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COLORADO CARNAGE ... The Arms Business & America's Prepping for ARMAGEDDON ... Is There a Line to be Drawn? ... GUN'S & GUERILLA WARFARE (SELF DEFENSE PT.14)

Part 14 of the "Self Defense" series will look at the recent Colorado theater shooting, which is more of a massacre and carnage than anything else ... and the firearm's business in America, as well as tough time's and America's prepping for Armageddon or when shit hit's the fan, so to speak, and prepping for guerilla warfare, etc. I dont think just folk's like Mr. Holmes (shooter/ killer) watches too many movies and taking them too seriously, but actually a large percentage of American's, period. This has been over every media across the nation and the talk of just about every neighbourhood ... I have read, viewed, heard so much on this, from the pro- gun to the anti- gun and each of the two polarizing politipop side's battling this out, who's right?, who's wrong?, good vs. evil, etc, etc, etc. To me, there is no good or evil ... what happened yesterday is just one of them thing's that I cant blame it on a movie, a book, a gun, a bad childhood, etc, etc ... it is the act of a person that reaches their limit of tolerance and dont give a rat's ass about anyone else but themselves, this lack of regard is more popular than ever ... even amongst those who lead us and their corporate entities with their lack of regard for the earth and nature.

Some pro- gun/ defense people think that this was even staged by the liberal's to attack gun right's,  some liberal's think that this is the sole action of a Tea Bagger/ right winger, and of course the usual, that their all only white male's who think like this with their self guilt of being born white ... and to show this is also bullshit, I posted of video below of one of the pro- gun YouTube site's I frequent, of an African American woman who also think's Armageddon is right around the corner, she was opposed to gun's only a few year's ago, and look at the arsenal she has now in her many video's which can be linked to through her YouTube site. Some think that it is only a christian mind that think's like this, etc, etc ... the list of opinion's on this are endless and mostly boil down to right and left. What we are forgetting in all of this, is our nation, our people, and those who died and suffered from this, again ... just going back to our self- centered interest's. I am not exclusively left or right ... I abandoned that way of thought decade's ago, so it may be difficult to understand my view's or opinion's on some thing's.

Yesterday a perfect example, while in a Fort Worth gun shop browsing some gun's and comparing price's, etc ... the clerk/ owner asked me what I thought of this massacre and how the liberal's been playing this? ... and their attempt to disarm America and the usual? I calmly told him ... I think their right ... I think we need to have much more regulation on arm's in this nation ... his jaw almost dropped to the floor right there, as I was like routine checking out a 9mm with a laser ... he couldnt begin to understand where I was coming from ... so I elaborated some. My question is simple ... where do we draw the line?, and how much is enough to defend ourselves? I seen on NBC (I think?) a day or so ago, that in the last 18 month's, there has been at least 60 of these gun crazed shooting's ... our President (as well as myself) tried pointing out in his first campaign for the Presidency in 2008 that when time's get tough, folk's grab gun's, God, religion, etc, etc (similar), he was criticized as talking down people that are rural, etc ... I pointed out then, that the President is absolutely correct. He was accused as being a man that want's to disarm everyone and take all the gun's away leaving us defenseless ... yet, he never advocated to disarm America ever. No doubt that folk's also feel threatened with the increase of tactical fire power that is with law enforcement/ military on our home ground, feeling a need to out arm them as well, which is natural, so that is also why I feel that arm's used by law enforcement and their tactic's should be more restrained as well ... I mean ... all were doing at the rate were going is feeding the fire.

