Monday, August 1, 2011

TEXAS LAWMAKER'S "Legislatively Steal" $100 Million Dollar's+ from 6 million+ Texan's (Breaking Law the Legal Way, One Legislator at a time PT.2)

First let me say to read the link's below, to see how this scam work's also, then I will add some of my word's after ....


***** DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Texas holds on to millions of dollars intended to help poor residents with electric bills

***** EYE ON WILLIAMSON (County): Diversions & Austerity- The Texas GOP Two- Step

***** LOS ANGELES TIMES: Disasters: Gov. Rick Perry does a Texas two- step


***** RCJ: CORPORATE TAX EVASION: (NATION OF BS PT.3) "Breaking Law the Legal Way ... One Legislator at a time PT.1"


The title may seem kind of bold using the word "steal" ... but I dont know what else to call it, if you look at this clearly ... borrowing? ... diverting fund's to the school district's, not for education but to build multi million dollar high school football stadium's that compare to the NFL? ... rainy day fund's? Hoarding?, Ratholing? We hear daily about what Washington does with our tax dollar's and revenue's, and some of the injustice's on the middle and working class American's due to legislation ... but I dont know if Washington can get any lower than this, as far as what Texas is doing ... $100 million dollar's is a Hell of alot of money by any state's standard's too ... so dont think this is some chump change amount. So this title was chosen to get more atencion, than just making a title about poor folk's getting their entitlement's taken away, which you hear daily these dayz. This show's WHO'S goddamn MONEY is being used, taken, diverted, and scammed!

This is Texas utilities customer's goddamn money is what the point is here, so I'm not showcasing this strictly for the charitable aspect's at all ... I personally dont draw any goddamn assistance or charity and never did in my life! ... but if I ever needed to, I goddamn bloody would ... I wont starve because of pride. But this involve's the money of at minimum 6 million Texan's that are full paying customer's of ya'll's so called deregulated utilities (myself and familia included), a fee we the voter's had no problem paying every month, because we know it's for a worthy cause, and we still pay this fee, even though you passed legislation, making it legal to use instead for your other pet project's and special interest's (same as ya'll do with Texas Lotto money that is supposed to go into education, when million's go in the front door, then get taken out through a borrowing hand in the back door) ... if that isnt just like stealing, what is? And this is just plain "low" as you can go. If we want our money to go to assist those who are less fortunate ... that's where the Hell we designate it for ... our goddamn money, and our goddamn choice, not for your goddamn special interest's bullshit!

I heard only briefly on this through some inde comunity talk radio, then went online to try to find some info on this ... no ... it's NOT as big news as the other BS we are fed ... but it's alot of money, I reckon today when all we hear about is billion's and trillion's in the media ... a measley $100 million isnt even looked at much (and the annual revenue's intake and interest on this is much more even) ... but I sure as Hell will continue to post these mis- application's or the other bullshit politipop title's you create for this outright robbery of working and middle class American's and Texan's. What can we do about this? ... vote and hammer our representation and never let up ... and for a large part of them ... just get rid of most. It's the law? ... and who write's the law's? And we have a Governor (Gov. Rick Perry) who has talked about running for US President? ... Why? ... Washington dont have any shortage of crook's and hustler's ... do we need more?

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