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KRISTOFF JOHN: New York Student BULLIED by Security Dean & Treated like RAGDOLL (NOT COOL 4 SCHOOL PT.2) **** & A TIP 4 Parent's UPDATE

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Kristoff John

"Not Cool 4 School" Part 2 will look at a recent case in Brooklyn (NYC) of a Security Dean Mr. Stephan Hudson who assaulted a high school freshman student Kristoff John, and this is another of so many cases which you are glad to have public surveillance too. To me, from what I read and viewed, this case is clearly a case of the teacher bullying the student, and I can understand a teacher getting angry and so forth, I mean if this kid was a bully or fighter of some kind, it may cause for a teacher/ security to act aggressively, like in part one linked below where the kid was younger and a class bully as example, I'm not calling it justified, but just understandable. This case is clearly not that, this kid was NOT a bully or even appeared aggressive in any way ... and get this, the security Dean make's $95K per year, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) This is one of them vocational/ technical high school's too, and them type school's arent really known much for violence, this was simply over a student ID pass.

But Kristoff did the "right" thing here, because some teen's wouldnt have, I know when I was 15 and if any teacher would have dealt with me like this, I would have retaliated, due to his (security) size, I would have felt threatened and have no doubt that I would have used whatever it took as a weapon to try to return the strike and fight back, I mean I took a few good ass whippin's as a kid on the street, so being sick of ass whippin's, I took it serious and tried my best to defend myself, whether it was an adult or another kid, or at least come back later and catch him off- guard and physically attack him to repay ... that's just the kind of kid I was, and partly reason why I was locked up in reform school's instead of regular school I reckon. Mrs. John (student's mother) was clearly given the run- around on this, and you shouldnt be suprised of the school for trying, like many of these governing piece's of shit that dictate our children's lives, they try to cover everything from butt- fucking kid's to physically abusing them, etc, etc ... that's their job Mrs. John ... they're liar's ... so sue the living shit out of them, they deserve it!

***** TIP 4 PARENT'S & MRS. JOHN: Thanx to the surveillance camera's and also to the media that exposed this footage to Mrs. John ... ANY TIME when a school notifies you and sayz similar as they did to Mrs. John, you know there is more to the story than they are saying and most likely full of shit. They called Mrs. John saying that her son was involved with a "little" incident, and she should be grateful they are NOT going to "punish" him (similar wording), that there should raise a parent's suspicion ... I mean, if your kid done wrong, minor/ little or not, why not having her come in and talk it over instead, and why not at least trying to deal with the student over it in some way? ... bottom line, they were too quick and indirect to dismiss it, meaning that they probably have something they're not telling you, if it was "little" why was the student apprehended into custody by police (campus or not)? I'm not saying the parent should jump the gun, what I'm saying is never fully trust what your told without some evidence is all, after all, it's your children being abused and all of our tax dollar's or tuition's paying these piece's of shit to guide them, it's these same piece's of shit that are more danger to our youth than drug dealer's, forcing them into taking drug's these dayz like Adderall to get them to conform to their boring technique's, thus turning these children eventually into speed freak's (drug addict's), not now, but wait about 10/ 20 year's from now, after some of these been researched for long enough, and see how these drug's are going to have an impact on them later and our society. These type drug's are not even like coca (cocaine) or opium (heroin) or marijuana (pot), which are more natural than these designer mind drug's, these mixture's of drug's today are designed specifically to alter the thinking process, mind and emotion's, which is different, just more like a designer type of meth/ speed or XTC basically.

***** NEWYORKDAILYNEWS: Daily News reveals shocking video to mom showing 15- year- old son taking severe beating from teacher at Brooklyn High School ... (newread)


The Four Seasons: "Ragdoll" with Frankie Valli, was first released as a single on vinyl in 1964 ... Thanx to MRPOTATODICK (**** I wanted to add this classic from some excellent harmonizing gent's out of Jersey)


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