Tuesday, July 31, 2012

PLANT BASED PROTEIN: Meat, Wheat & Pig's Feet ... & The DOPING UP of America's Favourite Consumed ANIMAL'S (WHOLE GRAIN'S/ FOOD'S & HALF TRUTH'S PT.5)

Part 5 of the "Whole Grain's/ Food's & Half Truth's" series is just a lil info I wanted in here for reference. Again, I'm not a vegetarian, but do eat alot less of meat's, and kind of selective about such, so these thing's are a plus to know is all. Mr. Mark Macdonald make's some point's of interest in this first video, the bottom line is that we eat alot more meat than we have to, and frankly pay out the ass to do so. The reason for saying that we "pay" out the ass, is because I know so many low/ moderate income working class folk's over the year's like myself, have alwayz said that the healthy food's are too expensive and they dont fill you up, etc, etc. ... there is some truth to that, but half only, what I mean is we have psychologically and physically became addicted to the food's that are more harmful, so there's more to it, than the popular urban myth that poor folk's simply cant afford and cant find many of these store's/ food's in low income area's. Put it this way, you may not find a bunch of health food product's in a small convenient store in a low income community, BUT, every one that I been in also had thing's  like some banana's, apple's, etc in the store too, out of taste and habit, we quickly grab the spicy, sodium filled potato chip's or such for a buck/ buck and a half ($1.00/ $1.50) instead of the piece of fruit, as example. When we go to these fast food joint's, get say a double cheese burger, fries, soft drink, etc, you'll maybe drop $7/ $10 buck's right off hand, and that's just a snack or lunch on the run thing, stop off again for couple soft drink's more throughout the day or whatever snack's, and you already spend more than you realize on bit's and end's, when that same dollar could be spent on something alot more nutritional that even taste's good. If your poor, on food stamp's etc ... same thing, what guide's you to those product's in the store beside's price when you could choose from the produce area? ... so you see ... taste and habit ... I'm the same way, I loved all the nutritionally lousiest thing's to eat. And the more of that, that it take's you to fill yourself, the more you will need to satisfy that goal every time.

We also strongly need as I previously pointed out in this series, alot more tighter regulation on this deceptive advertising nonsense, I was just reading some of the cereal boxes (not buying it, but since I was in the market, to entertain myself) while in a market a couple dayz ago again, just to witness the unbelievably bullshit they have on package's of our children's cereal, with cute picture's of cartoon super heroes or whatever on the box to catch the kid's eye, so he/ she can yell to mom ... "Get that one!" ... with all this fiber, protein, nutritional source of vitamin's A thru Z and other bullshit to make the concerned mom think it is scientifically/ nutritionally accurate, etc. The same thing with all that we buy that is processed, period! A year ago I didnt even know jack squat about what they inject into our so called natural meat's even that we consume, while the critter's are alive at that even. Now just common sense must make you wonder, if antibiotic's are so regulated to us as patient's/ consumer's, so that they truely do defeat our infection or whatever (dont want to do too much, but yet enough basically to fight it) ... doesnt all these antibiotic's pumped into these animal's have some consequence's to the consumer?

Some person can randomly look at this post and just easily assume that I am against these meat product's, fast food businesses, etc, etc ... but I am pro- business ... so no, I'm not against businesses, all I want is to tighten the rules and what were told is all, again ... a lil transparency is all. There is no reason why any business/ industry cant make adjustment's, modification's and try new thing's ... that's progress and improvement is all, which in the longhaul is healthy for any business as a more healthy and informed consumer/ customer who will advertise the best way of marketing, by word of mouth, everyone win's in the longrun basically. Business/ supply cater's to demand, not the other way around ... and that is what many of us consumer's lack in this issue as well ... "demand".

Plant Based Protein ... Thanx to FAREEDZAKARIAFAN

***** HLN: "Food Wars: Labels can be deceiving" (video/ newsread)

***** CONSUMER REPORTS: Meat On Drugs **** and some tips on what you can do



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