Wednesday, January 11, 2012

SYDNEY SPIES: ... "Provocative"? or "Censorship" of Beauty & Art? ... (Beautiful Girlz PT.3) & (Sexploitation Nation PT.14)

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Sydney Spies

This posting will also serve as a dual posting to cover the "Sexploitation Nation" and "Beautiful Girlz" series of this journal. In this simple local case of a Colorado High School student Ms. Sydney Spies. Some newsread and video below (I had to replace the video that was originally an interview with Sydney), then my input on this after, to show also the hypocrisy of this society as well.

HUFFPOSTDENVER: Sydney Spies' secong picture is denied by Yearbook, teen appear's on the 'Today' Show

Student picture too sexy for yearbook? ... Thanx to ABC15 ARIZONA



The only worthwhile advantage for Ms. Spies here, is at least she is getting some publicity and can hopefully utilize that even to further her dream's and or career. I have also viewed some of her other photo's/ portfolio, which are shot's that would be standard for any model to have in her/ his portfolio, in fact without photo shoot's, you cant expect to get a start ... and have not seen one thing that could even be questionably inappropriate or indecent, which her photo's have been called both ... and by women at that. Nor do I believe that these student's were making their decision based on that and were highly influenced by the school staff and pressured.

This is also another example of the bold hypocrisy of our society, on one hand this school will try to censor this woman/ student ... yet later if she became successful as a model or in a related industry, you can bet they would have her picture probably on a monument in front of their school and even sell tour's if she became really popular in some career ... so ya'll are liar's as well. Yet at the same time ... although it is forbidden, indecent, inappropriate, or whatever other evil label they put on it ... they are willing to put her photo in the year book for $300 dollar's ... make up ya'll's mind ... where do you really stand?

Anyone who has daughter's such as myself, know's how some like to look at their beauty as a sort of art, just like a little girl who dresses up doll's or tries on a pretty dress, heel's or whatever. Some young ladies start at a young age and work so hard to get into modeling, performing art's etc ... as a career, I have known girlz personally that have went into modeling and the art's, dancing, performing, etc and have worked damn hard trying to keep up in it ... it is a career mindset and job, and these school's that advocate for their student's to excell and pursue their dream's and career's, should be supporting this 110%, if they really lived up to what they claim to be about.

Alot of the criticism of this also just come's from folk's deeply rooted phobia's and sex hang- up's within themselves and havent a bloody thing to do with what is appropriate, decent or not ... I even seen feminist's of all people like this before, that will try to go out of their way to suppress their own beauty and try to look as bland and boring as possible, but most of it is really a psychological issue with those. Then you have the religious type's who will naturally go after anything, just to run their mouth's and make a name for themselves, look like heroes or saving young girls from exploitation or something else.

Nothing should stand in your way Ms. Spies as a young woman of pursuing your goal's and/ or career choice ... and those who try to get you to conform to their personal hang- up's or cult mentalities, you should ignore and never let get in your way, and if they discriminate you ... take legal action immediately. I agree with the art aspect of it, and you are a very beautiful young lady, and at least do have dream's and goal's which are importante for any young person ... and great to have such a supportive mom. Best of Luck to you on pursuing your dream's and goal's!

MADONNA- VOGUE (Blonde Ambition Tour) ... Thanx to THEMADONNATOURS ... I wanted to dedicate this video to Sydney here, because the artist and title is "appropriate" for this posting : ) Madonna was also labeled as indecent, inappropriate, etc as a young woman ... today one of the most respected icon's in the entertainment industry with multi talent across the board!



Infidel753 said...

The Mail Online link seems to be broken, but you can see the rejected photos here. These were "inappropriate"? Whose community standards are they going by, Saudi Arabia's?

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for bringing it to my atencion on the disabled link (worked yesterday) and also for the the link here you sent Infodell, but it isnt loading properly for me (link you sent), maybe it will later of something, with my computer(my computer is almost 4 year's old). I put up another piece from HuffPost Denver.

No doubt this is related to morality shit of some sort, similar to Taliban stuff or Christian fundamoralist stuff ... you caught it right away, because you have also wrote much about this growing cancer in America, of course ... some dont catch it though. It just get's so tiring concerning all this pointless religious shit too, that's why I havent been covering too much of it, although it need's to be.

Thanx again ....