***** CNN/ JUSTICE (FULL STORY): Police: Evidence of 'Calculation and Deliberation' in Colorado Theater Shooting

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What this man's motive was who killed and injured all these folk's is pointless to me, he done it and it's too late to change that. When this man was buying all this equipment, didnt anyone wonder if he was with law enforcemnt, military, etc? He went into this theater very well established, so he's not crazy or under spiritual direction, geeezz ... he was a college med student on a payroll and giving lecture's himself, top of the line kid, etc, etc. The talk out of some pro- gun folk's was, if the audience was armed, they could have defended themselves and possibly took him out before he  killed other's ... in many cases, yes ... but this man made it so no one had a snowball's chance in Hell against him but a strong tactical law enforcement response, and he didnt even resist them in the least. He had head, groin, leg, torso, neck, professional protection gear, he was determined not to get hurt ... shooting back at him in a semi dark theater like that with all the panic, would have just gave him another target to terminate, your weapon's would have not done good against him for the most part. This guy was also packing shit like an assault rifle with 100 round magazine clip's, ready to rock and roll at the drop of a hat, along with handgun's ... he was in it for the "head count", no doubt.

Anyone who know's me, know's that I been a strong NRA/ 2nd Amendment right's supporter for year's, and still am, have hunted since a kid starting with archery, rifle's, throwing knives in upstate and downstate New York, later to the Mojave Desert region's of southern Nevada and California, then to the Big Thicket forest's of southeast Texas, I have been shot at and stabbed both in urban enviroment's, so I know the importance of self defense first hand. Today we have well over 300 million people in this melting pot, and many trouble's that are unique to this era alone, this isnt 100 year's ago, and the weaponry of today is also much different, and especially the polarization of interest's and culture's clashing in our nation, compounded with stress and crises we havent faced before, from student's to elderly citizen's and a Hell of alot more chip's on folk's shoulder's. Something need's to be done and addressed, I dont expect much right now, because of these bloody election's, the left and right has to both have to try to play around this and fizzle it out ... the gun lobby is a big interest, these gun and ammo sales in this nation are enormous revenue's and profit's, even had been recently calling for ammo manufacturer's to start another shift ... so their motive is more profit than American's being able to defend themselves, eh? But talk about this is due and some kind of action to try to lessen some of this value packed overnight violence and death. Tightening regulation's, sales, etc, sure as Hell is NOT going to disarm American's.

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Infidel753 said...

Some pro- gun/ defense people think that this was even staged by the liberal's to attack gun right's, some liberal's think that this is the sole action of a Tea Bagger/ right winger,

Yes, it's very annoying and very silly. Whenever something like this happens, every commentator out there tries to link it to whatever his own big issue is. The religious nuts are even claiming events like this are caused by the decline of religious nuttery in the US -- as they usually do.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yeah Infodell, I know, I was also reading 3 link's on yesterdayz link round up of your's concerning that from that right wing media (forgot the name of them but Thanx) as far as thinking it has to do with religious decline or related, 10 commandment's, etc, etc, etc. But I actually known a few pro- gun people over the last several year's, that actually agree with me as well on more regulation's.

Thanx for your input here Infodell ....

Demeur said...

I support the second amendment but I have to ask why does any sportsman or hunter need with anything more than a half dozen favorite guns and a couple of boxes of ammo?
Forget the registration how about a mental evaluation of the buyers?
And it seems the NRA has only the interest of the gun manufacturers and not its' own members.
I recall taking an NRA sponsored gun class but back then it was something more serious than a heart attack. If you so much as accidentally pointed a gun at another person you were kicked off the range.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yeah, I know Demeur, then classes are strict, but they also teach alot of great tip's, I never done one, but have viewed them ... I just went out to the range with buddies or something (couldnt afford too much of that shit, ammo- wise). Hell, I thought that since I was a kid hunting like down in SE Texas ... why would a hunter have a AK47 or somethin? 100 round clip's,etc. etc ... heh, heh, heh, heh ... you wouldnt be able to even hunt right : ) I reckon that's where "self defense" come's in vs. "hunting", but frankly as I pointed out in one of my past posting's (cant recall which one off hand) ... using some of these arm's in home defense would be lethal to you, your familia and neighbour's because of impact and penetration. The arguement of some pro- gun folk's is that folk's are buying so much ammo now, because of shortage's of certain kind's, and because of the tight economy, it's cheaper to buy in bulk, of course ther's 101 reason's I reckon, so I just tried to make my point simple.

Thanx for your input here Demeur ....