Friday, April 27, 2012

REPUBLICAN'S caught organizing "Job Growth Obstruction" to oust President Obama & "Political Crime's Against American's" (TRUTH OR TREASON 2012 PT.9)

To keep this simple, the "Truth or Treason 2012" series of this journal was started specifically to show the political arena before the 2012 election's and to hold the action's and word's of our political representation on both these polarizing side's of left and right accountable, action's along with statement's from those make's it so there is no need for political speculation on our part, as to what is being done, the evidence is clear in other word's. Again, I am an independent politically who happen's to vote Democrat, but have voted Republican most of my previous voting life, so I believe in fairness to all parties, and I am also let's say "tripartisan" (inde, conservative, and liberal depending on the issue) ... my only intention's is to keep thing's straight, simple, and to the point.

Regardless of all the petty bitch topic's that we all whine about (including myself), one of the most crucial issue's is ... are we able to work, spend, and function in a way to keep our economy at least above water? ... job's is more critical than we realize, because it has a domino effect on so many other social issue's. It has been clear as day that the Republican Party out of political desperation only, has done everything they could to obstruct job growth in our nation, and continue to increasingly, as well as supporting almost all investment's to go offshore and avoiding any spending of even our own tax dollar's domestically, have solely supported giving all tax incentive's only to those who are doing all this, and declining to give any incentive's to small business owner's who employ at least 3/ 4's of the American workforce, and advocating what seem's to look more like corporate communism than anything American or even conservative at that.

The fact's are that despite our post Great Recession touch and go economy and the unemployment in our nation, is that for at least 25 month's or so now ... job's have been being added, maybe not what we all expect, but at least their being added. Again, back in late 2008, remember that we were actually losing nearly 3/ 4's of a million job's per month, that's a Hell of alot. Since the beginning of this journal myself I have looked at the math and clearly seen due to the global economic transition and trade of the 21st century, along with the rampant defense spending that we were going to be in for a hard ride on this one ... but what we dont realize ... is that it is alot smoother than what it could be. The fact is that if this current administration hadnt acted in the manner they have, we would be knee deeper shit than we are now, bottom line. The President has time and again went out of his way to also be conservative on many spending and economic issue's, showing true bipartisanship, yet his opponent's have relentlessly done everything they could to halt any economic progress whatsoever in our nation.

For me these type action's on the part of the Republican Party are basically like treason in an emergency economic situation and like a crime against the American people and about as anti- American as you can get. The 3 video's I chose below are from left wing media source's, but the action's of those being highlighted and their own word's do not lie. Of course the right wing arguement to solve the economic issue's, is to continue to give an unbalanced advantage to the very people that are taking all of our money and job's offshore while preying on impoverished nation's to force the cheapest competition globally, and to deregulate even more, the very people/ investor's on Wall St. that screwed up the global and American economy to begin with on bad bet's/ investment's, mixed with excessive unbalanced greed. They have even tried taking down the USPS at that ... this is about as low as you can go. This should be considered by everyone when voting this year, regardless of what party you may favour ... because it is an attack on each and every working American and small business person.

***** This posting will also be added to the "DEBT CRISIS (PT.1)/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" for reference.


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