Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SOCIAL SECURITY ... The OTHER $60+ Billion CASH GRAB and "Socially Securing Society" (TRUTH OR TREASON 2012 PT.8) ***** & UPDATE'S

This is one of them topic's that is not getting the coverage it deserve's in the mainstream media's simply because of the many other issue's that been engineered to take our atencion during these election's, so it will be for this posting of "Truth or Treason 2012" PT.8. In PT.1 for instance , Senator Sanders hammer's this and point's out what's at stake. When I first got online in 2008 and started this journal ... it was originally intended to cover these type issue's, so that is why I been hammering these topic's throughout it over the last 4 year's ... simply because we are target's of profiteer predator's basically. Again ... while we are jumping for joy over petty thing's and scrap's that are tossed to us and fighting each other over a bunch of  multi millionaire profiteer's who we favour and think we need to tell us how to live ... they are focusing on the big thing's of value ... your money, wealth, asset's  : ) ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh.

***** I have also brought up time and again earlier in this journal that this Social Security would be under attack, why? ... again, because this country is full of money, and the objective is to get all they can to be moved into offshore market's and investment's, and they will milk everything they can doing so, SS is a huge score ($60+ bilion and $2.7 trillion reserve/ trust, with money being fed into it 24/ 7/ 365). Now let me explain this here to sum up short the past posting's ... they will not use showcased "politician's" to talk directly right now about this, because they dont want us thinking too hard about this, they want us to think of the spoonfed issue's and bullshit right now to get our vote's (both side's) ... BUT ... as I have pointed out before ... once the importante election period and "vote" is over ... REST ASSURED ... that starting the next term in 2013 ... this is gonna be hammered big time and we will get blindsided wondering again, why all the sudden surge of interest's in this ... these politician's play us like "fool's" ... because we act like fool's at time's. This is why we should be aware and focused on this right now ... because I would bet my paycheck that this get's bigtime talk and pushed in 2013. They dont want us to know right now who stand's where on what, out of fear that it will curb the election's projection's ... but you can bank on it, that this is one of the issue's that many on both these polarizing side's will be bringing up, since the corporate payout's go to both parties ... not just one!

After the short video below, being the "Devil's Advocate" here, so to speak ... I will point out what this video really is ... and most importantely ... what it IS NOT, and how it's deceptive, and nothing but a hoax. The key word's here also being "Trustee's Warn" : )

Social Security slated to run dry in 2033, Trustees Warn ... Thanx to PBSNEWSHOUR

***** RCJ: USPS: "America's Postal Service" (PT.1) The NEXT $60+ Billion Auction Block GRAB & Corporate JAB in the Final Round's (How to Privatize America PT.7) ... this is the other $60+ Billion cash grab that is being hustled right now.


***** This will also be included in "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" for reference.

"Trustee's Warn"? ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )  First of all ... this David John is either totally brainwashed or full of shit ... and he's too educated and been active on Capitalism Hill knee deep in this for too long prior to this to think he is brainwashed, constantly pushing for privatizing it, thus simply using the process of elimination ... this tell's you that he's full of shit. Secondly ... this type media propaganda presentation is strictly again played to deal us more "fear card's", without being too mainstream and forcing actual political candidate's to talk about it ... not that fear isnt healthy ... it's just our passion for fear has become overwhelming and obsessive, okay(?) and they know this. Francis Bacon back in the early 17th century said something like "nothing is to be feared but fear" ... basically pointing out how it is our "inner enemy" ... this video is a perfect example of this. Now ... like Mr. John above it is importante especially to "make" these folk's in our political circle's who try to hammer this social security failure too much ... these are those who are basically full of shit and in my opinion treasonist's.

***** You can bet your paycheck that this guy Mr. John, if you asked him what does he propose to "save" this so called failure of it projected to come in 21 year's, he would suggest that we let the "people" manage their own SS and allow them to "invest" it. Now that may sound attractive of course, and getting a chance to make it grow in market's ... but look at the flip side ... the market's will drop at one time or another, and probably several time's over that so called 21 year's, with each ... you will "lose". Also, if we did agree to let us so call "invest" ... rest assured, that they would regulate it to "who" you can invest "with", where you get a handful of investor's with different company title's, yet all under the same board of director's, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )  (like insurance, gold market's, or 401K joint's work) ... tell them you want to "independently" invest and see what they tell you, eh? get my drift? Yeah ... they will let you "invest" or "spend" ... as long as it's in their account's and firm's ONLY. The pharma industry even worx the same way ... your "free" to choose where you "buy" your prescription's ... but try to go to Canada or Mexico and "buy", and see the challenge they will give you ... shit, even Texan's cant buy no more the gasoline/ petrol going across the border they want in Mexico without being restricted by "our" own government (the Mexicano Gvmnt regulate's the gas, like tortilla's to prevent this profiteering shit and speculation investor's from running it) ... and they call this "freedom of choice"? ... yeah right ... and I'm Micky F'n Mouse : )

This clearly sound's like it is of course securing the future for our people and children, etc, etc ... or any of the other tearjerker shit it may sound like (add emotional music and happy families) ... NO ... this is strictly to get over $60 billion dollar's to put in the hand's of the same investment banker's that milked us for this massive bailout back at the end of 2008, or at least as much of it that they can, and that $2.7 trillion trust. This is NOT thinking about our social future as much as it is thinking about the social future of those robbing us through these various racketeering scam's. The fact is ... that it is currently secure ... as to what happen's 21 year's from now with their projection's ... they dont even know what their gonna be doing in 5 year's from now, if they did, they wouldnt bubble and bust over and over, and display more secure soundness in investment's ... not be whining for bailout welfare money from us, then shoving another 2" or 3" inches up our ass after. I mean ... Mr. John here pointing out about money needing to go to school's, road's, and defense, etc, etc ... c'mon now ... how much of anything is going to school's or road's as it is? ... Here ... want a projection ... I'll give ya one ... alot of shit is going to change over the next 21 year's, that is going to be a Hell of alot more socially critical than trying to privatize social security to play on the rollercoaster stock market's ... our social security is what also keep's our society somewhat socially secure!

Listen to Ms. Nancy Altman above if ya'll want some truth ... Word Out ....



Truth 101 said...

Amen RC. Those assholes would screw their own mothers for a buck. Which is what they are trying to do with their privatize SS scheme.

Ranch Chimp said...

Exactly! ... You know it's the truth, Truth(Joe) ... and yes ... I know myself that these type's would scam their own mother or familia member's ... that alwayz why I thought they inbred : ) It may be said that they lacked getting love as children to make them like this ... in my opinion the only thing they lacked in their childhood was having to do a hard dayz work and getting a good ass whipping to teach them "consequence's".

Thanx for your voice here Joe ....