Wednesday, December 21, 2011

ALYONA MINKOVSKI: ... Brain's, Bold, and Beauty ... Make's the Forbes "30 under 30" List! (BEAUTIFUL GIRLZ PT.2)

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Part Two of the "Beautiful Girlz" series in this journal will be to honour and take a quick glimspe of Alyona Minkovski on the ball and on the job! Who just made the "Forbes" list choice for folk's 30 under 30 to watch in the media , and of course Congratulation's to Ms. Minkovski! But no ... this actually didnt suprise me as a choice for Forbes ... this gal is really on the ball, straight up and kick's ass where needed on getting the "job" done! I have a love for her show especially, the guest's, the topic's, the point's of interest, flashing the scam's of what's going on and how especially were getting screwed. Whatever the discussion, she's rolling up her sleeve's and diving in.

But this woman for fella's like myself who like these subject's/ issue's to explore, nail, and bring to the atencion ... you couldnt want more from a woman ... I mean ... here you not only have beauty, but what a treat with her brain and how she think's and get's to the nitty gritty wasting no time on these issue's, and nicely bold at the same time. Even without the beauty just to have a long discussion with or to listen to, she a treat and a half, that could entertain you as well as capture your interest for hour's! Just a really sharp all around Gal!

But enough from the Ranch Chimp and unto this woman of interest, with as usual below, other importante issue's of concern! Thanx alot Alyona for all the coverage and your hard work made to look so easy (which I know isnt), and best of luck in the future! Love Ya ....


Happy Hour: Alyona make's Forbes 30 under 30 to watch in media! ... Thanx to THEALYONASHOW

Blake Shelton- Footloose (Official Video) ... Thanx to BLAKESHELTON ... Alyona said she was a fan of the original Footloose movie and as to her question about a new one, Yes there is ... and this is the official video for the remake/ cover of the song for the movie done here by Blake Shelton, who done an excellent remake of this Kenny Loggins classic ... I wanted to dedicate to Alyona!


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