Thursday, January 19, 2012

PHARMAGEDDON: "The Pharmaceutical CARTEL & The Greed SPEED Creed" ... "Say GO to Drug's" Edition (PHARMACEUTICAL CASH COW'S PT.2)

"Pharmaceutical Cash Cow's" Part 2, will be to look at what should be a major concern with even our pre- paid politician's, as well as every American, instead of going with the flow and just accepting every up and down in life as a disorder, because frankly the only thing in disorder is our goddamn laziness, self pity and way of thinking. Most of us in urban America probably know someone or have kin/ relative's who is diagnosed and medicated because they dont fit into some pop culture way of acting and conforming to the welcomed hypocrisy of pop society. Parent's too busy and stressed out to "parent", and many not paying atencion because of all the distraction of what their doing or why?

I want to be as fair as possible here because of the arguement's of both side's, but you also have to point out fact's regardless of what arguement say's what. The idea that all this is about saving the children and helping them strictly, I cant even buy any of that ... especially knowing of the billion's that is in this industry, the lobby for it, marketing, law's legislated by those icon's to enable them to be favoured for this, etc. This reckless quick cash grab and extreme greed that has taken over this nation will eventually destroy itself, there is no reason for us to "tag along" with them.

When it come's to some of the pitfall's of drug abuse, I know it too well, with illegal drug addiction being a part of my past ... my addiction's of choice were in the area of cocaine and opiate's ... however, the only time I actually overdosed and almost died was from actually a legal pharma presciption drug I got through the black market called "Quaalude/ Rohrer714" ... up in Atlanta one night playing music at a club in the "Underground Atlanta" district, after a short set, walked off and overdosed in front of a crowd who were there, paramedic's from what I gathered were there quick and rushed me to Grady Memorial Hospital in Central Atlanta. The folk's that were there to enjoy the music are responsible along with those paramedic's, were who saved my life. I cant remember anything else about it, after my head started to swirl and I went out ... waking up with a sore stomach later in the hospital.

A friend DeeAnn, after a lengthy nasty divorce was told by a doctor she seen of her depression, she had a busy life to keep up with having also a small business (beauty/ tanning salon) and the rest of what her former husband put her through. She was prescribed Prozac, which also led her to using too much alcohol and constant pot smoking, which was a bad combination, but all in all done her more harm than good to make it short. 2 other friend's Mike and Randy (both musician's) who became addicted hardcore to Oxycodone, Mike died from an overdose. Another friend Minerva, started on Oxycodone, and soon became addicted to black tar heroin as an upgrade, and started dealing in the drug business after, which led to a 10 year prison term, etc ... I could even tell quite a bit more.

These pharma drug's of popularity such as Adderall are an experimental mixture of amphethamine's ... basically speed/ meth. You cant tell someone like myself that there is not any issue or problem or addiction with these, it's impossible to not have any ill outcome year's down the line, prescribing these to kid's especially for just simply acting like kid's in many cases. Even as far as back in the 1970's early where Preluden- BI62 addiction ran rampant as a result, even to the point of addict's cooking off the coating on the tab's, to cook the pure speed inside to run up the drug intrevenously. My daughter not long back was telling me of even the pressure and prescribing that ran heavy in the Dallas area University she attended of Adderall amongst the student's, the need's/ addiction as well as the high demand, and the shortage's, which I also feel some of these so called "shortage's" are influenced by those who run the market's, which basically is no different than "price fixing" and manipulation.

One of the saddest part's to this, even sadder than the pushing of these drug's on adult's is also these ridiculous diagnosis's galore that we have today, then getting to the point of pushing this on million's of American children, while out of the other side of their mouth's from the same tongue, ranting about the pitfall's of meth use and how it's such a big problemo in our nation. Say NO to drug's? ... why are ya'll saying "GO" to this?

Pharmaceutical companies creating a society of Hypochondriacs ... Thanx to RTAMERICA ... Dr. Smith here sum's up this mess accurately.


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CCHR: Psychiatry- Labeling Kids with Bogus Mental Disorders ... Thanx to CCHRINT ... this video was so fitting for this posting, because by today's standard's, damn near any kid can suddenly be diagnosed as having either a "Oppositional Defiant Disorder", "Bipolar Disorder", "Personality Disorder", or "Social Anxiety Disorder" ... it's no damn wonder that our kid's have so many disorder's as it is, because of the shit we put them through these day's. Especially with the hypocrisy rubbish (which is 2nd nature) to "Say NO" to drug's.

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