Saturday, December 3, 2011

"MOUSE GUNS" Review via SOOTCHOO ... and a .32 Magnum Review (Self Defense PT. 2)

This "Self Defense" PT.2 is just a quick one that happened to come up when I was browsing some review's, and because over the year's, something I have heard alot in personal discussion's from folk's that said, they would feel unsafe with any kind of small caliber handgun, as far as stopping power, etc. And this is understandable, but let me just say a lil protection is better than no protection. And I have especially stressed this to gal's/ women in particular in the urban setting. I mean, if your attacked as a victim of perhap's a sexual assault, your going to be in most likely a close range of your attacker, a purse snatch, etc ... not like as a moving target several yard's from you, so I dismiss the popular talk that small caliber handgun's are useless in self defense (in the urban enviroment especially) ... I have seen alot of damage done to folk's and death from small caliber gun's as well. When your also staring down a barrel you frankly arent thinking about the bloody caliber, I had a thug once with a small .25 pointed point blank to my face ... believe me, it alarmed me, and I knew what caliber it was from sight, but alarmed me as much as if the fella would have had a damn .38 or .357 in the same position! Especially when I seen the fella was a strung out kid who appeared to be tweaking on a meth/ speed drug, sweating and in panic ... not knowing if he was going to "unintentionally" shoot me even.

There are also larger caliber handgun's that are fairly small in size you can look at, such as in the 2nd part of the first posting ... and a concern as well for some folk's would be the recoil/ kick ... and frankly I'm not scientifically literate enough to properly explain that, but I will say that, I felt just as much recoil even in smaller caliber handgun's at time's as far as that and the ammo used, being I would figure that the kick from the ammo can be in a way less with a larger caliber handgun because of the more larger frame/ construction, even though a larger caliber ammo is technically more recoil, if that make's any sense. If I had to use a small caliber for instance, I probably would prefer also .22LR ammo, but that's just me. Some of the first handgun's though I used as a kid were .22, .25, .32 ... and if I needed to use it in an urban setting in a close self defense situation, they would work fine. Ladies such as my wife for instance who is slender/ petite in frame ... probably 5'- 4" (top's), and her average weight is a pound or two over 100 lb's, may be more sensitive to recoil as well, and I wouldnt hand her a large frame .45 and ask her to just tuck it in her purse ... she can find caliber's smaller than that and larger than .22 and be sufficiently safe, and some training is necessary too ... and when training you have to consider ammo cost's.

But enough from me. When I was browsing some of Sootch00/ Don's review's I stumbled across this one below that was of interest, and he does some good review's too, explaining about "mouse- gun's" and self defense. The 2nd video was just added for "humour", because I searched YouTube for some .32 magnum review's, and found this {:-)



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Beach Bum said...

I had an old girlfriend that would not carry anything smaller than a 32ACP for protection. In fact she owned a .357 and had it hidden in a box underneath the front passenger seat in her car.

Now Cindy had training and was very comfortable with weapons but I have met a bunch of women who get all panicky whenever a pistol is pulled out. One weapons instructor I worked with liked to say if someone was not comfortable with using a pistol for protection it was best not to carry one. Although every time I saw him teach a class even the most unsure student came out competent to carry.

BBC said...

If I ran this rock all adults would be required to pack a gun.

My pistols are a joke to some but the .25 is okay for in your face assholes and the .22 will spit out 11 slugs as fast as I can pull the trigger. 11 22 slugs can be just as effective as 3 38 slugs.

"Mr. Cook, why did you shoot that monkey 11 times?"

"Well, your honor, the 12th time I squeezed the trigger it didn't do anything."

BBC said...

Grab leather, you sons a bitches.

BBC said...

Make the hole in a .22 hollow point a little bigger and stuff it with soft wax or something and it'll cause some serious damage.

Ranch Chimp said...

Hey Bum! ... Actually I like those lil .32's and alwayz have, in an urban setting. As a kid even had one when I lived in New York City/ Brooklyn, a lil nickel plated .32, which was ideal riding the IRT/ Metro (subway/ rail) at late night (NYC was a rough town back in the early 70's man, and fast). You know ... as far as the ole gal you used to date and what she carried ... I worked with a gal year's back, who was small petite like my wife that carried a small .45 Derringer 2- shot on the job (talk about some recoil that must have had! : ), then in her truck (PU) she also had a .357 under the seat, just like your gal done (must be a gal thing, eh? : ) But yeah, she packed bigger than me at the time, I was carrying a snubnose .38 5- shot with me at work back then, several of the pressmen (printing presses) all packed, probably half the shop packed, we were a small company of about 30 working in downtown Dallas, but the guy who owned it (a self made millionaire, who was a great guy too, to work for) was a gun dealer as well, and what a collection he had in his office, geeezzz! A few time's after work I would sit in small chat with him in his office and he would show me some of the most classic gun's I have ever seen ... he was really cool too ... he would pull out a bottle of Scotch and we would just rattle away, great guy in conversation (poor guy had a drinking problemo though)! : )

Ranch Chimp said...

