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MICHELE BACHMANN (PT.1): The "SEXUAL FANTASIES" of America's No#1 "Evangelical Feminist" and GOP Presidential Candidate (SEXPLOITATION NATION PT. 8)

This Part 8 of "Sexploitation Nation" will be to look at what seem's to be the priority interest's of a popular GOP/ Republican candidate for President in these trying time's, Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann . What inspire's this posting, is a buddy here in the neighborhood named Jeff, who is in the Adult Theater business, with a lil place here in the neighborhood that's theater basically cater's to gay customer's ... Jeff is not gay, he has a wonderful wife and marriage of 8 year's, his wife is a professional who's business require's her to travel alot ... but this is his business/ livelihood. But Jeff and I have some real in depth conversation's about the direction this country is going and the issue's on the table, that seem to be not efficiently addressed by the political representation we have as it is. Jeff is a Texan, but because his father was a career military person ... he had to get alot of his schooling in the City of Frankfurt (Germany), having attended High School and College there as well as a young man.

Politic's of all sort's are hot topic's between us, and we have a great time ranting over them actually, we have alot of similar idea's, and he does read these posting's on such in this journal as well. I have never been to Germany, but some of the thing's he tell's me show's the sharp contrast between our two nation's, especially on sexual issue's, and basically so much other social and economic issue's even, from getting government sponsored education, apprenticeship programme's available, being able to legally drink before you are legal to drive, including the stricter requirement's compared to Texas to actually get a liscense as well as the fee's involved, etc ... the list seem's endless. From what Jeff tell's me, the prostitution/ sex industry is also very regulated (even though, there is some illegal activities in the underground/ street's there going on as far as sex and human trafficking, that police/ gvmnt are trying to crack down on) ... but even the sex worker's are very transparent to their client's as far as actually having log book's onsite to where a customer can see in writing the STD test's/ check's record of the individual service provider. But the other day ... he was pointing out some thing's about Ms. Bachmann and her mission on this porn banning, "dont ask, dont tell" repeal talk, anti gay right's agenda, anti abortion mission, etc, etc ... which was absolutely incredible ... I mean, I havent kept up with this candidate much, and dont read most of the blog posting's on her. To me she is one Hell of a great looking woman, but that's it ... I never had much else concern in her.

But with all the serious issue's on the table to be dealt with, it is remarkable that this candidate is so focused constantly with what seem's to be a hidden sexual fantasy agenda of some sort, even her husband is involved with some sex therapy business to convert gay's/ lesbian's to being heterosexual, and made to think that they have some type of illness I reckon ... I mean ... what's up with this? What is even more remarkable is those who support her ... the media's even giving her these unique title's ... such as one where CNN labeled her as an "Evangelical Feminist" ... I mean WTF is that? ... and why are these thing's even political issue's, at a time where our politic's to begin with as well as economic's in this nation are in the most difficult shape I have ever seen in my life? The whole politipop culture in this nation is so silly as well as some of these candidate's that we praise and promote as some kind of iconic figure's. What leadership qualities does this person have? Especially even bringing up nonsense like a promise to bring gas price's down to $2 a gallon, which I wont even get into here, because if someone need's to explain to you how difficult that is to try to do, you have missed the boat let's say, completely. And even banning porn/ adult entertainment? Does she realize the social and economic effect that would have?

***** NY DAILY NEWS: Michele Bachmann is first GOP presidential candidate to sign pledge banning gay marriage, porn


TOOL TIME: Michele Bachmann want's to BAN PORN ... Thanx to THEALYONASHOW


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SONIA HERMOSILLO: Throw's her IMPERFECT infant Son Noe, off a 4 story parking garage (KILLER PARENT'S PT.6)

Sonia Hermosillo                                          Noe Medina, Jr

Killer Parent's Pt. 6 will look at the recent case against Sonia Hermosillo of La Habra, CA. Some link's below for some viewing, then a few word's I will add to this after.

THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER: Here is video and news read that has covered this locally fairly well, so why I chose to go with this series of link's out of several.


No doubt that this woman should pay whatever the price is for this act, but I have abundant sympathy for the father here as well, and so many question's myself as I followed this over the last week. First of all ... I hear so much about this thing called postpartum depression, and am quick to view it as an excuse for defense in court almost every time ... yet at the same time, I really dont understand a damn thing about this as far as medical term's are concerned. What struck me odd about this case, is her husband Mr. Noe Medina, Sr describe's his 13 year's with his spouse as a decent normal non hassle relationship ... the first sign of this depression did not come till after the birth of this child, never with the other children ... no prior history. Was she taking prescription drug's during the time of the offense? Or was it just that she couldnt handle the burden of taking care of a handicapped child? I feel regardless of her incoherence state, that she knew exactly what she was doing ... I mean, you do this, remove the safety helmut/ brace before, then go to validate your parking ticket right after you just tossed your child off the garage? I can only imagine how the father Noe feel's though.

I also wonder if they knew that the child was going to be handicapped before it was born, with the technologies they use today? Also ... was there a chance to utilize abortion? And if not, are there other way's, such as adoption to hand the child over to? I get depressed like everyone else, but it seem's like these form's of depression are something I have never experienced, I never even thought of suicide in my life at that, yet I hear folk's that say they think these thing's because not of a physical or terminally illness problem, but simply they just think about killing themselves ... and I have had my share of difficult situation's, but never got depressed to that point is all. The whole mental illness defense to me is just odd because of my lack of knowledge in this type illness too, and you hear so much about this ... this particular case is odd to me, having a complete turnaround in just a matter of month's? I also wonder if some of these drug's of course that are prescribed to folk's contribute to this?

But, of course, her guilt hasnt been proven yet as if she done it, but I posted this because the evidence so far show's me clearly that she did, if something change's I will note it immediately in this journal. This depression of course will be used no doubt also, but I also hope that those involved in this case remember the child here, not just their emotion's and sympathy. Another thing is the talk about Ms. Hermosillo being undocumented ... this may play some role in the court's, depending on the country she came from if this is so ... as far as bargaining, etc ... however, since she doesnt face the death penalty, if she was from Mexico for example, the Mexican Government shouldnt have any problemo ... they are only against the death penalty down there on their citizen's. I will be curious to see how the court's play this one for sure.


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Social Security, The President, Oil Speculation & Job's ... A view from Senator Sanders (TRUTH OR TREASON 2012 PT.1)

This PART ONE of "TRUTH OR TREASON 2012" ... will be inspired by the series I done last year in 2010, called the "2010 Show" ... and other posting's, where I was pointing out the importance of not letting any majority of GOP get power in the House or Senate in the 2010 election's, and what it would result in if it happened ... which of course it did, and all the miscellaneous BS were blindsided with. There are many things that I DONT write about, simply because they are not very easy to swallow or pleasant, so I use alot of discretion when posting here. But when the time come's to the point where thing's are so critical, it is importante to post in the hope that whoever read's this whether it's one person or many, it will be food for thought and/ or enlightenment. This election is also one of the most critical election's, and it's kind of a screwed if you do, and screwed if you dont type situation, because of our lack of voting, lacking interest, or the many other distraction's politically and socially in our lives. I already pointed out how this is looking like a "set- up" with this Super Committee , where they will come back from vacation in September with a new line of BS, and of course a few "talk treats" tossed in that get grandstanding media/ network's coverage, that the two dominating parties will feed on ...and I certainly could be wrong/ incorrect ... however, since the start of this journal sometime in the beginning of 2008, I have been accurate on every call of a scam that I "made" politically ... whether it was the BP accountability, the Health Care Reform, the next grab to dismantle Social Security, the financial crisis, employment, the election's, etc, etc ... from doing my homework on this ... so until I see actual proof that our political representation is trying to actually do something beneficial ... with ACTUAL PROOF ... NOT TALK ... I will continue to post it as I see it, if/ when needed only ... being this critical time in America.

