Monday, January 9, 2012

GOLDIE/ OWS: Global Revolution Headquarter's Raided & Shutdown ... The END of the BEGINNING (The AWAKENING PT.11)

For this "The AWAKENING" PT. 11 will be an update on the newest tactic's from Bloomberg and his NYPD posse to now shut down OWS Global Revolution TV, thinking they will kill the spirit? Anywayz, that and some other link's/ news from elsewhere on the globe ... and an intro of another OWS revolutionary American hero ... Goldie. Then a few cent's I will add after. And Special Thanx to RTAMERICA and all the millions of other's for feeding this fire and staying on top of it ... there can never be enough coverage of this type movement ... it is what democracy is all about, eh?

GLOBAL REVOLUTION: GR Headquarter's raided in Bushwick; 6 Arrested #Globalreveviction ... video's, update's & link's

NYPD Pull's Plug on OWS Global Revolution TV ... Thanx to RTAMERICA

OCCUPY WALL STREET: January Nigerian general strike and call for Solidarity ... some other recent OWS news of action.


Goldie hits the nail on the head here, talking about the "excuses" that are found and sudden grouping of miscellaneous charge's to shut down, and incarcerate folk's for excercising their right to assemble and speak freely in our great democracy ... they got more goddamn petty law's as I explained in previous posting's to bumrush your ass with, than ya'll can shake a stick at. Alot of this recent action in the City and elsewhere's like even in Dallas, Los Angeles, and Oakland ... has been this safety talk, quality of life condition's and other slithering bullshit.

Since Bloomberg and his posse are so concerned with folk's "quality of life" and "condition's" ... why dont ya'll take ya'll's asses up over 110th St and up into West Harlem ... how bout Hunts Point and the South Bronx ... Jamaica/ Queens ... BedStuy or even Flatbush in Brooklyn ... place's I hung and stayed as a kid myself ... talk all that shit there about your concern's. Alot of folk's will be joining more from these area's of the City, and many are already there ... do ya'll think their scared of you, with what many of them lived in? Do you think throwing them over and over in Rikers (jail) or some other holdover around town will make them scared? Do you think many of those fear your ass whipping's? All ya'll are doing is making them hate you more than they already do, keep up and see what it evolve's into ... need I say more. Not everyone live's in the fine qualities of life area's as ya'll and those crook's in $3000 suit's you protect ... on the Upper East Side, out on North Shore/ Long Island, or up in White Plains. Do ya'll think that shuting down computer's will stop the spirit?

As far as all the so called progress and suppressing these citizen's with your elaborate and violent scheme's and strategies, thinking ya'll have cleaned this out ... the only thing ya'll are trying to clean out is American's Right's ... nothing else.

Word Out ....


BBC said...

Nothing is going to improve, find your own path to the end the best you can.

Ranch Chimp said...

If that's what you think and your choice Billy ... that's fine, do it. My thinking is different, as well as what I will do. I know that there will be change, I just dont know the detail's of how it will materialize. But I wrote plenty about that and will continue to write plenty more about it ... and what I say is solid.