Friday, April 6, 2012


Part 8 of the "Mo Of Yo Money" series will look at the continuous reckless and irresponsible spending of our Washington representation, this bloody time on goddamn bullet's! ... yes ... no shit! ... and THIS is both side's ... fuck all that left/ right shit. Some read and video below then some word's I will add after.

***** This will also be included in this journal's "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ PAPER DOLL SHOW" for reference

***** BUSINESS INSIDER: The Department of Homeland Security is buying 450 million new bullets 

***** INFOWARS.COM: DHS To Buy 360,000 More Rounds of Hollow Point Ammunition **** this link added on 19 July 3013

DHS preparing for domestic war? ... Thanx to RTAMERICA


First of all when it come's to spending tax dollar's, I'm very conservative ... even on defense ... this kind of useless spending is a waste, as much as the several defense contract's out there in the billion's that I havent even posted on yet for everything from jet's to sea vessel's that are so elaborate, it is unlikely that we would have any goddamn use for them, even in a bloody World War for that matter! We already have defense that cant even be touched or matched by the largest most powerful nation's of the entire world! We need goddamn spending of OUR dollar's here,okay ... on importante shit ... like education, infrastructure, police and fire, municipal project's, contraceptive's/ birth control, medical research/ science, etc, etc ... not spending billion's on goddamn hi- tech defense toy's and massive amount's of goddamn bullet's and such for target practice! And it's great that we have these media's such as RT America and such that are able to cover and stay all over this shit, because rest assured ... in the near future you are going to see new group's and networx come out of the woodwork that are going to demand accountability for this ridiculous spending that our government representation does.

Now, I know that all the talk is about the U.S. preparing for domestic war, and a martial law crackdown, etc, etc, etc ( and we watch too many fucken movies ). Let me try to be as simple here as I can on this nonsense. Of course they are preparing for civil unrest also, and of course they know shit we dont know, etc. But the point here, is these ridiculous spending habit's dont have a damn thing to do with that, it has to do with too much special interest's and lobbies in Washington, they pump fear and fairytales into our representation just like they do to us and create these "what- if" scenario's and stories to milk contract after contract! I mean ... the fact is ... that million's and million's of round's of ammo are going to be used in NOTHING other than range practice ... you need custom ammo for that?!! Is there no less expensive alternative? .40 cal hallow point to shoot dummies and go plinking? ... cause you know goddamn well, so much of it WILL be used on that, not to even think of how many using it will take some of it home as well because of such an abundance for weekend recreation. No shit, this is what the fuck is going to happen with alot of this. And now we will have to pay and supply NATO force's with all their ammo too? I mean, what the Hell else are we going to do with the million's of round's of .223 ammo, eh? How does the budget spending on that work, eh? by borrowing .40 cent's on every goddamn dollar we spend from China or someone else to pay for it on credit?

This shit is about as senseless and wasteful as the nearly .02 cent's we spend to make every .01 cent penny annually!

Enough from me on this shit .... Word Out ....


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