I call this "Truth or Treason" simply because this time is the moment of truth bottom line, and if the parties that dominate as one entity decide to give us a snowejob (my changing the spelling of "snowjob" was inspired by Olympia Snowe) and start slow in September acting like this will be another battle behind closed door's, like this debt crisis snowejob where they locked all media's out similar to what the last Bush Administration done actually, with no transparency, or in open Senate with a snowejob show, then talking all they done for us after worrying everyone from senior citizen's to military personel if they will get their paycheck's and the other cruelties they done to American's, which in my opinion SHOULD NOT BE FORGOTTEN ... then coming around Christmas time or sometime after stalled with hoopla for month's, with another bunk pieced plan that cut's folk's entitlement's with some window dressing tossed in that rich folk's will have to pay tax (which they WONT) or other nonsense, and then the right come's out acting like they sacrificed, and the left acting overly grateful that they only received 6 inches up their ass instead of nine inches, etc, etc.

Or will those who support the people, including the President as he "promised" (and I have been the biggest supporter of the President since before he was President, I may add) he would never toss in entitlement's etc, etc during his campaign, buck it tooth and claw (not like he did on the Health Care Reform or Debt Ceiling, which was 2 score's against him in my opinion, because of the magnitude of the issue's) and MAKE SURE that they KEEP to what they say they stand for ... IT IS THAT SIMPLE ... you either once and for all do what you say, and truely represent the people who work their asses off to support you and pay your salaries and benefit's ... or your not much different than a liar committing treason ... which by definition is a more serious act of betrayal ... there is NO HALFSTEPPING HERE, and each and every politician that does NOT come through with truth this once, should be voted against and ousted, regardless of party affiliation 2012, period, cut and dry. And this journal will record every track that it can in this series, on ya'll's BS if you continue to play game's, whether your left, right, pagan, christian, atheist, black, brown, yellow, white, male, female, transgender, etc ... NO GAME'S, NO TALK, NO EXCUSES ... cut and dry ... Yes or No, Truth or Treason.

This posting will also be included in the list/ link's of DEBT CRISIS PT.1 ... PAPER DOLL SHOW

Protecting Social Security- Senator Bernie Sanders, Keith Olbermann ... Thanx to ELEPHANT PANCAKES

These next 3 video's ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS


ED SHOW: ... Senator Sanders on Oil Speculation

ED SHOW: ... Bernie talk's about Job Crisis

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MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. MEMORIAL & TRIBUTE: ... a Lei Yixin Sculpture (For Harmon Loft PT. 3)

This induction into the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" will be to honour first of all, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr , then 2nd to honour the artist who done this magnificent bold 3 story in your face presence statue and surrounding memorial piece's, Mr. Lei Yixin , then to dedicate this posting to a man that had helped me much in my troubled teen year's, who would probably never have visioned this one, but would have loved to see it! ... Mr. Harmon Loft ... I miss you Sir!

Sadly as you can see in the below MSNBC article, critic's are already whining about this art piece, being from a Chinese artist and the way it make's Dr. King "look" (I think it look's magnificent! and stunning) ... so it wouldnt shock me much if next, some whine that the Doctor was also a Christian Preacher, and this statue is in violation of seperation of church and state, or any other similar whining.

RCJ: FOR HARMON LOFT PART'S 2 & 1 ... "Seneca Village @ Central Park" & "Black Inventor's"

MSNBC: Martin Luther King Jr Memorial open's in Washington, DC ... Critic's disapprove of selection of Chinese artist for statue of Civil Rights Leader ....

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Tribute ... Thanx to BILLY7163


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This PT.3 of "The Demopublican Cesspool" will be to take a look at this new "Senate Super Committee" ... which basically from what I understand is the newest "gift" to us, after we started whining about that we want folk's in Washington to start getting thing's done, stop bickering, etc, etc. And of course as I have pointed out before ... it is not wise to ask those in power for anything, and to be very careful what you ask for, because ANYTHING that you ask for will just inspire them to figure out another way to milk you out of something else. The way you get change (again) and get what you want, is not by ASKING, but TAKING CHARGE. I will also include this posting in the link list of "DEBT CRISIS PT.1, THE PAPER DOLL SHOW" .


***** CNN: Who are the debt super committee members? ... (**** this article was changed out, the first one expired)

I am not as politically knowledgeable and up to date with other pro- blogger's, and havent even kept up with any of this new crap beside's what I wrote in past posting's about expecting them to take your social security next, in whole or piece by piece, the agenda, objective, etc, etc ... I didnt even know who was on the committee total until this evening for that matter since I had some time to browse this after the opening pre- season of "NBC Sunday Night Football" game (San Diego Chargers @ Dallas Cowboys) ... but it's pretty evident what's happening here after looking at it. Basically since the Congress has a majority Republican and they hoped the same for the Senate of course, but missed it this last election, they will have a "Super Committee" to also control the Democrat majority Senate now, which will in turn now slip to us, that this is a bipartisan group that will share sacrifice's, make hard choice's, hard work, and the rest of the jolly talk ... but basically will use this new bite (committee) to lay out entitlement cut's to us, and of course the usual with both parties saying they are doing this for the American people and such. The same way they screwed us out of the public option in Health Care Reform basically .

As I pointed out in my last posting's on this so called debt crisis as far as putting on the big debate show, then of course having American's on the edge in fear that the debt will default and the fall of the country will happen (we already fell for that matter without it ... were so full of shit politically and every other way, not even our goddamn Middle Eastern allies have faith in us, except for what they can get out of us, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh : ), then at the last minute they will so call "compromise", save the day, everyone will cheer and jump for joy that were now "safe", etc, etc ... then they will take the long summer vacation, avoid the media's, while cooking up the next batch of fresh bullshit to feed us in September ... so I havent detailed the "bullshit" yet, because I havent gotten around to looking at what's in the bowl yet, before tonight, so here you have it ... I will of course bet my paycheck on this one too.

Now I been reading all the support as well from fellow Democrat voter's, and I understand that they are trying to hold their circle's strong, out of worry over these right wing communist's. But I now question if the Democrat's have made the right choice letting Sen. Reid decide the appointment's, and also why Baucus and Kerry are both on there? ... Baucus and Reid first of all are the contaminating factor's in the Democrat Party, these two (rest assured) are as dangerous if not more than Boehner and McConnell (trust me) ... and Kerry is going to probably vote against any defense cut's too, at least anything "significant" or truely balanced due to the huge multi million/ billion dollar contract's, including rent- a - mercenaries that cost over double our own troop's, and he's been on media circuit's already such as NBC's "Meet the Press" already pushing for social security and medicare cut's ... I seen him myself ... slither it in as "emergency talk".

The President? ... Of course throughout this journal since before he was even the official Democrat candidate, I was pushing for him based on all his talk and idea's as a Senator, especially talking of downsizing too big to fail entities, while giving out the bailout's, etc ... too much of what he said, he hasnt done basically. I dont blame it all on him, because I pointed out before he made President the obstacle's that he would face, especially opposition from within his own party, and I know that Reid and Baucus for two have way more influence now in the direction and decision's of the party, maybe even more than the President at this point. But I didnt expect the President to throw in the towel so easy, without any fight, and just dig his own grave, however ... that's his choice. Why is he doing this? ... I havent the faintest ... but too many time's he could have used more of his executive power's and hasnt, and he has been way too generous with those who are out to destroy him. I too am bipartisan like him, but I have my limit's. I mean ... letting gay's say their gay in the military is great and all (I mean, on issue's like that, I'm gonna say I'm gay anywayz if I am, whether it's illegal or not, I just dont care, just like I'm gonna have gun's whether their banned or not) and saving $50 buck's a month on prescription's or other small thing's is nice, but dont cut the mustard on what's going to put food on the table and job's in America, save entitlement's (which we pay for out of our paycheck's weekly) or an end to this ridiculous multi billion dollar occupational takeover's/ bombing's, and rebuilding nation's in these foreign land's for corporate interest's in mining, drilling, etc.

