Friday, December 23, 2011

SANTA MONICA, CA (BATTLE OF THE DOLL'S PT.2) ... "Battle @ The Nativity Scene 2011" w/ Guest Pat Condell on Militant Atheist's & Cultural Masochist's

This PT.2 of "Battle of the Doll's" (Battle at The Nativity Scene) will be another battle just reported today by CNN, this time in the Los Angeles area town of Santa Monica ... and Thank God (humour only : )Southern California atheist's havent started protesting the town's in Southern California for their name's such as "Santa Monica" or "Los Angeles" for instance, since so many town's (even more than Texas) have name's that even connect back to Spanish Christian/ Catholic mission's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... ya'll would have to re- name half the bloody state! and ya'll know then that all them Mexicano's/ Latino's would think Ya'll are racist's too : )

But anywayz Mr. Pat Condell is someone that I enjoy watching his video's on YouTube, and he just added this piece, which is exactly how I feel about this as well, so I just had to include it, to let Pat speak for me here, and to save the reader from another one of my over worded posting's because of my lack of writing knowledge skill's ... because this pop culture "monkey say, monkey repeat" herd mentality in this country is frankly not just shocking because alot of these same folk's claim to be free thinking, liberated, tolerant, etc ... but it's also to a degree nauseating. I think Mr. Condell summed it up perfectly as "militant atheist's and cultural masochist's". The CNN link below on the Southern California Doll Battle, then ole Pat : ) And Merry Xmas to you Pat, and especially baby Moses : )

CNN/ U.S.: On California Coast, Atheists Nudge Out Nativity Scenes


The Intolerance Of Diversity ... Thanx to PATCONDELL



Demeur said...

Jeez RC I though you were talking about rock groups here by your heading. :-)

Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx Demeur ... Actually I thought I should have been a lil more creative in the title.

Have a decent Holidayz Demeur

BBC said...

The Intolerance Of Diversity.

We've never had complete diversity and we never will have it.

Have a peaceful weekend.

Ranch Chimp said...

"Diversity"(?) ... for me ... a question of one's definition of such Billy ... there is alot of change coming Billy.

A "peaceful" weekend? : ) ... like "Peace on Earth" or something? ... just kiddin Guy. It's less peaceful in this town than where you live, but my daughter has a good size home outside Dallas near a large lake we will visit for familia Christmas, and I play Santa Claus for the kid's basically.

Right now Nashville is here in Dallas (NHL/ Hockey) and Dallas is up, fixin to finish this game and hope Dallas hold's mon to their 4- 2 lead.

Wishing you and your's a "piece"ful weekend too ... get it ... "piece"? : )

BBC said...

there is alot of change coming Billy.

No shit, I hadn't noticed that, maybe my seven pounds of gun powder isn't enough?

Ranch Chimp said...

I dont know much about buying gunpowder Billy ... I only bought ammo. I reckon it depend's on what your gonna do with it, I believe you stated previously, to have it due to an ammo shortage, so I am assuming to pack your own ammo(?) I would think the easiest thing to do though is stock up on ammo now, while there is no shortage, and seem's to be no significant shortage any time soon. (I did a posting on that probably a year or two back when folk's were screamoing in panic that there is a shortage ... immediately ammo manufacturer's started a 2nd shift ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ) ... dont sweat the small stuff.

Christmas here will be mainly rain after rain in Dallas/ Fort Worth, almost all of west and southwest Texas will be snow, and statistically the way it look's here in the lower state's (exclude Alaska) most of the snow in the nation actually will be in Texas ... at least it will be the place for the whitest Christmas. When folk's were freaking out month's ago in the summer on how Texas was in drought, end of time's, doom and gloom, etc ... I was saying ... wait a few month's ... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... right now we are above average for rain/ precipitation,
folk's love paranoia : )

But speaking of paranoia also ... dont panic over the ammo thing, and thinking that mass war is coming to Washington State ... relax and enjoy Billy ... even when healthy violence does break out, it doesnt mean Helter Skelter : )

BBC said...

I won't panic over the ammo thing, got plenty of it and seven pounds of powder.

Raining here now also, fucking rain.

BBC said...

I may decide to take up the fine art of blowing shit up. :-)

Ranch Chimp said...

I of course assume that when you say "blowing up shit", and of course not defintitive being that you havent actually decided on such in your wording, I take it as in humour, basing that on if there is any validity to who you are or whatever, I'm basing who you are strictly on your profile page, and I dont know anything else about you ... you can google my name for instance and even my home phone and anything come's up on me including where I live, etc.

Understand that what you said though could easily be misunderstood by someone, which could even be federal authorities in "these" time's as being a "potential threat" and/ or in need of atencion ... even as a "loner" threat or whatever, so unfortunately I have to ask that you refrain from making any comment's like that. What you or anyone else sayz on their blog is your resposibility and business, as so with this blog I have, or whatever we choose to leave as far as comment's ... in these time's, you understand how these comment's can attract interest's of concern, regardless if their humourous or not ... so I cant allow them to stay on my comment's page. I dont like having to do this, but it's a sign of the time's Billy and unfortunate. By engaging in conversation of such on my part whether it's humour or not, could be misunderstood as well and/ or condoning to such action's and/ or advocating such ... which of course I do not, so you understand the issue here.

Have a good un Guy ....

BBC said...

You talk to fucking much without thinking things out in political ways.

Fuck folitics.

Ranch Chimp said...

As far as talking too much in this journal or use of word's ... yes indeed Billy, but as I have mentioned time and again, only because I am not an actual writer, so I dont know how to explain thing's as a professional writer would. As far as your assessment though of me on my not thinking out politically or whatever ... I would have to disagree. For instance ... look at the "Debt Crisis PT.1/ The Paper Doll Show" series/ link's ... there really isnt a thing I "called" that didnt actually later happen politically or otherwise, whether vit was on the health care reform, the election's, the poltical scam's, economy, unemployment, etc, etc ... so I was very accurate, almost like a blueprint in many cases ... meaning, I must have done "some" political homework or math, eh? But, learning more of this online world or whatever it's called, I'm not here to debate or try to prove a thing ... those who personally know me, know exactly where I stand. If a person find's what I write as a waste of time, over worded, not literally proper or such ... they should not even waste their time reading it either.

Other than that Billy ... goddamn them Green Bay Packers are looking good, eh? 14 and 1 now, after that kick ass impressive performance tonight against the Chicago Bears @ Green Bay's Lambeau Field!