Sunday, December 4, 2011

HARD TIMES GENERATION: Families living in cars (CBS/ 60 MINUTES) ... The "American Dream" & The "New Normal" PT.2

This PT.2 of The "American Dream & The "New Normal" will be to look at this latest "CBS/ 60 Minutes" piece, that will highlight a familia, Tom Metzger, his daughter Arielle and son Austin, that lives in their vehicle, and other families. Below the video and/ or the newsread if you prefer ... then some thought's I will add after.

Hard Times Generation: Families living in cars ... Thanx to CBS News

CBS/ 60 MINUTES: ***** Hard Times Generation: Families living in cars ***** (transcript)


RCJ: The American Dream" & The "New Normal" PT.1

While it's common this time of the year to hear the classic Edward Pola/ George Wyle 1963 Christmas song recorded by Andy Williams "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year" , watching a video and story like above would not be the most popular posting, and one of the most wonderful thing's for some of these familia's above, is the fact that they live in Florida and wont have to suffer the blistering cold winter's of alot of the nation. We are casually given phrases and titles to accept what is the newest pop culture thought ... this one they came up with a couple year's ago called "The New Normal" of course, and since it's the new thing, we should just accept it and gulp it up. But many American's will not gulp it up, and the struggle we are seeing now, which will even increase more over the next several year's will enlighten us, and make the new generation's much more sharp and keen to just how phoney and corrupt this "American Dream" has became through commercialization and pop culture thought.

My views and how I define thing's are a tad odd and not very mainstream at time's ... I look at alot of these folk's such as Arielle for instance in the above story as the true elite, strong, and true leadership qualities of our society, such as those other disciplined and courageous folk's in our branches of military ... and frankly it absolutely nauseates me sometime's the way we label some folk's as elite or having leadership qualities that are nothing but weakling's with money who couldnt frankly lead a pack of sewer rat's and in my opinion, their lives are not even worth much more. Folk's like so many politician's in this nation as I have wrote time and again, that we should just be getting rid of period, on both these pre- paid polarizing side's. But yes, I absolutely admire those who are truely strong and elite, and certainly not against a person gaining wealth based on real merit.

Instead we run around calling folk's "elite" who basically fraudulently made alot of money off the work and back's of other's, we allow them to grow, consolidate/ merge and even dictate us, and they couldnt even handle a budget crisis like most of us, or even defend us, or fight their own way out of a paper bag ... we support them with corporate welfare, give them sympathy, constantly feed them and their pet project's, let them take our revenues offshore and rathole it from us, and even occupy nation's so they can dictate at our expense, and we pay for it all. Then when some of these nation's retaliate against us for the action's of these dictating parasitic inbred ingrate's, they send our young and well trained defense's to clean up the mess they created. This stupidity of our's WILL dissolve in TIME as I have wrote time and again. Because you sure as Hell are not born stupid and without survival skill's, we simply have let ourselves be bought and conned and been negligent to deal with this viral trash in this cesspool.

What you see above should not even a fraction of the way exist, yet, we think that this is the pitfall's of capitalism and normal ... more bullshit. We should think more like a pack of wolves, and strengthen, support the strong and those who achieve ... and when thing's balance out and nature take's it's rightful course, we as a pack prosper ... and real capitalistic benefit's flourish. What the American Dream has been being turned into is basically an American Ream of bullshit, and when you have a country as financially well off as our's and prosperity out the ass, this should have NEVER happened. Of course you will have those less fortunate in any true free capitalistic society ... but not to the level we see in such an advanced era, there is NO reason for this, anymore than the thousand's of Veteran's that sleep in the street's and elsewhere.

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BBC said...

My youth was spent poor, the first half with poor grandparents, the second half with parents that did well but did for themselves, not us kids, we had very little.

I think it was good training for these days. When I moved here it was with the intent on becoming the best damn bum I could be.

I'd worked my way through life and gotten close to retirement and after moving here mostly just worked odd jobs until I started collecting my SS.

My little place is free and clear and I spend my money wisely so I get by just fine on less than a grand a month.

I do a lot of camping and boating and have the things I want to have, even if most of them aren't new.

I think I'm doing okay.

Ranch Chimp said...

Mornin Billy! To me Guy, your living the American Dream, and doing what you want, even have a boat to enjoy and cruise, close to the border, beautiful countryside, etc, etc your comfortable, content, and there is no better dream in freedom then to have that amount of content, not being trapped in a rat race, etc ... in some wayz your kind of like me in thinking actually ... and "thinking" is truely freedom, when you can think for yourself.

