Thursday, July 26, 2012

HOW'S TRAFFIC IN YOUR NEIGHBOURHOOD? ... The Double Decking of LBJ Freeway (DEFENSIVE DRIVING COURSE PT.4) ... Inspired by Curtis & Tabitha

Our neighbourhood on the left of photo by the 3 building's area
which is Northwest Dallas/ Farmers Branch/ Addison vicinity

***** RCJ: "DALLAS NORTH AREA: Freeway Change's ... "DFW CONNECTOR"& "LBJ EXPRESS" **** this posting explain's these two particular North and Far North Dallas project's and the length of time for completion as well as computer video's of completion, so it's not permanent.

Part 4 of "Defensive Driving Course?" is inspired by some new neighbour's Curtis and Tabitha who just moved here from Chicago (Curtis found a great job here in the auto industry), and Welcome! But the other day after work during some chat, Tabitha looked beat and said "Oh my God!, I thought the traffic in Chicago was bad ..." etc. But yes, this part of LBJ Freeway is a 9 mile project between Stemmons Frwy, Dallas North Tollway & North Central Expressway/ High Five interchange and under heavy construction, bridges being demolished, replaced, etc, etc to inter- connect this freeway corridor by double decking LBJ and part of Stemmons Frwy that connect's to have a better connection with all 4 freewayz and how they meet and mix basically. But I told her and Curtis that this should be done in about 4 year's or so I reckon, and probably ahead of schedule like when they done the High Five year's back, being that they give big bonuses to crew bosses for early completion type incentive's, that one was done over a year ahead of schedule actually. This is one of several freeway expansion's that you see going on all over the Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex these dayz, along with the largest rail expansion's being done in North America.

But yeah, it can get thick, I reckon I got used to it being on the freewayz so much around this town, but this is much needed, and will really be nice when finished, there are at least three quarter's of a million car's a day that go through the High Five interchange alone.



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