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Since the start of this journal, one of the issue's that I have focused on so much has been the true enemy of people/ humanity, true capitalism/ business, freedom, people's voice/ representation, etc ... I have labeled them in this journal as "The 3 - Entities" ... because they are what control's the globe's MEGA religion's/ churches, government's/ politic's, and finance's/ banking ... this 3 in 1 entity is basically what is the creation of all the chaos that is to come through these wave's of storm's we are starting to see ... and the enemy still hold's the best hand. But because of our psychological slavery and staying dependent of this vermin feed, we get frustrated and stay at the throat's of where they want us ... each other's ... we will learn in due time ... that the throat's we should be digging our blood stained fang's and claw's into, are THEIR's ... and will ... in time.

I have been following much of the news on the London clashes and viewed many viewpoint's, from talking about the thug's/ lowfife's, to freedom fighter's, problematic youth, the innocent's and small businesses only taking the hurt, etc, etc. The one person that really stood out to me as far as hitting the nail on the head was the woman below "Lola Adesioye" a Social Commentator and Activist , that I never even heard of before this interview ... but what she sayz is accurate. And this isnt just London/ UK ... as I have wrote time and again, this will come in "wave's" and sweep the entire globe ... it is also the reason for such strong divide amongst folk's, terror group's that will as well retaliate this failing system, then of course folk's having to defend themselves, properties, etc. None of the power's that dictate this circus have to feel the pressure's, they hide and manipulate only ... they are not even truely elite at that, they create nothing but chaos actually, they dont contribute to anything beneficial to the species or frankly even the planet ... they are a virus, and basically worthless for anything else ... and frankly many of them deserve nothing less than to be dragged into the street's and dealt with appropriately .

This "motion" of what they call "change", that we think is something new, is just an old dying rehash of what has happened time and again throughout history when thing's get too outdated and dont work anymore. What we see with the sudden mega greed, ratholing all the wealth, cheating those who are actually innovator's, creator's, and worthy of the title "elite" ... ravaging the earth and all it's natural resource's, etc, etc are a small group of worthless nothing's (that humanity can do much better without) that see the new REAL change's as far as business and technological advancement's, they feel threatened by it as far as their mega financial empire's (and basically want to buy and own it all), and they fear even since the people are getting more and more keen/ hip by the day to their scam's ... so they are relentlessly pushing harder and harder to keep their ultimate control and power of what they see as a truely changing world. And like all ancient empire's in time they will collapse, we simply no longer need them or their mega mass too big to fail guiding light and hand, or their institution's for that matter, from education to medicine, to technologies to government's.

RCJ: LONDON'S/ UK'S UNSUNG HEROES ... Getting the "JOB DONE" when "Incompetent Government" FAIL'S (and Post Note comment to our Rep's) ... I wanted to include this posting to show as well the flip side of violent protest's and need of them in these time's, because simply just walking it picket circle's, texting, eating Twinkies and such, is legal and great ... but the bottom line is ... none of those who dictate this cesspool are listening ... when you take action, they listen more in many cases. So YES ... I also feel that violence as well is a necessary tool when all else fail's ... not talking about looting/ stealing your own community asset's though, that is self destructive only and doesnt deal with those you need to focus on who are the true enemy ... let me just call it here "Organized Defense" is all ... but an absolute necessity in time's like these.

What Ms. Adesioye point's out below is accurate as you can get ....

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