Monday, April 30, 2012

OIL PRODUCTION 2012 & Beyond ... How GREEN are we Becoming? and how much POORER will we Become in Our Effort's? (GLOBAL WARMING PT.15) & "IRAQ UPDATE"

For Part 15 of the "Global Warming" series ... I wanted to take a quicky looksy on the state of oil production in a few countries (there are many more), and link/ post a few newsread's and video's that I have went over (out of several other's). I have been ranting about this bullshit since the start of this journal and before I bought my first computer in 2008 at that, not ranting over the fact that there is production, but of the mountain's of bullshit that we are fed ... and actually believe. We were in Iraq for instance to "free" the people from Mr. Evil Saddam and to confiscate weapon's of mass destruction of course (***** See "Iraq Update" below) ... and to stop it from breeding more terror cell's after 9/ 11 (although most of those who attacked the WTC, Pentagon, and the failed attempt on the Capitol were from Saudi Arabia). Of course were in Afghanistan to "free" women and gay folk's from abuse, and to clean out the opium (like these people really give a shit about gay's, women, or drug addiction) ... much of which get's intercepted and confiscated by Iran, and of course the terror cell's there too ... of course China is the one's with the new copper mining contracts to mine Afghanistan, saturated with copper and all other wealth resources that it has (through western influence and corporate sponsorship) ... but yeah ... we sop this shit up like gravy with bread and even lick the plate after.

Well there may be a shortage on money and jobs pushing austerity measures globally, and job payscales decreasing by the year ... but there certainly isnt any shortage of oil production and market's boom, yet even the price of petrol/ gas is at all time highs ... and of course 'global warming' doesnt exist anymore in our language ... it already done warmed up with our help, so now they call it the "climate change" ... which is true I reckon ... after all ... the goddamn ice on the earth is melting like a damn popsicle on Texas pavement in July. Of course all the scientist's, climatologist's, meteorologist's and affiliate's are lying and have a conspiracy to destroy free market. We are told now ... that "because" of this so called Keystone Pipeline and/ or related proposal's/ plan's ... we will gain thousand's and thousand's of job's, the price of gas/ petrol at the pump will drop, and we'll be in Heaven again. You have to wonder though ... why are we getting poorer and poorer with all the great production news that's already in the worx?, and why is the price at the pump still high, when Saudi's even are outputting to capacity? I also wonder just how "green" are we going ... beside's a few million electric car's that we produce at inflated cost's to us, and some wind turbine's and solar farm's? ... and this is why I been focusing on this shit since the start of this journal ... because I said it was bullshit then, and still say it's all bullshit now, as far as how green were going and how the economic's of even all this will play out. There can be a Hell of alot more invested in cleaner energies and even safer drilling, environmental measures and every other damn thing ... Hell ... the investor's/ shareholder's hold all the wealth.

Thank God for Death ... cause you can bet your paycheck (or unemployment check) that our new future generation's are going to clean house!

***** TAR SANDS ACTION: Key Facts on Keystone XL

***** PEAK OIL: Iraq set to triple oil output in 6 years ... (IRAQ UPDATE) ***** Iraq is a perfect example of a country who did not "play ball" with the world oil investment's. Estimated before the invasion and occupation of it (or what's called freedom or liberation by the mass political media) that it's possibly sitting on a quarter of the world's reserves, Saddam Hussein done business on the black market in oil and was sustaining his power and wealth, tries to take Kuwait and their oil, attacking with "reason" and sabotaging many Kuwaiti oil wells, etc (wikipedia) ... you can bet the end goal was to have Kuwait's oil too. Those same entities who buy and manipulate our government's and world market's impose sanction's on the country through propaganda under the umbrella of freedom and liberty, freeze the money and asset's, and drive the nation(s) into poverty, austerity, etc, forcing internal civil disorder, then war or an operation of "freedom", which is nothing but an invasion and occupation of the nation, replace the leading ruler/ party with a puppet government and representation of it's own. Today ... free Iraq has a military that battles it's own citizen's and kill's them in the street's and thousand's of Iraqi's line the street's to try to get day labour, partly because of all the cheap immigrant labour that is brought into the country to do the work ... and we end up paying for much of it as well, bottom line.

***** OIL OF RUSSIA: Soaring New Heights

***** RIGZONE: Europe's Oil and Gas Firms enjoy Robust Start to 2012

***** CNN/ MONEY: U.S. 'Dirty Oil' imports set to triple ... this newsread to accompany the above video

Canada Triples it's capacity to move oil, US missing out? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

***** FINANCIAL POST/ INVESTING: TransCanada mulls switching natural gas mainline to oil service



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