Friday, May 14, 2010

CORPORATE TAX EVASION: ( NATION OF BS: PT 3 ) "Breaking Law the Legal Way ... One Legislator at a time PT.1" ...

Part 3 here of the "Nation of BS" series will focus on legalized corporate tax evasion. (NoBS Pt 1 here .... and NoBS Pt 2 here). And of course this series simply focuses on various urban pop culture myth's that we are fed like a buffet to believe.

This is something I have been waiting for, for several year's .... and it all couldnt hit at greater timing. Yet I'm still waiting for when they find out in detail what this Iraq Invasion been about, but most importantly who made what and how much off of it .... monetary-wise .... which should be coming to your local theatre's soon! :) A few year's back I was pointing out how some major corporate icon's also will relocate, probably one of the largest to do this recently was Halliburton when they relocated from their homebase Houston to Dubai. Why do I say some will relocate? Because when the heat get's too hot in the kitchen ... you simply need to get out. And all these folk's knew, or at least suspected that the heat was going to turn up, when "candidate" Obama was running and gaining ground, this is why I was saying back then, if this guy got elected .... head's would really spin, and not just the right, but the left as well .... that is if he kept to what he been talking about for a few year's prior to his candidacy announcement, and is why I was so gung- ho on getting him elected, in the hope's that this would happen basically. I mean .... I could care less about his race/ ethnicity, or if he was muslim/ christian/ atheist, or had a birth certificate, or wear's a flag pin on his lapel, or how many homo/ lezbo friend's he has, or if he attend's church, the pop culture concern's that is .... I am a serious man on some thing's, and want to see action, not how fashionable or likable one can be in other word's. With the combination of his election, along with certain administration member's and study/ investigative panel's, new communication technologies, along with growing tension in the masses, unemployment increases, home foreclosure's, a growing lack of trust in government, tight election's, etc. .... the chemistry is just right, for actual change to soon arrive. Below a short video clip of how much (and this is just a "conservative" figure, rest assured .... there is alot more!) tax revenue is anywhere's but America. Then a few more of my own comment's on this.

Google find's loophole's to cut taxed by $3.1 billion ... Thanx to BLOOMBERG ... the original ABCNEWS video here was deleted and replaced with this newer video off YouTube dated 23 March 2012

I have seen so many topic's concerning how much taxes the so called "elite" and our "corporate loved one's" pay .... with all these pie chart's showing percentage's, and giving stat's on who pay's what .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... most of what is produced and presented by party flunkies on the left and right to show that their on top of this, and bless their heart's for at least trying. BUT, one of the thing's most fail to see is the whole picture, or flip side, including behind the scene's .... and believe in most of this, and also dont think like those who are in charge of this whole scene .... they think like .... well .... common folk's are taught/ programmed to think, and many dont dare get out of the box, for whatever reason, whether it's politic's, peer pressure, fear in many cases, etc.

Again ....I am NOT anti- business at all, or anti- corporation at all, I am strongly for free market, strong competition, and swimming in reward's for those who actually compete, take real risk's, are cutting edge and real contender's .... none of this exist's though. On top of all this .... most of the controlling entities, that are American made icon's and homebased here, are some of the most non- patriotic, non- moral, non- ethical, non tax- paying citizen's this country ever seen. Basically they dont have a bit of integrity or can be trusted on a damn thing. Look at the pharma giant's for instance .... they are willing to spend $80 billion in discounts over a decade to sway our representative's to "vote" and pass the very proposal's that they engineered through our legislative branch, that the prices will not be negotiated on phama drugs with no price setting by government (LA Times). Basically corporate attorney's that were voted in by us, who get their plan's and proposal's to vote on, through private sector corporate attorney's hired by the same entity. They all claim that they are the pinnacle and founding familia of free market, and without them we are all doomed to eternal poverty, crisis, doom and gloom, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... and they alway's cry/ whine that they should have a right to do what they want with their money, including foreign/ offshore investment's, which I am all for as well.

