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Thomas.H.Pickering (aka "Ranch Chimp" & "Commie Tommie")

Part 4 of "Yall Street" will look at a recent victory to actually get money spent in this nation on our failing infrastructure and lacking transportation need's, this has been pushed by million's including our President, and is well worth the investment for year's to come.

This is a huge step and victory for the Golden State and our nation actually, and has had plenty of support from President Obama as well, regardless of all the bitching and snag's that this has ran across. Anyone who has travelled from the LA area to the Bay Area can appreciate this. Even the last time (2007?) I was on I- 5 going into LA from the north, it still had only 2 lane's that much of which looked like it was in need of updating big- time (same problemo with I- 45 between Dallas and Houston actually). The fact is that this is domestic, it's the future, it easily connect's two of the most travelled and populated area's of the state/ nation, and will get it's use in time, while inspiring other effort's and project's, and an extended plan to redo all the southern and northern California urban rail transit's. Still of course many will want to take the scenic drive's such as Highway/ Route 1 along the coast, which I highly recommend to anyone who visit's because it is a beauty unmatched with anything in this nation ... but all these arteries are also limited lane's and such, the amount of traveller's between these two metro area's is enormous, it's a "win- win" not only for the Golden State, but also for this nation which has really fell behind in rail transportation amongst other thing's.

My nephew Abel who lives in Beijing, China said that their high speed is excellent ... these dayz all over Europe,  getting from town's like London and Paris in a couple hour's, amongst many other countries, is the need's of the majority of the population's and big plus for enviromental factor's, I personally even vision high speed commercial industrial transporting of good's in the future, which would take the strain off those 18- wheeler's that have to output so much emission's in particularly place's like California just climbing them hill's and such, plus saving alot of time. Texas currently going through the same stalling shit obstacle's that California has been facing, yet here it has had overwhelming support from both polarizing politipop side's, alot of it also has to do with private entities that want to invest into it solely and run it, as I believe just happened in Italy ... BUT ... this is a much needed move that BOTH private and public can get in on, it create's plenty of job's, etc ... the Northeastern corridor, same thing. Once this start's it will take off bigtime, it's just someone's got to get off their ass and get this started ... so this is a huge step, that should expand support more than ever.

This is what America need's to invest in, and other infrastructure project's, not goddamn continuously bailing out gambling entities of Wall Street, living in fear because of the reckless bad investing and spending in this nation ... this is a "spending" PLUS ... this is something for "Yall(s) Street"! And Congratulation's to the California Senate and people.

***** CNN/ TRAVEL: California Senate Approves Funding For High- Speed Rail

***** LATIMES/ LOCAL: Senate Passes High Speed Rail Funding

The California High Speed Rail Project (2012- 2022) ... Thanx to UFOXPOSED


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