Tuesday, January 3, 2012

NDAA & Bill of Rights 2012- Soaring Gun Sales & Failing Left/ Right Politic's (The AWAKENING PT.10) & (TRUTH OR TREASON 2012 PT.5)

This will be another dual posting to cover both the "Truth or Treason 2012" and "The Awakening" series of this journal. I wanted to wait to do any posting's on this till after the start of the new year, to focus on this year, so it's a tad past due ... but still VERY importante and something that been discussed throughout this journal as far as the eventual decline of confidence of American's on every level in politic's. This will show now how this has touched all ... left/ right/ independent, upper middle class to the poor across the board, and how this will eventually lead to the change in the mindset of all in time and the next generation, regardless of which of the two polarizing side's we lean more toward's. Again ... this is such a healthy time for America and other Democracy type nation's. The mainsteam media's are basically saturated of course for the last few week's over these Caucus show's in Iowa, or else the fear card's over getting our dog biscuit's tossed to us as far as a tax break extension, unemployment extension, or other petty social issue's, so not too much out of them, but this is heavy throughout the internet.

***** CNN OPINION/ ELECTION CENTER 2012: LZ Granderson- "I Want This Election Over- Now" ... Mr.Granderson here sum's up perfectly, what many American's are also going to feel after the next 10 month's or so of constant political mudslinging, and multi- million's in ad's to discredit everyone from the special interest mega buck's (our own surplus revenue, that we handed to them through our current and past representation : ), while they are continuously cut, cut, and cut on everything ... Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... Just wait and see how this will also eventually get on people's nerve's, especially listening to a bunch of politically bloated self serving mouthpiece's who would sell this nation in a heart beat, just over their political rating's and gain.

First a couple video's below concerning the rapid increase in gun sales, which is great for business, but also reason why you see these measure's and fine print in the NDAA being loose. Those who control our political representation are very concerned and even why they have to tighten up on cyber security, which I wrote about in the last piece on "End to Privacy?". On one hand, you need more security, on the other hand, you cant do this without trampling on some right's in the process. Much is going to be blamed on the President, especially his signing of the NDAA, which he said month's back he wouldnt do and had heavy reservation's of such, being a Constitutional expert of sort ... however, on the other hand ... it had to be passed to an extent, it's just part of the annual fiscal plan and spending of such, so he was in a no way out position. The most importante part of a defense bill like such is who actually wrote it (to see what political representative's stand on what), which is both side's working jointly, and just how loose it is and what type of affect it can/ will have toward's a slippery slope.

Much of the talk is over "martial law" ... but I pointed out also time and again that there is no actual reason why anyone would declare such, when you have law's in place and new law's being ran through legislatively all the time to cover such. Nothing in this nation is ever called by it's "true name" in other word's, basically for political reason's and snowballing ... but it is all dictated by the money too. The same as the war being over in Iraq, yet the constant financial feed to overpriced security after, and protection of the new corporate interest's who now occupy it's nation and government ... which of course is why you alwayz have backfire's of these new type war's and occupation's ... or the various title change's and buzz phrases we are fed, is all as much marketing as simple as everything is alwayz $14.99 instead of $15, or how you need to spend money to save money, etc ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) But no ... the President was never on a campaign either to take folk's gun's away, for the record. I was in the waiting room of a large nationwide tire center about 3 month's ago, waiting on my car ... and a gent next to me also waiting, started up some small chat with me, after seeing the magazine I was reading was "Guns & Ammo" (those magazine's like "People" or "Field & Stream", etc, they have in them waiting room's), he was telling me about a couple gun's he like's and we exchanged preference's, etc. But he also said to me about "stocking up" because Obama and this Administration are going to try to take all our gun's away. Basically I told him that I disagree that Obama even "want's" to take gun's or had any "plan's" to ... and frankly, as I posted before ... to try to do this will be difficult in this nation.

***** CNN: 2012 Election Fueling Soaring Gun Sales? ... (video)

Possible Obama 2nd Term spyrs record gun sales: Infowars Nightly News ... Thanx to THEALEXJONESCHANNEL **** this part dont start in this video till after 6:25

Alex Jones: Senate Wants Martial Law in America ... Thanx to RTAMERICA ... This is another I wanted to make sure is embedded/ linked here, to listen to this opinion from Mr.Jones. A year ago I couldnt have even told you who Alex Jones was, even though he's a Texan, but Thanx to RTAMERICA I have ran into his opinion's and point's that he make's here on YouTube. And this is strictly for an opinion from the man, whether or not I agree in any part or whole to what he sayz or not, but it is worth the listen.

