Sunday, April 29, 2012


This Part 17 of "The Awakening" & "Student Debt Crisis Pt.2", is to take another look at the student debt crisis, which as many probably know within the last couple week's surpassed American's credit debt, and because the politician's of course are having to battle this out. I'm not a student, but have grandchildren who are just entering high school and want to go to college, and a niece that enlisted in the US Army over a year ago who done so, so she could try to get a college education paid for, if she get's to come back to America, so this is a time again ... to awake. The title of this posting as far as getting your degree in debt ... inspired by RT America ... and Thanx to them for covering this side/ view of this issue.

Bottom line is this, the usual corporate/ banking communist manipulation recipe and control of our representation through such is again the prime reason for this misery (as most of our other miseries as well, whatever it may be, from health care to global warming, to debt, to war's) and because of this manipulation our political representation is once again held hostage as well. We are also alwayz priding ourselves on how we alwayz "think of the kid's" and doing everything for their future, so it's time to at least halfway act like we truely do and believe in what we say, otherwise, were just full of shit and not worth the dirt we stand on.

The thing is ... as Ms. Larson point's out, she is a lil tired of just doing business as usual ... we alwayz wait for another year or two and another election or two to slide it over to, then go through the same channel's doin the same ole same ole to try to get result's and change, but again going through the same sources to do it. And the way that Capitalism Hill is dealing with this is great for politic's, however, doesnt get to the root of the issue and problem, plain and simple. There also seem's to be a disconnect with folk's my age (I'm 56) and those actual student's of today ... I mean, back when folk's my age were of the student age ... tuition's, admission's, economies, job's, etc, etc ... were all different. We need to look at the condition NOW ... not what it WAS like in 1980 or so. Ann Larson keep's it simple and straight with no bullshit or grandstanding, and I recommend also reading her blog and the link and following up with any support.

***** ANN LARSON (blog/ website)


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Occupy Student Debt discusses Interest rate dilemma ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

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Sabrina said...

Student loan debt is the worse. I owe almost a brand new car on student loan debt still. I have a long way to go to get out of this mess. It's mostly of my own doing but I will say that most people don't realize what a hardship these loans will cause once they graduate.

Then the government wonders why people try to find loopholes to get out of debt. Or just try to skip out on it all together, but unless you're indigent that doesn't work at all.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Mornin Sabrina and good point, we keep getting back to the initial root of the problem ... no Dear, I wasnt even aware I recall of your situation as far as debt in this, but your no dummy either, I think you know what to do. I am happy that so many are waking up and looking at the reality currently ... that inspire's change ... and we MUST change as well and not fall victim to our wayz simply out of habit.

Thank You much for your input here Sabrina ... I'll be dropping by your place later as well ... have a good un Grrrll : )