Monday, January 16, 2012

JIM SCHWILLE: From Battlefield Squad to Lumber Yard to NFL Cheerleader Squad : ) ... (VETERAN'S SPOTLIGHT PT.21)

This "Veteran's Spotight" PT. 21 piece is to highlight Jim Schwille, now I cant tell you what branch of service Jim was in, because I wasnt able to find much info on Jim, but he served in Afghanistan, and is a Veteran! This really paint's a picture related to the U.S.Army slogan "be all you can be" though : )

***** BALTIMORESUN: "JIM SCHWILLE" ... Thanx to tip from an Anonymous comment left, I was able to find this *****

I mean, I dont think Jim knew in the battlefield that he would end up being a lumber yard salesman, and also working as a cheerleader on the NFL's only co- ed cheerleading squad, and fixin to get the best seat in the house, with some of the best lookin gal's in the house as well, for the upcoming Baltimore Ravens vs New England Patriots AFC Championship game! Jim ... it dont get much damn better than that Guy ... You Go Jim!! : )

This below was just a great "Veteran's Spotlight" story I couldnt resist : )

CBS BALTIMORE: "Brawn Behind The Beauty" ... Male Ravens Cheerleaders on NFL'S only Co- Ed Squad (newsread and video)



Anonymous said...

I think Jim was a member of the Virginia National Guard, specifically the 29th ID out of Christiansburg, VA.

Ranch Chimp said...

Anonymous ... Thank You for the tip, I made an addition to the posting.