Now some fellow Democrat's may say I'm unfair, or ask too much/ ungrateful, or am too pessimistic, etc. I dont believe I am any of those though, I have tried my damndest to be fair ... I have sided with the President on so many thing's, but do not find the big issue's he has dealt with satisfactory, or even with any merit, having thrown in the towel so quickly on big serious thing's like public option, this manufactured debt show, and other thing's. I know he has so many great idea's that would pave the way for a way better future, and thinking out of the box ... but you MUST utilize your power's Sir ... and your just giving up ... I dont understand this.

As far as this new Super Committee bite ... well of course I could be wrong, maybe they are doing this for our good and they are speaking for the people, sacrifice, love, etc, etc, etc ... but ... NO ... I dont buy any of it, and would bet two of my paycheck's on it. And it also appear's that this committee again is another bought and paid for multi million dollar committee all funded of course by the usual special interest's donor's, and until we also get rid of this legal bribery and pay- off's as well, were not going to clear this up any more. If there was ever a time to consider breaking away from voting Democrat and Republican, this would be a time to consider that, "if" of course they pull off what I'm talking about here, cause that will only lead to a new slippery slope ... almost hard to believe they are actually trying such a stunt (I mean right out in the open, of course though, notice that all the "talk" session's are like the Bush Administration's "closed door" policies too, NO MEDIA ALLOWED), knowing the election's are a year away, although as I have pointed out in the earlier posting's in this journal "they will go after that next", stating that there was nothing else left to milk us for after they drained all our surplus and locked into law now making it mandatory to buy health insurance, and use vouchure type gig's to get the even gvmnt subsidies monies, which insurance and pharma companies successfully pulled off, such as in this journal's "2010 Show" series, when I was talking about how importante it was to make sure Republican's dont get ANY majority in the House or Senate, and "if" they do, this and other consequence's will result, which of course did, looking at how they created this phoney debt crisis spectacular, etc. Of course, that's what also Republican's are hoping for Democrat voter's to do as well, and those who dictate them two parties know it, because they orchestrated and designed this two party system after buying it out, to function like that, making and endless circle of repeat after repeat chasing your tail. So the consequence's are grave of course, of your vote not counting because the majority of what little populace does vote feel compelled to only vote one or the other. But the way I see it is ... were going to have to sooner or later, if we want to end this anywayz.

Enough said ....


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"WEST MEMPHIS 3" PT.2: Cut LOOSE from the NOOSE ... "FREED" or "FREER" ... Busted Justice! (Incarcerated American PT.5)

This Part 5 of "Incarcerated American" is simply a follow up of this morning's Part 4, and it's rare that I do a back to back posting on the same thing ... but as I wrote in Part 4, I was on this case before it even went to trial or was even in the national media, so it was kind of personal for me ... and to Damien ... Congrat's!, and Wassup with that Mr.GQ look, dude?! ... you sure look sharp today! : ) ... but the Congrat's is at least being able hit the "free world" to continue your work with more access to tool's, it's been a loooong time. But at least your loose from the noose ... freed of course, but not too much freer, beside's physically. It's basically like going to the park and setting a pigeon free with a brick tied to it's leg!

I wrote in the "Post Note" of Part 4, that this sounded like a shaft to save the state's ass, after reading through the line's ... and it did end up as I expected, so I may sound as well like an ungrateful SOB who is never satisfied, to some who may read my stuff, or one may think that I'm a Republican for being like such. But this is not true ... I am grateful ... and NO ... I am NOT a Republican, as a matter of fact, I'm a registered Democrat and have a stamped voter registration to prove it. But some video/ newsread below, then a few word's I need to add to this.

RCJ: "WEST MEMPHIS 3" RELEASE PT.1: American WITCH HUNT ... a Portrait of "GROSS INJUSTICE" American Style (Incarcerated American PT. 4)


But let me point out my rant with this shit as far as the flip side, and as you can see ... all 3 of these men are hip/ keen to what the score is here in their statement's about how this railroad was handed down to them ... after all ... you dont spend almost 2 decade's incarcerated and end up a penal code dummy! And frankly with the deal they copped to ... they know damn well they will have to walk a very thin line, especially for the next couple year's, until their probation start's to smooth out some.

As far as the judge/ court telling the media that this is hard to explain and all the crap about being a complex deal ... BS !! ... let Ranch Chimp here make it simple and frank! There aint a goddamn thing complex about this except for the poor defendant's that were released ... ya'll acting and saying it like ya'll mutually sacrificed or some crap ... this was a goddamn one way street deal, and a slap in the face to the victim's familia's as well, because ya'll should be more focused on finding the one(s) who committed this offense! ... and sound's more goddamn Republican than anything I'm whining about! ... Good deal my ass! ... This was all to score political point's too, because of all parties that were involved with sending down these men and the office's that their running for, litigation's/ law suit's, etc, etc ... and frankly you can bet, that the Arkansas Court's will do every bloody thing they can to see that this dont get a new trial at that! So ya'll are more full of it than a sewage treatment center!

As far as the prosecution who pushed this deal, and them now saying that the case is closed, etc ... everything they are saying in public is a lie 110% .... EVERYTHING, not just part, that is how dishonest this group is! I mean, how can anyone believe in crap like right and wrong or justice when everything that your told is false and manufactured injustice, totally reversed of what it's portrayed as? This is the filthy lying hypocrisy of our society overall! The prosecution get's a free ride here with a conviction on a technicality, because they know that the new evidence and DNA would totally exonerate these men if it goes to another trial, they say they dont, and that as far as their concerned, these are the killer's, case closed, etc ... but that is so twisted! They know damn well, that if this case was taken to a new trial approved by the Arkansas Supreme Court, and ALL the evidence and witnesses were presented, these men would beat the case and walk and be able to sue the state for damage's, as well as their political career's be cast into shamble's, and this allow's the system to milk all the defenses budget that was contributed, by making them spend it all and more just to try to clear their name ...THAT'S THE REALITY!

The work that these men will have to do to clear their name's can take a great more deal of time in their lives, and ya'll know it! Another case of busted justice, and the injustice in justice ... and that's my opinion!

Word Out! (for now that is) ....


"WEST MEMPHIS 3" RELEASE PT.1: American WITCH HUNT ... a Portrait of "GROSS INJUSTICE" American Style (Incarcerated American PT. 4)

This Part 4 of the "Incarcerated American" series will be first, to give credit to all those Hollywood Celebrities and affiliate's who done so much to bring this case into the national spotlight nearly 20 year's ago, and to look at the possible release of these 3 men from incarceration, who were just typical American teenager's when they were grossly railroaded and convicted, in a Kangaroo Court style rural American witch hunt.

West Memphis Three: Time for truth ... Thanx to GLOBALGRIOT ... this video uploaded to YouTube 28 May 2008 give's a lil video history documentary style, for those who may not be familiar with this case.

This case caught my atencion before their trial even ... then I kept up with the trial and had contact with Mr. Echols right after the death penalty was served to him on the Tucker, AR unit, to offer support. But during the trial proceeding's, I never felt that it would result in a conviction like this, simply because the evidence and case appeared too shakey and shallow. This case was a gross injustice if you seen this trial, and the fact that the witness testimony was tainted, the evidence, and every goddamn thing about this case down to the prosecution, forensic's, investigation's, the exclusion of suspect's that should have been investigated, including the lack of regard for these poor boy's that were the victim to this horrible mutilation crime, by ignoring all this.

I seen this case as a typical witch hunt the way it was handled, fed by fear and rumor through this legal proceedure and affiliate's to attack these young teen's to make a show and cover their incompetence. No ... I have NEVER seen one shred of evidence that these young men committed this offense, or even had what it would take in them to do such a thing, and I was all over this case like a cheap suit ... this was a well calculated murder/ mutilation, and in my opinion orchestrated and done by someone close to these poor boy's who had a severe psychological problem and personality disorder hang- up ... but I wont mention name's here of who ... they are being currently investigated.

