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GOV. RICK PERRY PT.1: Quit's "Best Job in USA" to save Country, Exclude's & Divide's Faith's, Mixes EVANGELISM in GVMNT (SLACKER'S & JACKER'S PT.2)

Originally posted 11 August 2011, this posting has been redone because of significant addition's/ update's to it ....

RCJ: ***** (19 September 2011) Governor Rick Perry Part 2 *****

This posting will be to look at a man, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas ... who in his own word's in the below TIME video interview and article say's that he has the "Best Job in America", yet want's to leave it to pursue to be the GOP/ Republican nominee for U.S. President ... which I agree with him 110% as far as the best job in America. Why? ... because his job here in Texas has basically been no work and all play. First of all understand that Texas Governor's dont hold the "ultimate" power that they do in many other state's ... and the Lt. Gov. actually worx harder at that. So my question for Gov. Perry would be ... Do you really think you want to be President of the country Sir? Frankly I feel if Gov. Perry ever made President and had to take an office with an inbox from Hell, and stack's of issue's on the table as President Obama has done ... he wouldnt know whether to laugh, cry, take a dump, or wind his watch ... and probably go beserk after only a month on the job, falling to his knee's in prayer ... which frankly wont get us out of the issue's we face and to come. Now I know it's patriotic to jump up to save America, etc .... and quite an adventure, especially when you have a job as the slacker position in Austin, run by not you Sir, but special interest's Jacker's. Rick Perry is a slacker that doesnt cut the mustard when the JOB is required to get in high gear because of backlog.

I heard some small chat at first that I just passed off as barbeque talk from the Governor ... then last week on the Infidel753 Blog through a link that he posted on his blog, that I thought at first was just typical leftist talk for fun and kick's, not really taking any of this too serious. But in these news piece's and video's from MSM's, it appear's serious enough to finally post on politically. I even voted myself for Rick Perry many year's ago when I voted straight Republican, so I dont hate Rick Perry. But I am being serious here, when I hear that many conservative's look at him as some kind of Hero ... geeeezzzz ... are ya'll that desperate? Do ya'll realize what this nation is going through right now? What kind of issue's are on the table? Do ya'll think that this man can even remotely handle such a job in these time's given his track record and the fact that he couldnt even handle his own state's budget that is controlled by special interest's at that?

I was having some small chat with a neighbor Janice, over coffee yesterday morning ... when she sayz ... "Hey Tom ... listen to this ..." reading an article to me out of the morning paper, as far as President Obama's rating hitting new low's, over the so called debt crisis, etc, then she look's at me as to my response, and I said "No Biggie" ... she then point's out how I been disgusted that the President didnt use the 14th Amendment clause to lift the debt ceiling, and how I been talking good spirited about the President for so long before that ... which is true, and even in this posting here ... but Janice start's to talk about how the debt crisis and the President's failure caused our nation to lose it's triple "A" credit, etc. First of all (as I pointed out to Janice as well) I said before the credit status was even announced that I suspected it would be downgraded some (my exact word's) ... bottom line, you get shakey on your credit, it get's downgraded on ANY avenue, and I posted that because I KNEW the media's and politician's were fixin to praise the move and telling us it was going to save our credit rating, which they did, then after they all go on summer vacation to escape media question's ... and all plan/ hook up for their next serving/ plate of BS to feed us September.

