Wednesday, July 11, 2012


This posting on "fracking" will serve both the "Global Warming" & "The Frackerjack Debate" series of this journal ... what is going on across this nation is actually a tad shocking, and you have to ask yourself, where is "common sense" in all of this? Again, I didnt even hardly know a thing about this fracking, but of course questioned the earthquake's in this region (Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex) and several other issue's that I been reading about that all make sense, so dont think I am some hardcore enviromentalist that hate's big oil and want's us all to ride bicycle's and live in mud hut's ... I am very pro- business/ investment's and strongly for innovative technologies in energies ... it's just that I have some simple principle's and value's when it come's to business and such, I sure as Hell dont want to set my business on fire and slowly watch it burn to the ground. Considering all the new technologies, drilling, scientific data, and the massive profit margin's of today ... I have to wonder if some of these investor's have lost their mind's? The most sickening part to this, is that too many of our politician's on both the right and the left have been supporting the lobby wholeheartedly of this looting of the only thing we have left to live on. Just on the "business" end of this, do we realize the severe economic impact that this can have in the future, just to rathole a smaller amount of money now? This could have an impact that could also drive major insurer's alone into bankruptcy, just to mention one here, not even highlighting the trickle down on every industry and business small and large across the board, that would have ripple's of economic wave's reaching across the globe as a result, this looting and insanity is not only enviromentally dangerous, but dangerous to all business.

The shocker to me was that this is actually going on in the Los Angeles Basin vicinity? and that they have gotten away with this radical looting in the State of California especially, but come to find out ... there isnt hardly any restriction/ regulation on this, and of course as usual, because of our financial desperation we are  losing all "common sense". Expert's are even now saying that "the benefit's and dollar's outweigh any enviromental and/ or health concern's" ... are you kidding? Just take a city like Los Angeles, anyone who know's this town know's how fragile it's ground is ... even when it rain's hard in LA the damn hill's start falling apart. If you look at the basic's of what fracking does, common sense will tell you, all you are doing is breaking up what's solid even more, which will get compounded as the techtonic plate shelves shift and move as far as breaking up the ground beneath us, with the constant natural friction 24/ 7/ 365 of the east and west plate's. You dont have to be a scientist to see this, it's as common sense as having an understanding of what the distributor cap & rotor does for your car engine. And this isnt even mentioning the water and health issue's that you know damn well is going to come from this.

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Beach Bum said...

I have to wonder if some of these investor's have lost their mind's?

Yeah, America capitalism is all about short term interests. Make the profit as soon as possible then haul butt to some tropical island while the poor folks deal with the mess.

Ranch Chimp said...

Agreed Bum, the thing about this is, this is getting a tad serious, maybe even more serious than they realize with their shorter term thinking ... believe me, when this start's to hammer business, they will then see the light, and not just poor folk's will have to deal with this, but that vital sector and majority of the population, that are responsible for making this economic engine run.

Thanx as alwayz for your input here Bum ....