I also want to point out, that regardless of the talk here that those released will admit to have committed this offense in some degree in order to be released, I DO NOT even buy that. I have seen too many cases, and there are thousand's in this nation of what's called "No Contest Plea Bargain's" where defendant's who not even committed the offenses take these offer's just to avoid further incarceration, admitting thing's they havent even done. For one, it make's the conviction in some way at least have some validity on paper for the prosecution and give's a sense of closure to the victim's/ community (although the reality is that, if this is the case, the party(s) that committed the offense are still out there, and a more real threat) and cover's competence as far as the investigative crew's, etc ... the only loser in these plea's are the defendant ... basically throwing in the towel feeling helpless to the system and saying " ... It's just too good of an offer, considering the option's, to turn down ... etc".

Unfortuantely, even though there are high spirit's about the release of any of these men ... NOTHING can replace the young year's of their lives that was lost due to this injustice. Enough for now ... link's and more on this below.

CBSNEWS: "West Memphis Three" : Damien Echols overwhelmed by release



POST NOTE: The more I look at this hearing that's going down today, it appear's looking at what CNN has been gathering on this ... that this is being done to save the state's ass and prosecution ... because of the screw up of the case, and knowing that a new trial may free them .... they also dont want any future talk of "double jeopardy", and by getting the 3 to acknowledge that the "state" does have undisclosed evidence that can be used against them in a future hearing, exempt's the state, prosecution, or anyone else of future lawsuit's, or mis- trial call's, double jeopardy, etc. I dont know all the detail's YET ... but from the news that's being gathered on this ... this is what assessment I make of this, and what will result and go down ... we'll see. Geeeezzz ... anything to save their political asses and having to admit incompetence, foul play, or even have to shell out any money for keeping them incarcerated/ lawsuit's, etc ... just goes to show you how screwed up the people's defense is in this nation ... of innocence UNTIL proven guilty.

***** PD/ RCJ: "WEST MEMPHIS 3" PT.2: Cut LOOSE from the NOOSE ... "FREED" or "FREER" ... "Busted Justice! (Incarcerated American PT.5) 


Thursday, August 18, 2011


This was just such an excellent read and opinion I stumbled across this morning, and had to post it for read, and anyone who know's me or has read piece's in this journal, know that I feel very much like Mr. Sloan does, especially over this Demopublican cesspool that dominate's these show's. I will also incorporate/ link this in this journal's DEBT CRISIS (PT.1) ... The PAPER DOLL SHOW: America's "RPM's" and Washington's "ENGINE FAILURE" ... PORTRAIT OF A DYSFUNCTIONAL GVMNT PT.2


I also wanted to add this which is also right on the money in my opinion that Sen. Bernie Sanders is talking about ... this new snowejob collectively orchestrated by this worthless bunch in Washington, while their on summer vacation ... Thanx to SENATORSANDERS


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

CHARLES HILL ... Murdered by BART Police & Bay Area Resident's Response ... & the Issue of Disrupting Social Communication's (Police Brutality PT.7)

Image result for CHARLES HILL ... Murdered by BART Police & Bay Area Resident's Response

Part 7 here of this journal's "Police Brutality" series will focus on another BART police murder of Charles Hill ... link's and video below, then some word's I will add.


BART Cop murders Charles Hill in San Francisco July 3, 2011 ... Thanx to THE ATTORNEY DEPOT

MERCURYNEWS.COM/ BART: "No timeline to end probe's into police shooting of homeless man. this is news read and also link's that will include BART video of the shooting.

Hill shooting witness Melyssa Jo Kelly interviewed at "Anonymous" BART protest - August 15, 2011 ... Thanx to JOSHWOLF

NO JUSTICE NO BART ... this website further follow's up on the Charles Hill murder as well as the issue of disbanding BART police, event's, agenda, etc.

I wanted to add this additional video in case someone may not catch this through link's of the above video's concerning disruption of social communication's/ cell's. Because one of the first thing's that the global power's especially want to do in this nation, rest assured, is form a government body that will work on what they can as far as proposing legislation and modification's to our Constitution. And you should be concerned, because there is no privacy to begin with either as I have posted before, because everything we do on cell's or online or whatever is traced and available to who ever need's it regardless of their agenda. Money is power ... nothing ELSE ... and when you have increasingly all money going to one avenue only ... and out of the hand's of over 95% of the population ... the people not only lost money/ revenue's ... but also lost their voice in government as well as a people's government.

opBART Protest in San Francisco (uploaded Aug. 15, 2011) ... Thanx to THEALYONASHOW

This is another case of cut and dry murder that I have reviewed over and over and cant see any other way to put it, no excuse's, etc. And there is probably no city in America where this growing problem right now is more evident than San Francisco, CA. The Bay Area resident's response to this is appropriate, and still regardless of free speech and the right to peacefully assemble ... BART done much to sweep this also under the rug, disrupting cell service, to try to make it harder for people to organize/ network, not releasing video in a timely fashion, and the other closed door non transparent garbage that alwayz has excuses to it, etc ... and look for more of this to come in the near future as I have pointed out in previous posting's how this communication's shutdown thing will get global as well on many issue's if and when these power's choose and their pocket puppet politician's along with their corporate allies who control all the network's. However ... this WILL NOT stop folk's from responding ... people will alwayz find some way to fight back, believe me. And these dictating power's deserve rightfully everything they get.

There isnt too much coverage of this also because there are so many issue's, and of course right now, nationally these candidate's and election talk's get alot ... which keep's the masses also pre- occupied with what next corporate sponsored top millionaire will they vote for come election's, that is alwayz the same ole same year after year after year ... and like guarantee to keep us at each other's throat's instead of their's. And there were so many issue's in the Bay Area as far as police brutality ... I had to be selective and got behind just trying to keep up with them ... not just BART Police, but San Francisco Police as well, and this one is past due for here, but importante to record. Congratulation's as well to the resident's of the Bay Area for taking a stand against this, in a better fashion than just holding sign's and eating Twinkies and texting walking in circle's ... which more folk's will find out in time ... that them peaceful protest's of the dayz of Dr.M.L.King are over, if you want any actual result's ... they dont listen ... and need some further encouragement let's say ... folk's need to step up the pace against this crap, not just the Bay Area, but all over this nation on many issue's across the board as well.

Enough for now ....


Monday, August 15, 2011


Having some protection and self defense knowledge can alwayz be importante, yet many may not think of such until harm come's their way. And just firearm's are not the only defense you can choose, however I recommend these highly, and in particular to some women in the neighborhood that I have discussed these thing's with in detail, because of the harm's that they may worry about, my own daughter of course and familia member's and friend's ... so DO NOT LET FEAR OVERWHELM YOU, and prepare is all. I know a gal for instance who work's a 24/ 7 adult novelty/ DVD/ and arcade store ... she is armed (.38 cal), and there's been a fair amount of unsafe action at night, however ... she never make's it to the range often ... Why? ... because of the cost of ammo ... and that's just reload ammo bought at the range itself, then of course your fee for use of the range, etc ... and this IS NOT to discourage folk's from going to range's, there are many good decent range's around town or your town wherever you may be, and alwayz alot of great folk's you can run into at them and/ or instructor's, etc. Also visit your local gun show's ... really some great deal's at them and great if you have a trade, looking to upgrade, etc ... the entry fee's are a bargain for the buck, and can be an educational experience, and alot of fun too!