Yes I was pissed off on the President's move, but I dont blame most of this looking at the whole picture after on the President. For one ... 2 very contaminating factor's and influence's in the Dem Party and the President's decision's are Sen. Baucus (D- MT) and Harry Reid (D- NV) ... these two Senator's bucked strongly against President Obama's proposal for a public option in Health Care as well as played side's kissing up to the GOP wholeheartedly and bucking the President as well in this manufactured political debt crisis scam. So ... I blame Reid and Baucus of the Democrat's, as much as I blame Boehner and McConnell of the Republican's (all 4 are in goddamn bed together!) for creating this mess ... these folk's have done so much to screw the American people, NOT the President! As for the triple "A" downgrade, it's a blessing in disguise, is what most dont see ... the less goddamn credit and tighter it get's, the less we will have to hopefully spend on special interest's, foreign investment's, multi billion dollar bombing campaign's, etc, and the more we will wake up to the reality of our continued waste, Hell, as far as I'm concerned, they didnt "downgrade" it enough! I mean ... continueing to be the glutton's for punishment that we are and giving us more and more to waste ... is like putting a pound of crack cocaine in a room with a couple crack addict's and telling them to limit their usage and make it last, and it's just as stupid!


Read some talk with that "Conservative" touch about the Governor here ... THE AMERICAN DREAM : "14 REASON'S WHY RICK PERRY WOULD BE A REALLY, REALLY BAD PRESIDENT"


HUFFPOST/ RELIGION: HOUSTON CLERGY COUNCIL OPPOSES RICK PERRY'S 'RESPONSE' PRAYER RALLY (NEW UPDATE 13 AUG 2011) ... Rick Perry's prayer "Response" rally in Houston has not only stirred controversy amongst Christian Baptist clergy in the Houston Metro Area, but his service ALSO excluded other denomination's of "faith", including Christian's, Jew's, and Muslim's ... it was a one denomination event of Protestant Evangelical Christian type's only.




POLITICO: "RICK PERRY BLACK AND WHITE ON GREEN ISSUES" ... one of the issue's that concern me is the "enviromental" issue especially ... and Gov. Perry has had a lousy track record on this here in the Lone Star State ... and for no good reason beside's corporate ass kissing of frankly companies who want no regulation and are VERY cheap by nature. One of the issue's that has also accelerated the climate change's we are currently seeing ... which I know that the corporate interest's "rent- a - scientist's" will say that it is natural climate change, went on for million's of year's, the ice age's end, etc, etc ... which is cleverly worded ... YES ... the earth DOES go through these change's ... and it's true that the ice age is over ... however ... what humanity has done in just the last 100 year's alone ... has accelerated the warming period probably equivalent to what we would naturally be in the year 3000 perhap's ... that is how bad we have abused this planet. You can view more here in my "Global Warming Series" ... and no ... I AM NOT A TREE HUGGING, MUD HUT LIVING PERSON either.

I even drive a petrol/ gas vehicle ... and wouldnt even drive a goddamn electric car that they have now, it is average people/ consumer's that buy so many weak inefficient product's that dont cut the mustard, a start of course, but I want to pressure through legislation/ incentive's more for corporation's and manufacturer's to be more efficient and do more on their end to meet better enviromental standard's and innovative technologies (which also is the big business market of the future) ... we dont need a bloody car as much as other need's that has a quarter ton of bloody batteries in it, that has to be charged half a day for hour's just to drive under a hundred mile's, that is overpriced to begin with! But what I do drive has the latest "ultra- low" emission's output. Nor would I dump a couple gallon's of goddamn battery acid in the local pond either! ... and that's been our mentality.

RCJ : UNION BATTLE'S : "Right to Work"? or "Right to NO Right's"? "SLACKER'S & JACKER'S PT.1" (How to Privatize America PT.3)

RCJ: TEXAS LAWMAKER'S "Legislatively Steal" $100 Million Dollar's+ from 6 million+ Texan's (Breaking Law the Legal Way, One Legislator at a time PT.2) ... this is a very importante issue that also our Governor Perry ignored and screwed up for the most part, resulting in Texan's money be locked away from what they intended for it to go to, and it is a hefty sum!