Shooting the monkey 11 time's? ... poor guy (monkey), Billy ... but funny! : ) Like I said Billy, you also have alot of opposition to gun's and more control wanted, at least here in Dallas I noticed, and many of these folk's that rant about it, never been in harm's way either, and it's more of a fashion thing, you know, pop culture follow the leader type thing. I know so many folk's that are uncomfortable with gun's too, but I have no problemo with it, as I wrote in a linked past posting ... if your opposed to gun's, dont have one, to each their own. Then, if you look at the additional link to past posting's in Part One, I have folk's like Otis McDonald of Chicago posted, who is a champion in my opinion, winning that recent Supreme Court victory to simply have a right to defend himself in his Chicago neighborhood that is gang ridden, the poor guy is like 70, yet they told him he's wrong to defend himself in such a tough neighborhood?!! WTF should he do? , get shot and call 911?!! Who in the fuck in Washington make's these goddamn law's?!! Nancy Pelosi bitched about it too, saying the ruling is bad for America (and I like Nancy otherwise) ... I mean bless her heart, but what does she or any of them, especially in a State like California, know about living in harm's way? These folk's in Washington like her dont live in place's like Compton/ South LA, etc, they live in these high security place's and have 24/ 7 protection via tax dollar's, it's insanity Billy.

I remember when you commented awhile back on Diligaf (spelling?) in the UK, asking him how they would resist oppression from the government and defend themselves when they have no bloody gun's? I was laughing my ass off, when I read what you wrote Billy, because it was so true. Long story Billy, but your right on, as far as that's concerned ... look at some of these countries where they just shoot people in the street's that demonstrate/ protest, and all these poor people have to fight back with is rock's and bottle's.

Thanx for your voice too Billy!

BTW, there are some really nice .22 these dayz out there, that are excellent and cheap ammo wise for the range or just messing around. I still got some old .38 ammo laying arouind that was special made, hallow point with explosive compound of some kind filled in it.

BBC said...

I'll do a post about the Ruger 22 pistol I bought last year, after I return from my camping trip.

BBC said...

The buddy in England, call him 4 D, or 4 Dinners. His real name is Neil but we won't split hairs, many on the internut don't use their real names like I do.

Ranch Chimp said...

Ruger .22? ... like those too! But have fun on your camping vacation Billy!

Yeah, "Four Dinners" is the name he goes by, I recall, I was over there the other day. I am one who uses my actual name, dont matter much to me I reckon, so I just post it, I dont like using anonymous or fictional name's Billy, but that's just me ... I mean, if I have to hide just to say what I want, what's the point? ya know? to each their own. I put up my home phone on here too, and right after I did, I had a call that was online related to my blog, that indirectly (legally) used wording that was threatening my familia, not just me, but when that happen's, I look at it as a threat as well to my grandkid's, which who frequent my home, because THAT IS my familia ... but this internet has some disgruntled folks and folk's with mental disorder's or whatever just like anywhere's else, and you have to show some type of restrain when writing, so folk's are not offended I reckon.

Later Guy ....

BBC said...

Everytime I click off a picture you post it take's me back to your profile page(?)

That's odd, it should take you to a bigger version of that picture or graphic.

But I can't help you, I'm not sitting in front of your computer but I'll suggest that you right click on the picture and in the pop up menu select to open in a new tab or window.

BBC said...

My first computer was back in the days of dos. I got hooked on them when Windows 95 came out and I discovered the internut.

I taught a computer class for a few years at the library, I'm not as good as I once was cuz things change so fast but I still help spread the destruction around. :-)

Keep those guns handy.

Ranch Chimp said...

I got the picture to pop up Billy, it's when I clicked off to close out it took me to the profile page instead of back to the posting basically.

Weather here is miserable Billy, looking out the glass door's on the patio, still raining and cold out,been like this all around alot of Texas, and to continue tomorrow too. I had to run around alot in it today and drive alot, left before daylight actually.

Tomorrow if football day and I alwayz look forward to that, I'm just basically a big NFL fan at heart, I like Hockey too, so fixin to see if I can find some on ESPN I reckon.

Ranch Chimp said...

Definitely as far as the gun's Guy!

BBC said...

If you love football you may be a christian,or a heathen. :-)

Ranch Chimp said...

Not a religious man Billy, and dont see any connection with religion of any kind or football, to each their own, but I also commented on your blog the other day, that I never been a christian.