The Airsoft advantage is something I want to focus on here, and much Thanx below to the Gentlemen for posting these vid's! Here is getting the most bang for the buck let's say. Great thing about these is as Don point's out, the weight ... using this is like the real thing ... also the cost of the ammo being BB's and gas basically, and you can inexpensively also remove that orange safety coating if you like with simple acetone application, being able to use this in a safe area on your own residence in town, etc. Another thing to point on here ... say you dont have the fund's right now to buy a choice defense arm/ tool ... I recommend this to the beginner ... and the great part is, economically you hit two bird's with one stone ... in the meantime while shopping around for a firearm, and staying in practice with weekly excercise's at a great saving's as far as cost's ... you can carry this say in your purse or whatever ... when out and about, and alot of time's just the display of one of these can make your attacker re- think about his/ her plan's ... or if push come's to shove, I can guarantee you at close range, you can do some serious stopping power and/ or damage to your would be assailant.

********** A few of my past posting's as far as my view's on firearm's and the 2nd Amendment


AIRSOFTMEGASTORE ... "Price Matched" Guarantee! ... take a look!

Little info here on the 1911 pistol ...

Special Thanx to SOOTCHOO (Don) for these self defense video's below, and review of the Airsoft product, with easy to understand point's and safety tip's here ...



While browsing some other vid's on YouTube, I wanted to post this as well for that person out shopping and perhap's not decided on what to buy. And chose this because I have highly recommended these myself, and this 9mm Beretta Px4 with the light attachment is an excellent choice, as this gentleman uses for home at night, and these fire remarkably smooth as well ... also to point out that this .38 cal Ruger 5- shot is a favourite for casual carry, that I have recommended time and again for easy lightweight street daily concealed carry ... and of course preferred the hollow point's too, just reload's at the range, it's light, small, a good impact at close range and you can conceal this thing just about anywhere's because of this, fit's nicely right in your pant's pocket and wont snag pulling it out (being hammerless), or even a small purse for the ladies out on the town at night or after work, etc. Special Thanx to AJVIDMAN21 here.

POST NOTE: Also I am sure that there are many fine arm's to choose, NOT just what I recommend here ... I am far from an expert in this, and many of these folk's have collection's themselves, I am only going on my personal experience's and opinion with what I have used, etc ... never was into collecting or anything of sort ... and enjoyed target shooting, etc for sport, so just a few that I have worked with or had laying around, beside's basic rifle's as a kid for hunting, etc ... so it's good to also do your research on this sort of thing.


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EAGLES: "Hotel California", "Take it Easy", "Already Gone", "Witchy Woman" ....

Image result for the eagles band

This induction into the RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY is really past due as well and will honour The Eagles . Past due because this has to be one of my favourite "live" performance musical group's of all time, although I have only seen them twice, and havent since at least 1980 at that! First concert I attended of their's would have been at the old Washington Park Race Track/ Homewood, in Chicagoland metro area, probably 1975(?) and a very intimate type setting, and the next would have been in a much larger setting of 90,000+ at the Cotton Bowl Stadium in the Fair Park/ Exposition Park area of Central Dallas around 1980(?). Both time's the acoustic's and harmonizing of this crew was absolutely outstanding! There is not much here else to say for this band that is so popular as it is in contemporary music for all their outstanding composition's, influence, creation's.

Cruising the endless rural Texas countryside via Interstate Hwy yesterday pre dusk in the beautiful dark gloomy cloud covered low 80's afternoon with the sun- roof open and window's down listening to one of my favourite collection's of their worx ... below, "Hotel California" ... my after thought's were ... "Geeeezzz ... I havent even posted one Eagles piece in this journal yet!" One may wonder ... what is so "beautiful" about a dark gloomy afternoon? Well, if you havent seen a cloud for over a month and lived in daytime afternoon high's of 100 to 110 degree's ... you may have seen the beauty as well! : )

However ... to honour this group of Gentlemen, I chose 4 here ... and Thank You much gentlemen for your contribution's!

The Eagles- Hotel California ... Thanx to Dean Craven

Eagles "Take It Easy" Live @ Hall Of Fame Induction (1998) ... Thanx to ROCKHALL

Eagles 'Already Gone' (lyrics in description) ... Thanx to RockWillNeverDie95

Witchy Woman (Live at The Los Angeles Forum, 10/ 20- 22/ 76) ... Thanx to Eagles- Topic


Image result for eagles band art poster


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GOV. RICK PERRY PT.1: Quit's "Best Job in USA" to save Country, Exclude's & Divide's Faith's, Mixes EVANGELISM in GVMNT (SLACKER'S & JACKER'S PT.2)

Originally posted 11 August 2011, this posting has been redone because of significant addition's/ update's to it ....

RCJ: ***** (19 September 2011) Governor Rick Perry Part 2 *****

This posting will be to look at a man, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas ... who in his own word's in the below TIME video interview and article say's that he has the "Best Job in America", yet want's to leave it to pursue to be the GOP/ Republican nominee for U.S. President ... which I agree with him 110% as far as the best job in America. Why? ... because his job here in Texas has basically been no work and all play. First of all understand that Texas Governor's dont hold the "ultimate" power that they do in many other state's ... and the Lt. Gov. actually worx harder at that. So my question for Gov. Perry would be ... Do you really think you want to be President of the country Sir? Frankly I feel if Gov. Perry ever made President and had to take an office with an inbox from Hell, and stack's of issue's on the table as President Obama has done ... he wouldnt know whether to laugh, cry, take a dump, or wind his watch ... and probably go beserk after only a month on the job, falling to his knee's in prayer ... which frankly wont get us out of the issue's we face and to come. Now I know it's patriotic to jump up to save America, etc .... and quite an adventure, especially when you have a job as the slacker position in Austin, run by not you Sir, but special interest's Jacker's. Rick Perry is a slacker that doesnt cut the mustard when the JOB is required to get in high gear because of backlog.

I heard some small chat at first that I just passed off as barbeque talk from the Governor ... then last week on the Infidel753 Blog through a link that he posted on his blog, that I thought at first was just typical leftist talk for fun and kick's, not really taking any of this too serious. But in these news piece's and video's from MSM's, it appear's serious enough to finally post on politically. I even voted myself for Rick Perry many year's ago when I voted straight Republican, so I dont hate Rick Perry. But I am being serious here, when I hear that many conservative's look at him as some kind of Hero ... geeeezzzz ... are ya'll that desperate? Do ya'll realize what this nation is going through right now? What kind of issue's are on the table? Do ya'll think that this man can even remotely handle such a job in these time's given his track record and the fact that he couldnt even handle his own state's budget that is controlled by special interest's at that?

I was having some small chat with a neighbor Janice, over coffee yesterday morning ... when she sayz ... "Hey Tom ... listen to this ..." reading an article to me out of the morning paper, as far as President Obama's rating hitting new low's, over the so called debt crisis, etc, then she look's at me as to my response, and I said "No Biggie" ... she then point's out how I been disgusted that the President didnt use the 14th Amendment clause to lift the debt ceiling, and how I been talking good spirited about the President for so long before that ... which is true, and even in this posting here ... but Janice start's to talk about how the debt crisis and the President's failure caused our nation to lose it's triple "A" credit, etc. First of all (as I pointed out to Janice as well) I said before the credit status was even announced that I suspected it would be downgraded some (my exact word's) ... bottom line, you get shakey on your credit, it get's downgraded on ANY avenue, and I posted that because I KNEW the media's and politician's were fixin to praise the move and telling us it was going to save our credit rating, which they did, then after they all go on summer vacation to escape media question's ... and all plan/ hook up for their next serving/ plate of BS to feed us September.

Yes I was pissed off on the President's move, but I dont blame most of this looking at the whole picture after on the President. For one ... 2 very contaminating factor's and influence's in the Dem Party and the President's decision's are Sen. Baucus (D- MT) and Harry Reid (D- NV) ... these two Senator's bucked strongly against President Obama's proposal for a public option in Health Care as well as played side's kissing up to the GOP wholeheartedly and bucking the President as well in this manufactured political debt crisis scam. So ... I blame Reid and Baucus of the Democrat's, as much as I blame Boehner and McConnell of the Republican's (all 4 are in goddamn bed together!) for creating this mess ... these folk's have done so much to screw the American people, NOT the President! As for the triple "A" downgrade, it's a blessing in disguise, is what most dont see ... the less goddamn credit and tighter it get's, the less we will have to hopefully spend on special interest's, foreign investment's, multi billion dollar bombing campaign's, etc, and the more we will wake up to the reality of our continued waste, Hell, as far as I'm concerned, they didnt "downgrade" it enough! I mean ... continueing to be the glutton's for punishment that we are and giving us more and more to waste ... is like putting a pound of crack cocaine in a room with a couple crack addict's and telling them to limit their usage and make it last, and it's just as stupid!


