Friday, July 6, 2012

TOMAS LOPEZ: "Liability Issue's Vs. Getting The JOB DONE" ... Drowning In The Sea Of Restriction's (PUBLIC PATRIOT'S PT.6)

Tomas Lopez Photo

Mr. Tomas Lopez

Part 6 of the "Public Patriot's" series will be to honour Mr. Tomas Lopez of the Miami/ Fort Lauderdale area. It may not seem patriotic in the traditional sense of what is defined as patriotism, but for me it is, and that's why he goes into this series. This story has been all over the media's this last week and such a response from the public on this, which is rightfully due ... he's a hero? I dont think Mr. Lopez is thinking of hero, but just know's what to do whenever his instinct's kick in on something like this, let's just say that he's a man who get's the job done, he was sort of drowning himself in a sea of restriction's. His job is a "lifeguard" and that's what he intended on doing, regardless of the rule's that restrict his action's ... or what they term as "liability issue's", heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... as far as those who terminated him at first ... let me give ya'll a liability issue scenario ... how bout a foot in ya'll's ass!?  ... that would be a true "ass"et instead of a liability by my standard's, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) Tomas was fired they say based on "corporate code's" ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... "fuck ya'll's corporate code's" : ) Folk's like Tomas take their job serious and go that extra mile if necessary ... I mean ... it's all in a dayz work the way folk's like us see it, simple as that.

But this is just a great story that I been all over this week and loved to have in this journal. As far as the offer's to now give him his job back, after the fact and publicity of course : ) ... well Tomas, you got to do what you gotz to do, eh ... what's in your heart man ... as far as I'm concerned, I would give you a promotion as well because of your instinctual performance ... I myself even swam the beaches there year's back, when I lived in Miami. And Thanx to those co- worker's that stood by you and their ground despite the threat to their job's as well ... that's true team spirit man, friend's/ crew's like that dont get no better : ) Anywayz ... best to ya Guy ....

***** CNN/U.S.: Florida Lifeguard Says He's Been Offered His Job Back (newsread/ video's)

Lifeguard Fired For Leaving His Zone To Rescue Drowning Man ... Thanx to JOEL MCKENNA




Infidel753 said...

From the linked news story: Three other lifeguards quit in protest and two others were dismissed after saying they would have acted as Lopez did. "They told us we would be liabilities and we had to be let go," lifeguard Travis Madrid told CNN.

So they not only fired Lopez because he didn't follow the rules and let the guy drown, they fired other lifeguards who said they would have done the same thing.

You just know the people who did that vote Republican.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yeah Infodell, basically his whole sector team stood by him, when they fired what they could and the other's walked, that's when they (the company) realized they done fucked up basically, then came the media and outrage locally, then of course they changed their tune (company) and tried to get them all back ... like I said "team spirit".

Thanx for your input Infodell ....

Infidel753 said...

Lopez was smart not to go back to his old job working for those ding-dongs -- he's being officially recognized as a hero now and he'll easily be able to get a better job.