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TAX THE RICH!! ... & Live HAPPILY Ever After ... Collapsing, Reforming, & Re- Creating an outdated 20th Century System

I have touched on this in various past posting's, but I want to just compile some thought and fact here in this one post, since the new meaningless buzz phrase is "Tax the Rich!" ... it has gotten so popular that even rich folk's are saying to please tax them more, every politician on the left and right out of political desperation and political correctness is chanting it, most in the Occupy Movement, Teabag folk's, etc. But what really caught my atencion to inspire this posting, was listening to the President's recent "State of the Union" address the other day, where our President was almost forced to hammer the Hell out of this, while both Democrat's and Republican's in the House, cheered, smiled, applauded, and stood up and sat down more than at a Catholic Church Mass, many of those same people who dont want to actually see some of those same proposal's by this truely bipartisan President materialize, and pretending to support President Obama. And just hour's later, the media's were sopping this all up like gravy with bread as usual, and dissecting everything word for word of what the President said, which was mainly accurate ... I mean ... I couldnt help to laugh at all this! : )

I chose this video of many that I seen, that just came in, where Mr. Adam Davidson make's some simple math point's that are clear and right on, and a couple article's linked below that I wanted to use to take a balanced look at this as well. Again, we have turned this as usual into a left/ right, have's/ have not's issue, so you must try to set that to the side for a moment and look at thing's just for what they are and rational ... we have worked again, ourselves into a frenzy over nonsense basically.

***** CNN: 'Taxing rich not enough for deficit' ... (newsvideo)

HUFFPOST/ BUSINESS: Taxing the Rich Will Not Solve the Problem

THE NEW YORK TIMES/ MAGAZINE: It's Not Just About the Millionaires

No doubt that the wealthy and those more well off can pay a more fair amount in tax, even they themselves in most cases admit it. But this isnt the big issue here, or a one size fit's all solution, and all of those at the President's address the other night know this. This is why I have constantly hammered the idea of collapsing the system throughout this journal, and the sooner the better ... and someone is going to have to sooner or later anywayz ... period. You know you cant just let everything go unregulated as is forever with Wall St, or even the half dozen or so international bank's that control/ move/ house the majority of wealth and asset's, they even know this themselves, that's why all these sudden get- together's amongst them ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... they fear themselves more than us! : ) Basically, they know without reform, they will destroy themselves, just like a junky or crack cocaine addict would, if you leave them in a room with a pound of crack or heroin and tell them to "please use responsibly" ... you will come back a week later and find corpses, and that uniquely sweet, yet foul stench ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : )

As far as how hard we are having it in America, with this gap between the have and have- not's ... believe me ... we aint seen nothing yet, and this is why I been hammering this also throughout this journal. For example here ... look at a Democracy such as India (since it is so huge in population, about 4X times that of our's), and look at the gap between the wealth and poverty in that country ... it make's our nation look like kiddie play, from poverty to healthcare to corruption, and everything in between. Again ... these hard time's are a blessing in disguise, it has awoken us to look at thing's that we have ignored for far too long, and even gave birth to the new movement's such as the "Occupy" movement and those affiliate's who will expand and grow ... in time, which are 'watchdog' and 'protector' group's, which in turn over time will help change the face and system of politic's through pressure. This was all needed and has arrived a lil sooner than I expected actually ... and thank goodness! : ) Cause we have been slacking and sleeping, and been all expecting to have our cake and eat it, thinking we will have this miraculously quick turn around of the growing condition ... we have fell to temptation and this is the cost when you dont maintain balance and let one or another extreme take you over, without thinking straight ... and we American's are guilty as Hitler ourselves. We have bought into this, we failed to excercise our right's and will, and to utilize all the tool's that we have available, most of us dont even bloody vote for that matter. The rich didnt twist our arm ... they just went with what we gave them and let them do.

The thought of penalizing wealth is nice, but everything also has a flip- side to it as well. The system we are working with is a late 20th century system that worked well for the time's, but has outplayed itself simply ... it's over, period. Technologies bringing thing's like speed trading, and transfer of fund's all over the globe in the blink of an eye, with hardly any oversight, still playing by the old rule's cannot work. This is why I focus so much on not only the collapse, but especially reforming and re- creating a system that is for the 21st century, and you cannot achieve this without hard move's and misery of some sort, we just stood still at the red light and didnt pay atencion to the green light change is all, like so many of us do in traffic with our lil handheld device's waiting for each other's "Tweet's" and playing game's, not paying a damn bit of atencion of what is happening around us. I alwayz had a saying that I never met a dumb "Indian" (from India) ... Why? ... because all those I met here, were sharp, utilized everything they can, and sharp hustler's who dont miss a beat ... their condition's back home is what made them that way. The same way that all the street's and reformatories and similar experience's as a kid molded my tolerance and discipline, if that make's any sense.

I am one that actually like's rewarding those who invest, and giving tax incentive's to do so, and love open world trade even, but balanced in a way that work's instead. I sure as Hell dont want to stop folk's from being able to obtain wealth or burn wealthy folk's at the stake, nor do I want them to take their money and rathole it all offshore ... I want to give them a reason to play and stay if I can ... that's just good business. Understand that our political representation here now and across the democracy nation's of the globe, lack integrity and leadership qualities, are weak, morally deficient, which in turn make capitalism no longer true capitalism, and an economic enviroment that is not only unbalanced, but unstable. And just saying that we can tax the shit out of rich folk's and all live happily ever after, is about as extreme and nonsensical as enviromentally thinking we can just shut down the world, move everyone in mud hut's, all ride bicycle's and we will reverse the change and damage we already done ... both are taking thing's to the extreme in last minute desperation.

Our biggest obstacle and problemo is not the President or even the wealthy ... it is all the in- between's ... being the Senate and Congress and all the speculator and hedge investor's and how they all are allowed to operate with these old school rule's. And NOT changing THIS will be the issue of concern, because as long as we stay in this mindset thinking that just taxing the rich or ousting the President will bring us success, we will stay in more misery. For one, we need alot of new representation, we need alot of regulatory reform, and most importantly with cooperation from the global banking and major market's, we need to stop letting icon's get too big to fail, which is even in the best interest's of the corporate and international investment banking sector's ... because when they do, they bring down the whole house of card's, we need even more importantly to stop all this lobby pay- off's in Washington too, letting corporation's solely dictate ... because until we change some of these thing's ... they will continue to act in a reckless manner ... it's their nature, same as a person who repeatedly score's (hold- up/ armed robbery) on the same liquor store or business over and over, because they got away with it and now feel comfortable, or the serial killer who uses the same MO over and over ... we are animal's of habit, and that contribute's to weakness and failure.

Thing's like Social Security and Medicare are not even any problemo, and this constant attack on such is just a cover to try to privatize everything so these same gambler's/ hustler's can play that at the table's as well (and NO ... making money like this does NOT make you 'elite', anymore than winning several million in a lottery can make anyone 'elite') these needed social programme's shouldnt be touched and have stable money in it for year's as Senator Sanders of Vermont constantly hammer's. A huge chunk can be saved in defense and diverted to other investment's of interest and fortune domestically, far more beneficial economically than the constant overpaid contract's that we currently dish out, WITHOUT having to sacrifice ANY expenses for our veteran's for instance ... and they ALL in Washington know this, they want to just cut anything that doesnt affect their revenue's and personal lobbied interest's, earmark's, pet project's, etc, etc.


Enough said .... Goodnight


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