Wednesday, January 4, 2012

SARAH McKINLEY: Oklahoma's 2012 Heroine of Home Defense, Terminate's Intruder & Save's her Baby and Self (SELF DEFENSE PT.4)

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Sarah McKinley and 3 month old son

Part 4 of "Self Defense" series will be to honour Sarah McKinley, as a recent champion heroine who saved her child and self. Some video and newsread below, then some thought's of my own.

***** ABC NEWS: Okla. Woman Shoots, Kills Intruder: 911 Operator Say It's OK to Shoot (newsread/ video)


First of all my heart goes out to this woman for losing her husband Christmas Day, I cant imagine what she feel's only a week later, then having to go through this ... but if she were my daughter, I would be so proud of this young lady!

And what a chance she took ... actually spending time on the phone with a 911 operator and armed with two weapon's, knowing she was about to be attacked by two men, one armed with a 12" inch hunting knife, who had been stalking this woman since her husband died, which is about as low and cowardly as a man can go. There are justifiable homicide law's in many states, like the "Castle Doctrine" that allow's you to protect yourself, in other state's you have to wait to be assaulted or killed basically. Sarah done everything by the book as far as Oklahoma Law and saved herself and infant son doing so ... I'm sure her husband would have been proud of her courage under attack.

There is suspicion that this intruder even killed a dog of her's. Anyhow, this is one of them cases that end up too many time's as another statistic of a woman, child, or even familia, that end up meeting a tragic end ... so Mrs. McKinley has also served her community by terminating this one, forcing the other to flee and turn himself in later.

Congratulation's to Mrs. McKinley for a JOB WELL DONE!

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an average patriot said...

I thought what she did was gfreat and I would like to give her a hug. I was actually just watching it for the 5th or 6th time and was thinking of you. Good for you and your daughter. I joined the NRA as a freshman in High School at my Aggie.

BBC said...

Never looked at your profile picture that close, assumed it was your mate, but maybe you don't have a mate.

I don't belong to the NRA, I wouldn't belong to any group that would have me as a member.

But I support everyone having guns, frankly, I think they're going to need them.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yeah Jim ... she was really smooth under pressure, and kept her head straight, very importante in tighht situation's as you know, and being at a young age like that was great work. The part that hit me most Jim, was trying to see her hold back from crying in the other linked video, I felt sorry for this gal losing her husband like that and being alone with her infant son, especially at the holiday. You supported NRA then, longer than me, dont forget Jim, were the same age.

Take Care Guy ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Yes Billy ... the photo is my daughter ... and I am married, I have a wife.

Have a good un ....