Will the Ranch Chimp VOTE? ... Well, does a Teddy Bear got cotton ball's? : ) ... Would he Vote for ole RICK? In these TIME'S?!! ... Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh ... Dont be silly ... of course NOT : )

One more thing, just to simplify this for the reader, and get to the bottom line here. And that is, that as long as you have this polarization political show of left vs. right, Democrat/ Republican that dominate this ancient outdated circus ... not much of a damn thing beneficial will happen. Having a Democrat majority in House and Senate and Oval Ofiice will make the ride a lil more pleasant only. Now if I was a billionaire with the mentality of most who are, of course I would want the most hardcore Republican/ Conservative leadership I could have for my buck, cause I would want to replace the gvmnt with my corporate allies, enforce new austerity rule's, modify the Constitution, and continue to go tax and gvmnt regulatory free. And also when you have these folk's in the Democrat Party like Reid and Baucus as I mentioned, any Democrat President like President Obama will not be able to be truely bipartisan, or get much of even his talk in action, because those like Reid and Baucus with their influence will stop it in it's track's.

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Infidel753 said...

Like many other dubious consumer goods, Perry looks much better from a distance than from up close. Republicans far from Texas are praising him as the guy who can unite the two main factions of Republicans (big business and religious loons) and lead them to victory over Obama. Within Texas, obviously, he looks much less impressive.

I hope everyone looks at the "14 reasons" link in particular. it would give even conservatives pause.

Ranch Chimp said...

Good Morning Infodell!

It's accurate that there is more than what meet's the eye on Gov. Perry, again, I never was against the man ... but his job performance has been very questionable and he has even made some lousy move's on the issue of execution's/ death penalty, clearly unfair and questionable as far as DNA testing, and the process, just very sloppy judgement, and I'm not anti- death penalty either.

The Governor has a great personality and can rally a crowd well as far as "gift of gab", so again as you say, he can look great from a distance with professional help coaching ... and as you can see, this sudden rush to the pulpit (show) is questionable as well to Christian minister's in large number's, when has he ever done this before?, and Yes, I watched the sermon he gave to the group, which was a "select" isolated group I may add, he openly admitted as well that he "pray's" for "deregulation", and think's that large corporate interest's are the ONLY thing alone that can save America, including Wall St, who has been being investigated just about on every avenue for questionable practice's, especially in recent month's on shady mortgage handling, basically throwing thousand's of familia's out of there home's without even legal paperwork to do it. On taxation and accepting federal money from government, he has flip- flopped big time, on one hand, saying he reject's it, on the other hand taking more than damn near any other state in federal assistance funding.

The talk in Texas MSM is about the vast number's of job creation he's done here (and it's not of his work even but just letting big business/ special interest's control all of that) and how well Texas business has pulled through these recessionary perk's ... like all other stat's you have to look between the line's ... much of those job's came from Federal money on defense and contract's, oil revenue's ... and probably at least overall all job's that were created in Texas fall into the Federal Minimum Wage category, which is probably somewhere's in the range of $7.50 and hour(?), there is no state minimum wage in Texas. Healthcare in this state is a mess as well. And of course the number's look high on job growth considering such a large population (2nd to California nationally) ... but the problem also not seen "yet" is the job growth number's dont even nearly keep up with the population growth of people that move here, which is something like I last heard ... say 100,000 job's created and 300,000 new resident's who moved into Texas that year as example, meaning the job growth hasnt even touched the existing unemployed, looking at the number's.

Teacher's literally in the thousand's have been cut here, many social service's ... and the Governor also proposed to cut off all HIV/AIDS help/ funding (one of the highest HIV state's in the nation at that) ... the idea to solving so many social issue's from health care down the line to unemployment, basically the same Bush/ GOP mentality as to letting faith based group's handle all, and privatizing as much as possible of gvmnt, selling it to the highest bidder. One big problem there is ... many faith based group's in Texas cant even keep up with the growing need for service's because of tighter time's and folk's are donating "less". I could go on and on Guy ... unless your a Texan, you cant possibly see the issue's in this state just listening to these political support show's and their pie chart's.

Gotta run ... Thanx for your input here Infodell ....

Ranch Chimp said...

Quick correction ... not "all" job's fell into Federal Minimal Wage category that were created in Texas, but very substancially large number's of them, percentage wise.