My familia and childhood is a tad long and really offbeat too. My mom came from a poor background in New York, and alot of sibling's, really rough crowd as well ... I lived around alot of wiseguy's (gangter type's) as a kid, etc, didnt really fit in well, but learned to hustle well and make a buck at a young age, not necessarily legal. Dad's familia was very different, Immigrant's from England, college education's, small businesses, middle class, etc My mom was a runaway in some flop- house my dad was putting her up in (hiding), and pregnant with me, and his familia did not like her or her background too much, but he married her regardless ... Dad was also US Army before that in WW2. Dad also worked for the USPS right after the war for awhile, had some other odd job's, worked the casino's in Vegas had East Coast connection's to get into that, had a place in Bakersfield and LA (CA), another in Las Vegas of course, back in New York, another In Erie,PA, Pittsburgh, later in life Louisville, KY and Cincinnati because of rock bottom real estate price's, etc In New York I stayed basically in Buffalo and Brooklyn ... I moved around alot guy, didnt get to accumulate many solid childhood friend's because of such, so met my friend's other than school or neighborhood/ familia type setting's in a way, in and out of detention home's and such, for my own fault's, not my parent's. I can also say that I have lived a pretty free life and done basically what I wanted. Dad had me in casino's in Vegas underage even as far back as the early 1960's, back when the Rat Pack would entertain you then go around visiting tables and having drinx with the audience, Vegas today is a corporate takeover made off the back's of East Coast wiseguy's and those like my Dad that inspired the true spirit.

Thanx for your input and background Billy ....

Ranch Chimp said...

BTW Billy, my dad's mom also had place's in St. Peterburg, Fl and Miami Beach, she was in the beauty salon business down there, long divorced and independent, her and her sister were really good looking women too, I may add : )

So, none of my familia lived in Texas, I chose this place on my own, and actually felt more freedom and independence here than any other state I lived in, and I know how dumb and twisted that sound's considering the reputation of Texas ... but it's true, and worked well for me. My dad use to visit me here, and he absolutely loved Dallas! My mom died young and never made it here.

BBC said...

My son moved to Vegas and fucked his life all up, after becoming an adult that little shit just wouldn't listen to me and take my advice.

I haven't heard from him for about ten years, he got tired of me telling him he was a fucking idiot, must have got it from his mother, she was a fucking idiot also. :-)

BBC said...

But he's a crack backhoe operator.

BBC said...

He can feel things through his fingers on the levers that others can't and saved bosses lots of money when he didn't rip things up.

BBC said...

"There's something down there boss." "Bullshit, keep digging." "Okay boss."


"Must be a gas line boss, want me to move the hoe?"

BBC said...

You know about this SITE?

Ranch Chimp said...

No Billy ... I havent seen that site, but what a selection of link's! Thank You much for it!

Your son not having contact etc(?) ... some relationship's are just like that and sometime's better to just part I reckon. If he is as talented as you say as a backhoe operator, he should be making a decent wage, at least I know he would in this town, and beside's the housing market crash in Vegas, that business has been doing well. I have a long time buddy who operate's heavy equipment (various), and done well, as a Backhoe operator too.

BBC said...


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ex-cheerleader. ex-gymnast. ex-dancer. i dont even know who to go for tonight

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I feel like I just gave a blowjob to a freight train.

If you hit me with your dick and make light saber noises we are breaking up. I don't care if it's your birthday, you are not a sex Jedi. .... So is singing the star wars theme as I put the condom on off limits?

drunk. just smoked a spliff with a 19yr old hungarian bike taxi driver and bonded over the difficulties of getting weed in a different country. idk y shit like this isnt in the study abroad info packets

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I was in the bathroom puking up mountains of tequila and when he came to help me, I held the door shut and kept yelling at him to let me be a lady.

Ranch Chimp said...

Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) I dont know what in Hell inspired this quote's compilation Billy, but also was reading it on your site and it did give me a laugh, some of them sound like some serious sexual mental issue's too. Dont get me wrong, I love sex as much as the next person, just never had any personal issue's where what I did disturbed me or made me question or whatever I reckon. If I didnt like to date someone, I'd just walk, no biggie, or whatever the situation was ... whatever I did, I done, and no use in wondering why or if I made a mistake or whatever ... reckon I never gave a shit much. No apologies, no regret's basically : )

BBC said...

There's not much point in regrets, you lived what you lived.

The texts are from a site where college kids hang out and post their scores and fuck ups.

It's good to know that we're making everyone smarter. :-)

BBC said...

the repo guy said it was the first time he'd ever started to repo a car with someone fucking inside of it. he might have said 'doing it' instead.

BBC said...

We are not on the "bring me breakfast" level. He's bringing me penis, if I ask for breakfast too I'll just sound greedy

BBC said...

But seriously he was like a god with his hands. My vagina feels annointed.