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USPS: "America's Postal Service" (PT.1) The Next $60+ Billion Auction Block GRAB & Corporate JAB in the Final Round's (How to Privatize America PT.7)

Part 7 here of "How to Privatize America" will be a look at about the largest grab as far as mega corporate market's wanting on the auction block, the USPS. And believe me, they will spend million's to make sure this public entity fail's if they have to ... you seen what pharma giant's and mega insurer's spent just to eliminate a public option in health care and to assure there is no outside competition ... USPS is a $60+ billion annual entity, and they WANT IT TOO! And we must look at these privatization entities as our opponent in this fight, and "jab" back in these final round's, plain and simple ... go down on the count if we have to, we have nothing to lose, only to gain, doing so. Every American who love's free market, democracy, and the liberties we have should be concerned, regardless of what side you are on, this is our nation vs. corporate communism ... it is NOT anti -corporate at all ... it is pro- American/ Democracy!

The reason to start the new year with this posting, is because it has been past due for me, since I been following this closely, and because the other day I was having some small chat with a neighbor and just brought up to him, that it's good that him and his wife still are working, etc ... when he turned to me, saying that he feel's more insecure about his job than ever now. He work's as a mail carrier for USPS, he is also an Iraq war veteran, and I wont use his name here, they have 2 children 4 and 6, his wife has a steady full time decent job, that I cant mention either, I will call him "PO Vet" here. But from what POV tell's me in response to my telling him he has steady work at least ... is that he doesnt know from one day to the next what is going on, or the other employee's at USPS, they keep them in the dark, and alwayz worried about cut's and sacrifice's they need to make. Him and his wife with the 2 kid's are not old enough yet to have made any nest egg either (both in their 30's). He also is non- union ... and I thought that all USPS full time folk's were union, but he tell's me it depend's on the town/ state that their in as far as who is and isnt, yet he also work's with union worker's as well.

But POV was totally in the dark about what I'm talking about here as far as folk's wanting for USPS to financially fail and/ or privatization of such, their young, busy and have their own lives and finance issue's to deal with like million's of other middle class working American's. But alot of the political spin on this is bullshit in the media's. There is a need of course to tighten the belt and to update service's ... they are NOT allowed to expand to be competitive is the problemo. Also understand you have certain privacy right's as far as first class mail now for instance, that if this get's turned over to a purely profit business, all else become's obsolete, including our right's of such, search, or anything else, once they become corporate owned, including protection of property, litigation, public/ customer input, etc ... become's dictated by not any government entity of the public, but their board of CEO's and shareholder's. Enough from me ....

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***** Stephen Lendman- Wrecking America's Postal Service ... An importante read here where Mr.Lendman sum's this up straight and to the point.

PBSNEWSHOUR/ GWEN IFILL: U.S. Postal Service faces big changes amid struggle to deliver on profitability (video and transcript read with U.S. Postmaster General, Patrick Donahoe)... this is the official mainstream story behind this, to be fair here. Of course the challenge's are true ... but NOT the entire picture by far of what is going on.

How the Right Wing Destroyed the U.S. Postal Service ... Thanx to SAMSEDER ... Sam sum's this up perfectly here as far as the scam is concerned, is why I chose this ... but, I will not blame it solely on the Republican's, because I know that there are Democrat's involved with this crap as well, just NOT exclusively like the GOP. But this is NOT a matter of left or right with me, but just a need to clean up this cesspool of corruption in our government across the board.

Saving the Post Office ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS ... The Senator here make's some point's on how to diversify and expand what the post office offer's, how to save the entity, etc. Understand, that the private entities who forcefeed our representative's in Washington ... have NO REASON to want the post office to expand, or have the right to go into these area's of service and are the one's who make it so they cant through our pre- paid political representation. But these same private entities have 60+ BILLION REASON'S to want the post office to FAIL.

Below I wanted to take a look at some of the private competition to the USPS, the one's who are supposed to make this business better and more profitable, less waste, more efficient, etc, etc. I also left the video's related linked, since there is a whole buffet of them, including argueing at the home of the customer with the customer. And I wanted to post this to also explain here "why" this service has been degraded to this level, having personally known 2 people that have worked for UPS within the last 5/7 year's, who explained to me in detail the pressure's of this job. I actually have to say, considering the pay they received both, which was approximately $10 an hour starting pay with "no benefit's" to work part time, had to be one of the hardest job's I ever known anyone to work for as far as pressure.

Understand also, that both of these people I know that worked for UPS, both ended up quitting, and only worked part time, because the Dallas area UPS they worked at dont hire any labour delivery and sorting level full time employee's (at least at that time, maybe they do in 2011/ 2012?), and therefore (at least by Texas Law) dont have to give ANY benefit's to employee's that are kept under 40 hour's per week, having them work longer hour's in only say 3/4 day's as well, which of course cut's any overtime across the board, but you also get more than 2 dayz off a week, but believe me ... no treat to that. It is a very stressful, high pressure work type enviroment, that I gathered as well from a couple other's who have also quit after working there ... but the two people I know, have really filled me in on detail's, and I have known both these people for year's. Basically ... you are at a point where if you deliver for instance ... you dont have time to walk a package to the door most of the time, this goes on more than we realize, your schedule and load is tight, you barely have time to use the bathroom, if you cant work like this, you will be replaced in a heart beat. If you work in the sorting/ distribution warehouse like my other friend did in a Dallas suburb ... you have to work at the same pace and on a tight clock, you have no choice but to throw, kick, toss package's to make your time. My friend who worked in the sorting warehouse was a woman, who worked there awhile after a lay- off, because she didnt want to draw out her unemployment, she had bruises all over her arm's the first couple week's, just from trying to keep up with the thrown package's, she told me alwayz to check carefully if I get a package delivered by them, even telling me that package's were kicked around like football's in the warehouse. Luckily she found another job afer a couple month's.

***** I recommend watching some of the other linked video's! : )

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UPS driver throws package, and then urinates on house in Houston ... Thanx to TomoNews US



Infidel753 said...

Yikes. If there are a couple of cases of Fedex and UPS delivery people caught on video doing that, you can bet there are many others where there didn't happen to be a camera around.

People complain about the mail, but they'll miss it when it's gone (and of course privatizing it would mean destroying it -- like the Ryan plan and Medicare).

Ranch Chimp said...

That's why I recommend even watching the linked video's Infodell, some of it look's funny, but if it's your package, you can see it wouldnt be. And there is so much of this going on and more, like I was talking about also, the pressure's on the employee's play's a key factor.

One of the arguement's of these public entities like USPS, is waste and because worker's are slower, however, as far as the work end of it ... we cant have our cake and eat it either ... it take's care in handling as well to get an efficient job done, not just trying to top yesterdayz profit and quota. And Senator Sanders bring's up some great point's here, alot of folk's in Washington dont want to hear either.

And Ryan ... this Guy, actually is one of the worst in Washington to this country, when it come's to corporatizing everything, believe me ... he like Ron Paul has great sales pitches to folk's like YUPPIE's and young investor's ... but they never present the backfire's of those gamble's either, business is not like it was yesterday, and they are NOT taking that into consideration. Ryan is someone who I wish had a term limit in particular. Yeah, folk's are going to miss alot later if they keep giving everything away without any challenge.

Thanx for your iput here Infodell ....

BBC said...

I took Helen for an enjoyable 3 1/2 hour ride, it sure was nice here today.