Saturday, July 28, 2012

DEFICIT REDUCTION: A Truly "Conservative" View and Explanation of the DEFICIT & BUDGET from a Inde Liberal Socialist (From The FOXHOLE with BERNIE PT.4) & (YALL STREET/ RC'S SPENDING & BUDGET CUT'S PT.5)

Thomas.H.Pickering aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie"

This posting will serve the "From The Foxhole with Bernie" and "Yall Street/ RC's Spending & Budget Cut's" series both. But basically to look at the true reality of the deficit, spending and cut's in this nation currently, what is being pushed for legislative action by whom and why. Which I have wrote plenty about throughout this bloody journal as it is. But no one sum's up truth quite as uniquely as Senator Sanders on Capitalism Hill.

One of the most twisted misconception's we have in 2012 is what we see as being "fiscally conservative" and the related, it is so twisted that I hardly know how to explain it in few word's. But basically it amount's to mostly all conservative's of our government supporting, funding, and promoting corporate welfare subsidies, offshore investing, outsourcing job's from America, with an endless spending on war's and bombing campaign's, who support private mega entities that imprison, drug, and financially drain and bankrupt our college student's and youth for mega profit through government milking, supporting a half dozen mega bank's that milk and drain all the independent bank's and business, take our generous bailout's to spend on multi- million dollar advertisement's and putting their name's on sport's stadium's, and spend much of their time trying to bankrupt everything of our municipalities, post office's, emergency service's and everything else, so they can replace it with investment's from these same entities, to milk us more selling us inferior product's and service's at inflated price's while destroying our land enviromentally across the board, avoid any taxation of themselves while ratholing all the wealth they made from us in a handful of tax haven countries offshore, letting mega religious entities dictate our government, and now even trying to take our social security and throwing that to the gambler's of Wall Street ... and that's only half of it. The only true definition term I could come up with to give this is "corporate communism".

Below is almost 35 minute's of video from Bernie that's sum's up truth and reality, that is well worth the listen ... and Thank You Sir! Then a post note from me.

Bernie on Deficit Reduction: Part 1 ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

Bernie on Deficit Reduction: Part 2 ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

The Truth about the Deficit: Part 1 ...  Thanx to SENATORSANDERS

The Truth about the Deficit: Part 2 ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS



***** POST NOTE: I intended to add this yesterday, but was a tad pressed for time, so I am adding this as a "post note" here. The reason again to post this, even though I pointed this out time and again here and there, is because if someone was to just randomly stumble on this posting from either side of left or right, they could assume that I am against wealth and rich folk's, but I am actually very pro- wealth, business, and even giving tax incentive's 110% to those investor's and job creator's ... I actually took on the nick- name "Commie Tommie" in humour, living in a city that is saturated with wealth and business to the point where it is called the number one city in America (Dallas- Fort Worth) for business by many expert's even, because many of these new wave or neo conservative's of today, would label someone like myself, Bernie, or even our President (Obama) as a "commie" (nick name for "communist"), and saying that we hate wealth and/ or anyone with any substantial amount of money/ asset's : ) Many of these conservative's of today, dont even see what is happening in their own party, even many democrat's are so intoxicated with this left/ right battle and cult mentality that they dont even see the game their caught in, some do, but love the battle of word's and side show's as a sort of way to entertain themselves I reckon.

Bottom line is ... we are being milked/ robbed basically, and as I pointed out time and again, most of the mega investment clan's dont really care much about this nation, there are alot of new market's emerging, and this country is full of lawyer's/ legislator's/ politician's that have a major say and role on adjusting the market's and making into law what much around the globe is going to do. The giant's such as India and China have so much to do with the new market's, with their rising middle classes and such, which is a plus for those folk's, but to "stay" a plus, it has to be watched closely by all people of the globe, as far as watching those engineer's of this are concerned, because they are only human, so they get intoxicated as well with their gambling addiction's, excessive greed and what have you, I mean ... you see what can happen to the global economy when one of these mega entities make's a wrong/ ill move/ bet just over the last decade, and to just let these entities get any larger is so dangerous to everyone in the longrun.