Read some talk with that "Conservative" touch about the Governor here ... THE AMERICAN DREAM : "14 REASON'S WHY RICK PERRY WOULD BE A REALLY, REALLY BAD PRESIDENT"


HUFFPOST/ RELIGION: HOUSTON CLERGY COUNCIL OPPOSES RICK PERRY'S 'RESPONSE' PRAYER RALLY (NEW UPDATE 13 AUG 2011) ... Rick Perry's prayer "Response" rally in Houston has not only stirred controversy amongst Christian Baptist clergy in the Houston Metro Area, but his service ALSO excluded other denomination's of "faith", including Christian's, Jew's, and Muslim's ... it was a one denomination event of Protestant Evangelical Christian type's only.




POLITICO: "RICK PERRY BLACK AND WHITE ON GREEN ISSUES" ... one of the issue's that concern me is the "enviromental" issue especially ... and Gov. Perry has had a lousy track record on this here in the Lone Star State ... and for no good reason beside's corporate ass kissing of frankly companies who want no regulation and are VERY cheap by nature. One of the issue's that has also accelerated the climate change's we are currently seeing ... which I know that the corporate interest's "rent- a - scientist's" will say that it is natural climate change, went on for million's of year's, the ice age's end, etc, etc ... which is cleverly worded ... YES ... the earth DOES go through these change's ... and it's true that the ice age is over ... however ... what humanity has done in just the last 100 year's alone ... has accelerated the warming period probably equivalent to what we would naturally be in the year 3000 perhap's ... that is how bad we have abused this planet. You can view more here in my "Global Warming Series" ... and no ... I AM NOT A TREE HUGGING, MUD HUT LIVING PERSON either.

I even drive a petrol/ gas vehicle ... and wouldnt even drive a goddamn electric car that they have now, it is average people/ consumer's that buy so many weak inefficient product's that dont cut the mustard, a start of course, but I want to pressure through legislation/ incentive's more for corporation's and manufacturer's to be more efficient and do more on their end to meet better enviromental standard's and innovative technologies (which also is the big business market of the future) ... we dont need a bloody car as much as other need's that has a quarter ton of bloody batteries in it, that has to be charged half a day for hour's just to drive under a hundred mile's, that is overpriced to begin with! But what I do drive has the latest "ultra- low" emission's output. Nor would I dump a couple gallon's of goddamn battery acid in the local pond either! ... and that's been our mentality.

RCJ : UNION BATTLE'S : "Right to Work"? or "Right to NO Right's"? "SLACKER'S & JACKER'S PT.1" (How to Privatize America PT.3)

RCJ: TEXAS LAWMAKER'S "Legislatively Steal" $100 Million Dollar's+ from 6 million+ Texan's (Breaking Law the Legal Way, One Legislator at a time PT.2) ... this is a very importante issue that also our Governor Perry ignored and screwed up for the most part, resulting in Texan's money be locked away from what they intended for it to go to, and it is a hefty sum!

Will the Ranch Chimp VOTE? ... Well, does a Teddy Bear got cotton ball's? : ) ... Would he Vote for ole RICK? In these TIME'S?!! ... Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... Dont be silly ... of course NOT : )

One more thing, just to simplify this for the reader, and get to the bottom line here. And that is, that as long as you have this polarization political show of left vs. right, Democrat/ Republican that dominate this ancient outdated circus ... not much of a damn thing beneficial will happen. Having a Democrat majority in House and Senate and Oval Ofiice will make the ride a lil more pleasant only. Now if I was a billionaire with the mentality of most who are, of course I would want the most hardcore Republican/ Conservative leadership I could have for my buck, cause I would want to replace the gvmnt with my corporate allies, enforce new austerity rule's, modify the Constitution, and continue to go tax and gvmnt regulatory free. And also when you have these folk's in the Democrat Party like Reid and Baucus as I mentioned, any Democrat President like President Obama will not be able to be truely bipartisan, or get much of even his talk in action, because those like Reid and Baucus with their influence will stop it in it's track's.

Word Out ....


Friday, August 12, 2011


Since the start of this journal, one of the issue's that I have focused on so much has been the true enemy of people/ humanity, true capitalism/ business, freedom, people's voice/ representation, etc ... I have labeled them in this journal as "The 3 - Entities" ... because they are what control's the globe's MEGA religion's/ churches, government's/ politic's, and finance's/ banking ... this 3 in 1 entity is basically what is the creation of all the chaos that is to come through these wave's of storm's we are starting to see ... and the enemy still hold's the best hand. But because of our psychological slavery and staying dependent of this vermin feed, we get frustrated and stay at the throat's of where they want us ... each other's ... we will learn in due time ... that the throat's we should be digging our blood stained fang's and claw's into, are THEIR's ... and will ... in time.

I have been following much of the news on the London clashes and viewed many viewpoint's, from talking about the thug's/ lowfife's, to freedom fighter's, problematic youth, the innocent's and small businesses only taking the hurt, etc, etc. The one person that really stood out to me as far as hitting the nail on the head was the woman below "Lola Adesioye" a Social Commentator and Activist , that I never even heard of before this interview ... but what she sayz is accurate. And this isnt just London/ UK ... as I have wrote time and again, this will come in "wave's" and sweep the entire globe ... it is also the reason for such strong divide amongst folk's, terror group's that will as well retaliate this failing system, then of course folk's having to defend themselves, properties, etc. None of the power's that dictate this circus have to feel the pressure's, they hide and manipulate only ... they are not even truely elite at that, they create nothing but chaos actually, they dont contribute to anything beneficial to the species or frankly even the planet ... they are a virus, and basically worthless for anything else ... and frankly many of them deserve nothing less than to be dragged into the street's and dealt with appropriately .

This "motion" of what they call "change", that we think is something new, is just an old dying rehash of what has happened time and again throughout history when thing's get too outdated and dont work anymore. What we see with the sudden mega greed, ratholing all the wealth, cheating those who are actually innovator's, creator's, and worthy of the title "elite" ... ravaging the earth and all it's natural resource's, etc, etc are a small group of worthless nothing's (that humanity can do much better without) that see the new REAL change's as far as business and technological advancement's, they feel threatened by it as far as their mega financial empire's (and basically want to buy and own it all), and they fear even since the people are getting more and more keen/ hip by the day to their scam's ... so they are relentlessly pushing harder and harder to keep their ultimate control and power of what they see as a truely changing world. And like all ancient empire's in time they will collapse, we simply no longer need them or their mega mass too big to fail guiding light and hand, or their institution's for that matter, from education to medicine, to technologies to government's.

RCJ: LONDON'S/ UK'S UNSUNG HEROES ... Getting the "JOB DONE" when "Incompetent Government" FAIL'S (and Post Note comment to our Rep's) ... I wanted to include this posting to show as well the flip side of violent protest's and need of them in these time's, because simply just walking it picket circle's, texting, eating Twinkies and such, is legal and great ... but the bottom line is ... none of those who dictate this cesspool are listening ... when you take action, they listen more in many cases. So YES ... I also feel that violence as well is a necessary tool when all else fail's ... not talking about looting/ stealing your own community asset's though, that is self destructive only and doesnt deal with those you need to focus on who are the true enemy ... let me just call it here "Organized Defense" is all ... but an absolute necessity in time's like these.

What Ms. Adesioye point's out below is accurate as you can get ....

