Wednesday, August 17, 2011

CHARLES HILL ... Murdered by BART Police & Bay Area Resident's Response ... & the Issue of Disrupting Social Communication's (Police Brutality PT.7)

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Part 7 here of this journal's "Police Brutality" series will focus on another BART police murder of Charles Hill ... link's and video below, then some word's I will add.


BART Cop murders Charles Hill in San Francisco July 3, 2011 ... Thanx to THE ATTORNEY DEPOT

MERCURYNEWS.COM/ BART: "No timeline to end probe's into police shooting of homeless man. this is news read and also link's that will include BART video of the shooting.

Hill shooting witness Melyssa Jo Kelly interviewed at "Anonymous" BART protest - August 15, 2011 ... Thanx to JOSHWOLF

NO JUSTICE NO BART ... this website further follow's up on the Charles Hill murder as well as the issue of disbanding BART police, event's, agenda, etc.

I wanted to add this additional video in case someone may not catch this through link's of the above video's concerning disruption of social communication's/ cell's. Because one of the first thing's that the global power's especially want to do in this nation, rest assured, is form a government body that will work on what they can as far as proposing legislation and modification's to our Constitution. And you should be concerned, because there is no privacy to begin with either as I have posted before, because everything we do on cell's or online or whatever is traced and available to who ever need's it regardless of their agenda. Money is power ... nothing ELSE ... and when you have increasingly all money going to one avenue only ... and out of the hand's of over 95% of the population ... the people not only lost money/ revenue's ... but also lost their voice in government as well as a people's government.

opBART Protest in San Francisco (uploaded Aug. 15, 2011) ... Thanx to THEALYONASHOW

This is another case of cut and dry murder that I have reviewed over and over and cant see any other way to put it, no excuse's, etc. And there is probably no city in America where this growing problem right now is more evident than San Francisco, CA. The Bay Area resident's response to this is appropriate, and still regardless of free speech and the right to peacefully assemble ... BART done much to sweep this also under the rug, disrupting cell service, to try to make it harder for people to organize/ network, not releasing video in a timely fashion, and the other closed door non transparent garbage that alwayz has excuses to it, etc ... and look for more of this to come in the near future as I have pointed out in previous posting's how this communication's shutdown thing will get global as well on many issue's if and when these power's choose and their pocket puppet politician's along with their corporate allies who control all the network's. However ... this WILL NOT stop folk's from responding ... people will alwayz find some way to fight back, believe me. And these dictating power's deserve rightfully everything they get.

There isnt too much coverage of this also because there are so many issue's, and of course right now, nationally these candidate's and election talk's get alot ... which keep's the masses also pre- occupied with what next corporate sponsored top millionaire will they vote for come election's, that is alwayz the same ole same year after year after year ... and like guarantee to keep us at each other's throat's instead of their's. And there were so many issue's in the Bay Area as far as police brutality ... I had to be selective and got behind just trying to keep up with them ... not just BART Police, but San Francisco Police as well, and this one is past due for here, but importante to record. Congratulation's as well to the resident's of the Bay Area for taking a stand against this, in a better fashion than just holding sign's and eating Twinkies and texting walking in circle's ... which more folk's will find out in time ... that them peaceful protest's of the dayz of Dr.M.L.King are over, if you want any actual result's ... they dont listen ... and need some further encouragement let's say ... folk's need to step up the pace against this crap, not just the Bay Area, but all over this nation on many issue's across the board as well.

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Infidel753 said...

Curious, given the area's liberal reputation. But I recall seeing Berkeley police abusing a homeless person 30 years ago, though it was nothing like as bad as this case.

The cell phone disruption was an especially odd move. Not only is it borrowing one the Iranian mullahs' anti-protest tactics, but it simply attracts more attention to the issue.

Ranch Chimp said...

Yes Infodell ... and I think I remember you writing something about that at once, as far as the Berkeley incident. I also remember the Iranian incident too and feel that this cell/ social communication's disruption thing will be an increasing tool as well for alot of folk's in various countries to come soon, of course, if they feel the need. Thanx for your word's here Guy ....