I actually agree with them .... they should make alot of money if they produce, and damn sure should have every right to invest their own money as they please. But these same icon's .... push legislation to make all of us "have" to buy their product's, and also to make it illegal to buy any prescription's out of the country .... I mean .... fair is fair, heh? Let us legally choose where we want to spend "our" money as well. "Buy and invest in America" they all tell us through their marketing and political flunkies's patriotic and create's job's. Yet none of these have a sliver of patriotism in them who tell us this. Nor do any of them value anything that most folk's do .... they are completely foreign to anything that represent's free market, competition, or even basic value's of true democracy .... they are basically dictator's in well tailored business suit's instead of uniform's. As I said time and again when I see all these chart's and survey's of how much tax or expense any of these pay out .... I am shocked if they pay damn near anything out of pocket on tax or anything else, because if you take a close look at all the loophole's, tax law's, and such .... I see no reason why any of them would have to pay a single dollar for anything, or have any kind of real loss or even challenge for that matter. I mean .... there are no rule's, and any rule's that are made only applied and imposed or enforced on us.

Is what they are doing in these video's or article's "legal"? Of course it is .... who do you think engineered the legislation and rule's/ law's to begin with? Do you actually expect them to propose any legislation that would hamper their profit margin's? This is exactly why .... our representative's need to be more transparent and flexible and we need more regulation's to be frank .... there IS NO "order" in this reality, except what they "order" .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. Again .... think like they think to create your strategy and opposition, you cant defend yourself against that which enslave's your mind and value's thinking like it's "programme" tell's you to think, that's just silly. This again will all come to an end eventually and this will change when this all simply collapses, and the new come's in, and it will ..... in time .... bank on it.

Enough said ........... Actually I need to run and watch my show "Desperate Housewives" I have on my DVR! :)


TRUTH 101 said...

Sad that we have to wait for Michael Moore to make a movie telling us who made what decisions and who made how much money. The CBO can't tell us that as it's happening? Bush and Cheney, and to be fair, Obama's been president over a year. He can't tell us this stuff?

It almost looks like Washington does this so Hollywood as well as oil, energy and defe3nse contractors can make big money off us.

Ranch Chimp said...

Mr.Judge: You dont have to wait for Moore or anyone for that matter to tell you a damn thing. If people would just look at what is going on around them instead of being distracted with all the pop culture and all the rhetorical talk, we wouldnt be so blind sided every time we wake up. I grew up in the street's Holmes .... or let me just say ..."Judge Holmes" .... I had to learn at a young age, to watch out for BS, that is .... if I enjoy living and eating. All what's happening I pointed out year's ago, because it was all in plain sight for anyone to see .... just like what is in plain sight now to give you an idea of obstacles to come. President Obama (he's being as transparent as he can) is actually doing a Hell of a job, and most WILL NOT even see that until year's after he leave's office. Also when you release too much negative info at once (and believe me, as I have posted time and again, there is so much shit that is going to come to light and in the open soon enough, most will be shocked at how thing's and business has been being ran and done), you can create hysteria, especially most importantly in the market's and too shareholder's, with too much transparency as a Presidential figure, this is a very delicate situation. Put it this way ... If President Obama can do 8 year's as President without seeing this nation go into a sudden recession relapse .... he is doing great .... because despite what you hear about 200, 000 job's created here and there, or other political "talk- talk", and folk's spent this much or that much the last quarter or other related chat ... we have some serious issue's economcally that are about to take shape, no other person that was running, or administration at this point can stop what is in motion, but it can work to make the ride more easier only. Thank You for your input Sir.

Ranch Chimp said...

As far as what Washington does(?) Judge .... well it is what they fail to do, but feel compelled to do .... our political highsiding and partisanship as well has contributed to the neglect of what was needed in a changing world, you cant keep doing what you been doing as far as fixes/ solution's in a changing world of economic's and demographic's and expect thing's to keep as what you had at a time past. We have been living high off the hog and reaping all our wealth and pleasure .... for whatever reason, "we all", heh, heh, heh, heh, heh, created this reality .... and all the money in the world can create all kind's of business, but it will not clear up all that has started, you must change the "mindset", of not just the so called leadership, but of the following submisive masses as well.

TRUTH 101 said...

I would hardly call myself a member of the submissive mass.

I voted for the man who said we should get out of Iraq. Who said he was in favor of a single payer health care system.

I know as well as anyone that things take time. I'm patient. That doesn't mean I won't do my small part to goad the President and my party do do what they tell us they will do during election season.