man was shot in the back as witnesses say or in the stomach as the accused police officer sayz, who felt threatened by an unarmed man supposedly running from him ... I mean, which the fuck is it ?, back or stomach ? ... how goddamn hard is that to confirm? and how many dayz does it take to release that information to the public, eh? even more pathetic in Dallas, is that we have an African American Police Chief and District Attorney who folk's seem to have more faith in from those communities because of their race and saying they will take a stand ... well how long does it take ya'll to stand?

In Anaheim the mom of the victim is begging the community to stop the violence (I'm also sure being coached by police psychologist's and/ or church leader's) ... in Dallas, church leader's asking for calm and patience, etc, etc ... well frankly ... and allow me to be a lil more frank here than most since I pay for this bloody blog ... after dayz of bullshit, people are getting a lil tired of dishing out patience and prayer's, they want some damn action and result's, bottom line, not this run around shit of paid administrative leave's, and shifting the trial's and jury pool's hundred's of mile's away like they did in the Oakland/ BART case several hundred miles down to some Los Angeles Area county to try the officer, slap his wrist and release him on good behaviour less than a year after his conviction in protective custody with special amenities and incarceration.

We need "less "violence" and more "patience" and "prayer's" is alwayz the answer?, but where is the patience with these rogue cop's and where do we draw the line on the violence that they are allowed to indulge in? NO! ... the people reacting violently is called for in all 3 of these cities and past due until they can get result's and get it straight, these folk's have shoveled ya'll truckload's of patience and prayer's for year's as it is, and frankly not much has changed and statistically thing's are getting worse and the mayhem and murder imposed by these officer's more frequent. Some folk's are getting sick of this shit and listening to these pussies calling for order, prayer's, and patience!

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