Monday, July 2, 2012

EL PASO/ JUAREZ ... A TEXICAN Binational Community (Taste of Texas PT.13)

This Part 13 of "Taste of Texas" is to take a look at the El Paso/ Juarez area out in far West Texas, a look at the countryside as well as the urban area ... it's a sort of Texican binational community, and of course one of my favourite cities and area's in the Lone Star State. I also wanted to highlight it because of too much negative news about this area and especially Juarez recently because it seem's all I ever hear is about the so called drug violence, which is basically some kind of territorial dispute over folk's in the blackmarket drug trade, it has hampered tourism of course, but wont last forever. This is such a beautiful region with some of the most unique hospitality you will find in America, an urban area that is so laid back where whether you speak Spanish or English you feel right at home. The surrounding area and mountain's is really beautiful and blend's right into the urban area, that's been around before the United States and flourished as a binational region for long. Enjoy ....


Franklin Mountains State Park, El Paso, Texas (improved video) ... Thanx to KENNETHKRAMM **** Largest urban wilderness State Park in the U.S., encompassing an entire mountain range in the Chihuahuan desert ****

Wyler Aerial Tramway- Franklin Mountains State Park, Texas (Official) ... Thanx to TEXASPARKSWILDLIFE

El Paso Scenic Drive (en Espanol) ... Thanx to NONSTOPTELEVISION

Juarez Tourism video ... Thanx to AQUILACHRYSAETOS

***** TOP HALF- United States

***** BOTTOM HALF- Mexico


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