RingoNewsArchive: UK Activist Blames Classism For London Riots ... Thanx to RINGONEWSARCHIVE

***** HUFFPOST/ LOLA ADESIOYE: Tottenham Riots: It's Time for England to Confront It's Race- related Issues ... (newsread)

RCJ: TEA PARTY PATRIOT'S: and the "Deceptive Influence's of CORPORATE NEO- COMMUNISM PT.1"

Enough ... for now, that is ....


Friday, August 5, 2011

CLARK HOWARD/ CNN ... "Living LARGE in Lean time's" ... Tip's on financial Urban Survival ... w/ Flying Lizards doing "Money"

CNN TRAVEL: Crash course with a Priceline newbie ... this is an update to this posting with a new article released this morning Sat. 06 August 2011, on tip's for hotel shopping too. And it appear's that even none of these room price's their talking are anywhere near $500 or even $300 for that matter ... so there must be a Hell of a gap in pricing at these joint's and how one shop's.

First of all I want to recommend Clark Howard as far as getting tip's on what I see as essential to what I call financial "Urban Survival" in these time's of current, because what this man write's and say's are importante more than ever right now. Forget Washington especially and Wall St for a moment, or you'll end up like them, chasing your goddamn tail trying to catch it like a dog ... Hell, they cant even get their own shit together.

But what also inspire's this is some small chat with my daughter who I live with the other day as well, as far as how we live and spend. I sure as Hell am not trying to tell her or anyone how to live ... I am just saying it cant do no harm to look more closely at how and where you spend is all. I am a street kid basically, and came up in life as that and in the working classes, had my debt struggle in the 1980's and 1990's, where I just charged too much and got caught in a cycle of debt that took me over a decade to get out of ... I mean ... even back only 5 to 10 year's ago, I found myself at time's taking gun's, jewelry, electronic's or whatever to the pawn shop to borrow some cash till my next check, then of course, payback with a lil interest to get them back ... so like many other's, I had to learn the harder way on much.

My daughter is a marketing specialist/ coordinator, who like so many other young urban pro's stay's on the move, alwayz hustling, etc ... and many time's these folk's dont really look at their expenses too closely ... I mean ... their busy and hustling, and have alot on their mind's, deadline's, etc. Her job require's some travel for instance, which mean's car rental's, hotel's, eating out alot, etc. I myself am the kind of guy that goes to restaraunt's where I eat for $10/ $15 buck's or so top's, when on the road, I find reasonable room's/ motel's around $40 buck's a night to get some sleep, and their modest ... but clean. Out of curiosity the other day in some small chat I asked her how much a nice hotel room cost's for the night, etc ... she was talking stuff like in the range of $400/ $500 a night for a hotel room ... I told her ... "Geeezz Sweetheart ... I would hope they give sex with that!" ... she said ... "Are you kiddin Dad ... I'd be lucky with some to get a decent bottle of wine ..." ... or her talking about a meal costing $75/ $80 buck's or so, etc. Of course they get their expenses reimbersed by the company she's with, etc ... but also look at these expenses to your companies as well is my point, then you have your flight's, car rental's, etc. But too, I dont travel these dayz, so I dont know much about these cost's ... my travel would be more like driving around to Texas cities or to Mexico or such and staying in small town motel's off freewayz/ Interstate's or similar.

In lean time's ... we all need to adjust and think too, since we should be concerned with lay- off's, solid employment figure's, etc, too ... we have gotten into the habit as well like Clark talk's about of waiting for someone else like Washington to think for us and rescue us ... as I said ... they can barely keep their own bloody house in order, and have a terrible addiction to waste spending at that ... and I'm not talking about any entitlement's either! But listen to Clark ... this guy has tip's out the ass to share that are really on time, believe me. I'm not saying to be a cheapskate ... I'm just saying that you can still live decent without being too large is all. And congrat's also to my daughter who will start next week with her new company who made her a nice offer she couldnt refuse, same type business, but a pretty decent advancement in her career.

I also recommend SUZE ORMAN Here ... Listen to this woman for a dose of REALITY ...

***** CNN: "Living Large in lean Times", Anderson cooper and Clark Howard ... (video)

For a lil music video to add for this posting I chose the Barrett Strong 1959 classic here, done by an exceptional group that actually done this cover on a really tight budget at first of an equivalent to U.S. Dollar's of about $10 buck's, and yet made a small fortune off it, and what an outstanding crew of musician's I may add ... the "Flying Lizards" , in this 1979 remake they done called "Money (That's what I want) ... Thanx to AZETATO ... Enjoy! :) **** this will also be included in the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"


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KELLY THOMAS PT.1: Fullerton PD hogtie, electrocute, & beat man's skull to a pulp on a transit park curb, that led to DEATH (Police Brutality PT.6)

Image result for kelly thomas before

Kelly Thomas

This Part 6 of the RCJ "Police Brutality" series ... will be another case and view at last month's beating death of Mr. Kelly Thomas by Fullerton PD. Some newsread and vid's below, then some word's from myself on this.

***** LOS ANGELES TIMES: Fullerton Police beating of homeless man is under investigation (newsread)



Outraged Fullerton citizen's react to Kelly Thomas beating tape ... Thanx to REASONTV

"THEY KILLED HIM" ... The aftermath of a Fullerton Police Brutality Death ... Thanx to FRIENDSFORFULLERTON ... this video come's from transit riders of OCTA on transit vidcam, just minute's after these people witnessed this murder ...

One of the biggest new issue's in 21st America that we face, yet is kept mostly silent by pop media is the war against American's ... not by foreign or domestic terror group's, but the terror that has been increasingly becoming a daily issue from authority ... the bottom line is, because of our passiveness, political correctness, law's that limit our ability to even speak frankly without persecution, has been a plague on present day America. Now I realize that there are harder atrocities in other nation's, and am grateful to live in America ... but we need to focus more on the injustice's that are dealt to us by our own domestically. The largest problem in this nation on this issue, is we dont hold anyone of authority accountable anymore ... it's true ... we have a government largely bought and controlled by corporate interest's and foreign investor's, who are even trying to tear apart our Constitution and Right's while continueing to write legislation law, that allow's them to murder, steal, incarcerate us for non criminal offenses, and cheat us every which way they can. We just got screwed into a manufactured debt crisis for instance ... and not given any info on their plan's or accountability, then the legislator's slip out the back door for summer vacation to avoid the press. We have churches and their leader's raping and sodomizing our children, and getting away with it, and police are none different as far as being held accountable for their action's.

The Oscar Grant murder by BART Police up in the Bay Area for instance (see Police Brutality PT.5 for his 3 part series) is one of the most clearly evident beyond a doubt video taped execution murder by a police officer, they shift the trial way down to LA County, sentence the officer to a measley less than a year in protective custody at LA County ... he hit's the street's and Mr. Grant's familia still havent seen an ounce of justice ... and these few cases that are highlighted in this journal are few of many, many that are not even heard about in the mainstream. If it wasnt for Mr. Thomas' father being a former law enforcement officer ... and this being one of the faceless thousand's of homeless that are not even accounted for in the census's for that matter in many cases (regardless of the bullshit you may hear ... people that have nothing only exist when the authority WANT'S you to exist) we may not even have had any public outcry at all.