Myself for instance, I'm a simple man, a problem solver,etc, etc ... I dont choose side's or pop culture clan's when it come's to business, or try to embrace only a few idea's that are popular, that contaminate's the process and waste's time of everyone. I was the same way on the job in the printing industry,when some computer broke down, or another snag in the production came, instead of just sitting there with my head in my hand's weeping and worrying with "whoa is we" nonsense, I would get together with a select few of the crew, and say .... "let's make this work". We are not "making thing's work" the way we are handling this so called crisis, which is really mild compared to what it could be, thank goodness we have enough wealth in this country and a sort of democracy to where we are not as deep in the hole as we could be after this last series of crashes, if we think that unemployment is bad now at 15+% (real figure's, not this left/ right MSM figure's) we aint seen nothin.

Constantly we hear whining out of these mega power and wealth entities, that we are trying to re- distribute wealth ... but in reality, it is them with their intentional or even unintentional reckless investing, spending, and excessive greed intoxication that HAVE already re- distributed the wealth, so bad to where there isnt even a snowball's chance in Hell of any competition anymore hardly, it's become a handful of familia's such as Walton's vs. Koch Brother's etc, etc (example) ... where is the competition? We have gotten to where capitalism isnt even remotely capitalism anymore when we just bail out and give endless support to a mega entity that fail's time and again, and we only encourage them to get larger, which can only make the next fall/ failure worse than the previous one, and everyone on Capitalism Hill know's this.

I "want" to give many of these folk's tax break's/ incentive's, etc ... all I'm asking for is a "return" for our consideration/ investment is all, just like ya'll ask for, it's simple as that ... I want a guarantee (contractually/ legislatively) that you also invest here and related nation's that are playing in the same game that feed's the same pool. I want to give energy companies incentive's, BUT ... I also want you to spend as much time and investing though on more advanced and eco friendly project's and idea's, not just doing the same ole same thing over and over and giving a 25 year projected vision on what we have in place ... since ya'll like to take gamble's, you should have no problemo with this, like any other business endeavor, some of you will come out winner's more than other's, that's competition and forward progress.

***** RCJ: "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" **** I compiled this of various posting's/ link's/ video's to easily access which concern's alot of this on the economy and related.



Demeur said...

I see you have a good grasp on what's happening. When Bush came up with his "tax cuts" I thought at the time it was a bad idea. I could see he was spending way beyond his means with the wars and all which weren't even on the books until Obama took office. Kind of like a wife using the credit card without your knowledge if you know what I mean.
But as for the tax cuts I say let them expire on everybody. Mine amounted to about $25 a week. I'd gladly pay that to be back working getting a decent check rather than a few hundred a week I get on unemployment.

Like you say the shit storm is coming because they didn't tighten up the rules for the Wall Street boys so they've been at their game the past few years only we're almost back to where we were in 07 and 08. This time around it won't be just a bunch people losing their homes it'll be entire countries collapsing.

Ranch Chimp said...

You know Demeur, sadly and "shamefully" I voted for Bush in 2000, I know reading this blog I may not sound like that, but understand, I didnt know jack shit about politic's and voted republican so many year's here in Texas, simply because of the conservative value's (no, not religion though) that they hold, like on gun's, defense, spending, etc, etc The only thing I worried about Bush was is he too religious? But Geeeezzz, I was broadsided Demeur, after he started that war, and the other milkiing started coming, I didnt even think of any of the stuff he was doing as far as the spending and the tax cut's, etc, etc. I started wondering WTF is going on!, so I decided to look into it. It wasnt until I got online over 4 year's ago that I really took a close look at politic's, and was actually shocked what I found. I feel that there are many folk's that vote the way I used to, just vaguely listening to any of it and voting out of habit for one or the other party, and I dont think alot of republican's even see what the party mainstream has become, especially in Texas and this so called platform of their's. I like the idea of low taxes and no state income tax, but I dont mind payin a lil more tax Demeur to smooth thing's out and better thing's, it's no big deal to me, if we can get better social service's, school's, etc, etc ... I will apy the taxes. It's worth what you get for your buck.

Thanx for your input Demeur ... no I didnt know you were getting unemployment, thank goodness we still have that!