Tuesday, May 18, 2010

URIAH HEEP: ...."Easy Livin" .... and .... "Look at Yourself" ....

For this posting for the music selection ... it has to be "Uriah Heep", and past due for that matter. This group had to be one of the first group's that drove my love for rock music. I heard them first probably 1970 or so .... went to see them "live" around 1972/1973 first in New York City, and they just blew me away with their powerful "live" sound and performance back then .... so much that I seen them a few more time's by 1976 or so, catching tour's in Toronto(Ont), Buffalo(NY), as well as Houston(TX).

The line up of band member's back then were just a chemistry that had an excellent composition .... and a sound that wedged it's way right to the bone "live", a real powerhouse, a true rock orchestra. Unfortunately vocalist David Byron died as well as bass guitarist Gary Thain long ago. The band's sound took a different direction of sort, even though guitarist Mick Box who was also a founder and composer of it's sound ... is I reckon the only one left of the original member's, that kept it going up into the present. After Mr.Byron left around 1976 ...it just didnt seem the same, and I didnt really keep up with their new line up. Also I may add, David Byron had such an impact on me as far as vocal's as a kid, everybody I got to jam with year's back, I alwayz jumped to do Uriah Heep cover's before anything, at a young age I was very comfortable with David's vocal work and this crew's work to play with.

Uriah Heep- Easy Livin' Live ... Thanx to CETERA NOIR

Uriah Heep- Look At Yourself Live In Budokan 1973 ... Thanx to LJFOXI


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