These below video's and newsread link's will look at the concern over this NDAA deal that the President signed, and most importantely how it will affect to a degree all voter's, whatever side you are on, it is view's from the left, right, independent, with also video's and related video's left linked to show the extent of this across the board. Even though this may not be getting the mainstream coverage it deserve's, it is spreading like a plague all over this internet and inde media's in high gear. Again, because people are getting more keen/ aware to just how they are manipulated more than ever, which is a plus.

Many are or have been controlled strictly on fear, and the petty issue's they keep us at each other's throat's over ... religion, sexuality, petty amount's of cash back, or other heavily marketed political stuff related. But all this left/ right clashing will burn out in time, after people start to realize that their just going in circle's, like a dog trying to catch it's tail, rehashing the same thing over and over and trying to get back to a time that caused all the intitial mess to begin with ... so Yes ... these do have political repercussion's, and will change the face of politic's, as well as inspire what other free nation's have more of, which is multiple political parties that have and are gaining momentum ... it's just a matter of time. One of two thing's can result, either the people will change, or these parties will change ... so take your pick which will come first ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... you dont need a degree in politic's to figure that one out : ) People on all level's will come to realize that they all have something in common as American's and what that mean's to them. This will also be added to the "DEBT CRISIS PT.1/ PAPER DOLL SHOW" series/ link's for reference.


CBSNEWS/ POLITICALHOTSHEET: Obama Signs Defense Bill, with "Reservations" (31 December 2011)

FORBES: President Obama Signed the National Defense Authorization Act- Now What? (02 January 2012) ... this is a good piece/ read, that cover's all the base's pretty much.

Death of Bill of Rights .mov ... Thanx to PEOPLESVIDEO




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Tim said...

Howdy RC. Well as you might expect I'm pissed off at fearless leader once again. NDAA was signed into law over on yet another Holiday. How convenient. Many say it doesn't change anything. It reads the same as it always had. Wrong slim jim. Potus wasn't happy till he got some new wording in there. The Military now has total control on US soil. Of course he has been killing US citizens without trial anyhow. We can be detained without that nasty old Habeas Corpus thingy. Some would say "Our President wouldn't do that to us" he's a nice man with a great family. yhhuh Even if I bought that line of crap, I worry about future Kings. Seems the presidential power grows by the day. Some say oh but "what could he do, he's powerless with the current Congress". If he feels that way he should get out of the way and let someone else lead. His tools to use is the Pen and Pulpit. Very powerful; indeed. First thing he should have done is veto that Bill as it stood. Use the executive order to install the Bill as it was meant to be. Use the pulpit to come to the American people and make his case. Gee it worked well with middle class tax cuts. His numbers actually increased.

On another note, Happy New Year. I hope the Mayan Calender was right. I'm sick of this rock. Later my friend.

Ranch Chimp said...

I know Tim, and I know that you know the score on alot of stuff after reading your stuff for so long. I am one who of course would use my pen too in that position, but I also feel that Obama is being mislead by some key democrat's, Reid, Baucus and Levin to name a few, kind of like I didnt trust Cheney working with Bush, I think he played Bush on the hustle end, and Bush is alot like Perry on going with the flow, so you know damn well you wouldnt want Perry in office, cause he would go with anything that is suggested to make a buck, with no second thought's. But Obama still confuses me, I'm missing something here and he know's something we dont, because it's not in his make- up/ profile as far as some key move's he made, I been listening to him before he was even a Presidential candidate ... something dont add up Bro. Another reason I would use my veto pen in his position, is because frankly the President and key democrat's have already gave too much to the GOP, and the GOP been dealing from a rigged deck ... it's NOT good business, but I also knew they would pull this as I wrote the importance of not letting any majority GOP win in my "2010 Show" series, because the GOP is working a clock basically as a strategy and to get their bite's with small inde hustle's, so when they won some majority bin 2010, I automatically knew it would get gridlock and sham after sham, with no true bipartisan effort on their part ... that's just how bad business worx, and bad business alwayz end's up backfiring, whether it's in the street's or the corporate/ political world ... Long story Guy.

Thanx for your voice here Tim!

Oh Tim, BTW ... I did a post sometime back on that Mayan stuff, MesoAmerican stuff like Mayan/ Aztec is something I know a tad about. There IS NO Mayan calendar or writing of any that say that the end of the world is solstice 2012 or whatever that these folk's are selling stories over, it's all fabricated ... they only have a partial scroll that end's as far as the writing's, one of many that mostly were burned and destroyed by the Spanish catholic's centuries ago, some recovered went to Russia .. and frankly around 95% of Mayan stuff hasnt even been uncovered or seen yet, still buried in forest's where folk's havent even been able to get to yet. The only thing that the scroll sayz is simply that the earth goes through natural cycle's of change is all every several thousand year's, and that is something that evolution and science verifies already ... nothing about the end is 2012 ... all fabricated white man bullshit : )