Mr. Thomas the victim isnt the only victim here, his father will have those image's and cries from his son in his head for life, as well as those who witnessed this. I myself never can escape the horror's that I have seen of murder/ death over the year's dating back to my childhood, and it's been over 40 year's on a couple even, and I still cry till this day over those who were close to me. But this outcry from these citizen's obviously across the board in this nation need to be amplified and even taken into the street's more and more, because the people of this nation are being heard no longer. There was a time when leader's like Dr. M.L. King could get result's fairly through peaceful protest's ... but those dayz are vanishing quickly. Some media's say that the image's of Mr. Thomas' skull are too graphic ... but they're not ... and that is our problemo, we DONT SEE enough of these images ... and I strongly recommend that you take a close look at these. Sure it's image's that stick with us, but healthy as well to inspire us to do what is right for us, and to serve equal justice and not forget ... that these type's are our enemy. There has to be an investigation of course, toxicology test's, etc, etc ... but even these administrative leave's are not justice, they SHOULD BE UNPAID ... and these officer's should get equal justice when sentenced as far as paying for their action's, which include especially in my opinion ... no protective custody when incarcerated ... general population and equal time as the gang banging homey who goes down, or anyone else. Was the Guy trying to steal a car? I simply dont buy it, and look at it as the usual unwritten rule's that get played in these extreme circumstance's by officer's ... I spent too much time in the street's to just quickly buy these fabricated stories myself ... I looked at ths case closely over the last couple week's, and pretty much came to a conclusion of what went down based on fact's and the condition.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Satan Sandwich, Fright Fries, & Potomac Piss Tea To- Go ... Leadership Vs. Weakness & RC's "Liberal Perspective" (Debt Crisis PT.4)

Although I voted straight Democrat since former President GW Bush went for re- election, I never called myself a "liberal" ... so I will now make that official for this journal ... and when I say that ... I damn well mean it! And when I call myself "liberal" I mean that in the true definition of the word, not some of this politipop follow the leader type liberalism that I see today. I am willing to compromise, give those tax break's who actually "deserve" it, and very pro- job growth and business even, and even embrace several traditionally called "conservative" value's, such as fiscal responsibilities, etc ... and yes ... I am VERY pro- 2nd Amendment. But I also love the liberty I still do have ... not to be tossed around and passed over for some goddamn corporate interest's in some countries where they want to muscle their way into at our goddamn expense. And one of the most twisted thing's about this so called "debt" is ... get this ... we are having to "borrow" from folk's like China to clear out Afghanistan for them and investor's to mine ... then ... having to pay back what we borrowed to do THEIR job with interest ... if that isnt the biggest con/ anal rape of the century, I dont know what could compare.

I have posted over the last month or so in posting's related that this would most likely happen on this debt crap show these right winger's are pulling, with their ass kissing leftee's who bow to this corporate communism shit! I didnt want this to happen, but looking at the condition, math and the reality, called it like that ... and sadly a carbon copy of my assessment came about. Probably the most sickening part of this all that I wrote, was the aftermath ... how media's, blog's and so forth will throw around that yellow towel and praise all we have gotten, as if we were done a goddamn favour! The bottom line here is the President caved in anyway you slice it, I dont know his objective/ strategy here ... maybe he has a master plan up his sleeve that I'm not seeing yet ... but so far Sir ... this plan is downright bullshit! ... and this wimpering faction of the Democratic Party who give into some of this shit is shameful ... it's NOT liberal, when you just throw in the towel every goddamn round, and hook the ball and chain to your own ankle's ... that is WEAKNESS!

This crap is so disappointing that it's enough to make me NOT want to vote Democrat or for President Obama again (and as far as voting Republican or Tea Party, I wouldnt give ya'll a bottle of piss if you were dying of thirst, I would let you die, because ya'll instigating this are doing nothing more than selling out America more than it's already been) ... I stated in previous posting's that the small stuff I dont mind, on minor social issues or morality crap, etc ... but this is a BIG issue Sir! You couldnt have used/ exercised your executive power's and the 14th Amendment clause? Why dont I buy that? The thing here is ... I know goddamn well when I say I dont want to vote for Democrat or this President again ... that, that is EXACTLY what the power's of the right- wing and corporate dictation is banking on though ... they WANT folk's like me to NOT vote for this party and President again ... this is the truth too, that is how they play this circus they create.


Pimco CEO: Downgrade will hurt job market ... Thanx to CNNMONEY

I also want to point out here, that many middle class who are working decent paying job's and pulling okay right now through this storm are not viewing this picture well enough, or not at all, thinking this will only effect poor folk's at the bottom of the barrel drawing food stamp's or assistance of some kind. This is entirely inaccurate ... understand the basic's of business and what effect's what first of all, and the fact that 3/ 4 of working America is employed by smaller companies, and these businesses will feel the pinch, as well as the customer's they depend on daily, on down and even up the chain, in actuality, any ill moves from this can result in such a dramatic economic response of negativity, especially in vulnerable financial times as this transitionary period. And I have an understanding of that, I hustled the street's in New York City as a kid, and that's a fast town, you learn quick, or perish trying ... and was with my Dad around the casino's in Vegas as a child. So you may say ... that has nothing to do with business any more than drug trafficking ... but understand, it's all the same game and repercussion's/ effect's ... business ... well ... work's like business, period.

CNN: Bernie Talks about No Vote on Debt Deal ... Thanx to BERNIE SANDERS


WEAKNESS ... This had to be one of the most nauseating news video's that I chose out of several I reviewed (and believe me, there were MANY) of Missouri Congressman and Black Caucus Chairman Rep. Emanuel Cleaver . Listen to yourself Sir ... Ohhh Booo- Hooo ... woe is me ... I dont know how to vote ... which Satan serving/ sandwich is worse? ... this might happen, that might happen, etc, etc ... THIS IS HOW YOU VOTE!!!! ... What in HELL is wrong with you ?!! YOU TOOK AN OATH TO SERVE AND LEAD!! Geeeezzz ... be a man goddamitt! Your no Dummy! ... you clearly STATE here what the obstacle's are and the shaft that's being given to ya'll, FIGHT BACK!

Rep. Cleaver: Debt Deal 'Looks Like A Satan Sandwich' ... Thanx to CNSNEWS

CONCLUSION ... Senator Sanders sum's up yesterday 02 August 2011, what he think's to expect ... and about this "Super Committee" crap we are now being fed ... another show group panel of folk's, who if history show's us anything, dont do anything anywayz, but shaft more unbalanced legislation and create more crises, dealing "fear" card's, etc ... another thing here, is thinking that this is going to preserve our 'triple A' credit rating ... dont be blind ... folk's abroad are already feeling shakey about our country right NOW ... my guess is it will be downgraded "some" anywayz, just because of this GOP stunt and response from the President. Just right after the vote yesterday ... the goddamn market's dropped ... does that not tell you anything there? The President wasnt "sure" that it would "work" using the 14th Amendment clause? ... What in Hell are you not sure about what it clearly sayz Sir? ... You utilize it as an emergency response and let the Court's deal with the legal aspect's thereof, this automatically raises the debt ceiling, etc, etc. This is nothing more than a hoax ... not one goddamn Republican wanted the damn debt ceiling to be NOT raised, regardless of their talk, all parties known that at the last minute (as I also posted prior to this show) none of them would have let the debt default ... why? Because their big business support would take a blow they havent witnessed in their life, is why? That's exactly why I wrote in the previous posting's .... "Go for it! ... go ahead and default" ... because they will hurt more than the working people in actuality as a result! Nothing but liar's who cant even lie efficiently at that, since their paycheck's are larger from their special interest's, perhap's we can cut cap and balance their pay and entitlement's, asking them to also sacrifice and do their job's on a volunteer basis, since they "love" to serve! Million's are willing to go down, just to take ya'll down.

Another thing ... all this mindless talk since this President took office day one with smiling passive faces out of the GOP/ Republican's that they want to "work" with, and are "reaching" out to this President over and over and over ... is some of the most insane fabricated rubbish I have ever heard in my life, any true Republican want's nothing more than to see this President, Administration and the whole damn Democrat Party to fail! Wake the Hell up! ... that's about as passive, un- natural, and jello headed as thinking the lion and the lamb will lay side by side in harmony! And as far as I'm concerned Sen. Sanders should get a bloody raise, bonus and 2 week's paid vacation on a cruise of his choice with full first class accomodation's. Here you have a man 70 year's old (actually turn's 70 next month) with more spunk and gut than many who call themselves "liberal's" ... I never could figure out what's so liberated about jumping every time your told to jump, then asking "How high should I jump?"

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