Wednesday, January 25, 2012

GAY/ LESBIAN/ HETEROSEXUAL PARENTING: "Family Values & Children" vs. "Valuing Family & Children" (HUMAN MORALITY PT.2)

For Part 2 of this journal's "Human Morality" series ... I wanted to post this recent research below in the HuffPost link on the issue of gay/ lesbian parenting ... which has everything to do with human morality actually, because of the sharp divide especially in our nation over this issue. And part of what inspire's this, is a recent statement from GOP Presidential candidate Rick Santorum and his statement where he said something like having a parent in prison is better than having a gay parent. In time's like now, being a parent especially, is a Hell of a thing to say, and running for the office of President in 21st century America is even worse, and we even have media's and representation that support and showcase these people, passing them off as people of value to our nation?

What really get's me about these arguement's on this, is all the talk in our nation of how we are thinking of the kid's, so bold and proud of our family values, yet seem to neglect our children more than ever, and dont even value the family. We have unwanted children in foster and state care across the nation, we pump them full of drug's in many cases, saying that they have emotional and social problem's ... it's no wonder they have emotional and social problem's with what we put many through. Then the kid's that do have decent families and place's to live and are wanted ... we rip them off on education and drive them into debt ... and basically using them as sort of a commodity.

I'm a parent and grandparent, so I know a tad about parenting ... I have touched before in previous posting's how even thing's like same sex marriage, expand, enhance, and support the institution of marriage ... and like so .... same sex parenting is just as much of a value to our children, instead of our petty cult hang- up's, political trash support, and pop- culture hypocrisy. We have a habit of denying those who want to be contributing parent's and citizen's the right's to do what is needed, to nurture and protect our children and maintain our love of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

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