Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NATION OF BS: (Part 1) .... "BP's accountability" .... I'll "semi" believe it, when I "see" it ....

One of the most disgusting thing's of our nation is also one of the most entertaining thing's of our nation, which is our "Bullshit" .... we have some of the best bullshit and bullshitter's on the earth. Our Bullshit is 2nd to none, it just dont get much better anywhere's! :)

"Nation of BS" will be sort of a mini series I will be posting, to not say that all in these posting's are BS, and I am out to attack them, but to focus more on "questioning" what is truth and what is not true, and the popular phrases, cliche's, buzzword's, political correctness, and all the other nauseating pop culture shit that we are fed on a daily basis ... this is for entertainment purposes only. I will be bipartisan as well and fair, this is not a journal as one see's in the header to promote, defend and/ or tear down any social, political, or religious organization's or movement, or any of the other associated. I particularly wanted to start this approximately 6 month's before 2010 mid term election's and been planning it for some time .... this year in particular because of what I posted in the series called "2010 Show", in part one and part two, of how much BS that we will have to be fed especially in this election year with all the concern's and issue's that are on the table, this should be surely one Hell of an entertaining year I figured, and alot of fun watching these two primary polarizing side's of the left and the right, with their battle's of good vs. evil, and the schlew of shit that people will pour out of their mouth's just to try to get vote's in this case, or whatever other agenda they have.

A nice posting that I happened to catch today on a blogsite that I frequent by Mr.Tim Waters called "Scared Stiff" in this posting, caught my atencion, because when this BP incident of the oil spill happened, everybody was rushing to the podium's to say that BP will be held financially accountable, etc, etc, etc, (add nauseum) which is nice, but it also made me wonder ...."Oh really? .... WOW! ... I feel so relieved and thrilled!" ( that is the popular response ). I am more of the type of feller that will say "I will semi believe it, when I actually see it". For me some of the best bullshit artist's of our time and nation are politician's/ lawyer's, folk's who sell insurance, and used car's (forgive me .... it is called "pre- owned vehicle's" now to be politically fashionable) .... all of which I trust about as much as I would a pedophile babysitting my grandkid with a kiddie fetish! :)

I actually DO HOPE that BP would really be accountable, and I sure as Hell am not against BP, or drilling at this point in history, I realize how important petro is as I posted some of the thousands of items we use daily here, beside's just the petro that we use in our transport vehicle's, so the idea that we can just stop using petro is absolutely silly, however we certainly can reduce our usage and become less and less dependent on it through our newer technologies as time passes. BUT .... we all know that "fair" is not a one way street, if it was .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... I reckon it would be useless to even use the word "fair". I will try to be as fair as possible as far as posting news video's and link's as I can. It can be a lil more difficult to post that way, for instance .... if I post a FoxNews video or piece, you know it will focus more on the socialist evil way's of the left, and their godless immorality, and of course if I post on the other hand a MSNBC video/ piece ... it may focus on how dumb/ stupid, backward's, and bigoted everybody on the right is, etc. I like CNN basically because they "try" to be a lil more expanded or universal let's say, as far as mainstream "Top 10" type's .... including many blog's .... basically all a similar herd approach, just different side's of the coin .... both will alway's be "good" and their opponent of course is alway's "evil" basically. I am not knocking it, most folk's actually love that route and are pre-programmed to only have that level of thought, and those in the media's get alot of praise for it, from their sheople/ following/ flock ("sheople" is basically people that are led like sheep) so it work's for most of the herd/masses.

Gibbs: Boot on Throat of BP ... Thanx to ASSOCIATED PRESS


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