Wednesday, April 18, 2012

JEFF NEELY- Helping Congress "understand" the "culture" of "WASTE & SPENDING" ... An Insult to our President & People (MO OF YO MONEY PT.9)

First of all this Part 9 for this series is an insult to our President and the People both, this reckless and irresponsible spending is about as corrupt as these small rag tag government's in some impoverished 3rd world countries, just on a much higher level with folk's who have college/ university degree's and are well tailored/ clothed.

I mention as well the President here, is because, despite any disgreement's I may have had on the President's choice's of some move's he made, he has been one of the most straight up and sincere President's I have seen and is truely a bipartisan and understanding man, who listen's to ALL ... these misfit's and lowlife's indirectly make him and his administration look incompetent, and give's reason for the other side of these two evil's to find fault with a President who has done everything humanly possible to try to clean up some of this shit in this nation, and take us out of a knee deep rut we have been in for several year's. And these lowlife's are in both parties ... if it isnt ugly enough that we have the corporate corruption to deal with, we also have these lowlife's on a much smaller level that are basically treasonist's in my opinion, and as well insult every tax paying American in this country.

I'll help the reader here "understand" the "culture" in short ... IT'S CORRUPTION & FILTH at it's best and most modified advanced stage's, who frankly has no chance of reforming themselves and should be cast out immediately like any job/ employer in the private sector would do to such employee's. The red tape and channel's that has to be taken to even get a decent investigation on these matter's is also way too elaborate ... here is the bottom line as far as I'm concerned ... you fucked up, you cant be trusted, and your ass is out the door, plain and bloody simple ... go find another bloody job! Enough from me on this.

***** This posting also added to "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ PAPER DOLL SHOW" for reference

GSA Western official Jeff Neely pleads the Fifth before Congress ... Thanx to GOPRAPIDRESPONSE

***** CNN/ POLITICS: GSA EXEC takes the Fifth on Las Vegas spending scandal ... newsread and video's

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