Monday, April 12, 2010

KYL, PALIN, McCONNELL: .... 2010 SHOW, PART 2 .... "Strategies" vs. "Sillyism" ....

This will be Part 2 of this journal's "2010 Show" posting's .... "2010 Show Part 1" showed motive and strategies, and point's out who need's to do what and why?, along with the series of BS pitches we will be fed in 2010. This first video below is of Sen. Jon Kyl(AZ), explaining about the state of American's and unemployment, taxation, then some thought's I will add after.

4/ 10/ 10- Senate GOP Whip Jon Kyl Delivers Weekly GOP Address on jobs ... Thanx to GOPWEEKLYADDRESS

This by Sen. Kyl is pure "sillyism"(definition in title here) in it's purest form, and simply classic BS politic's. This is so silly .... I mean ... we all know the hurt for million's of American's better than any politician in Washington or even CEO, we have to "live" it ... they only have to "sell" it .... as a strategy in hope's that we will slurp it up .... which unfortunately many will. There is nothing that can be done about the taxation and even inflation that will come, especially after this year's election's .... okay? This is coming and we should have seen this a couple year's ago ... I certainly did. You CANT spend the way we are ... and beef up government, be in mega debt to China and folk's like the Arab's, have two bloody war's going on simutaneously, unemployment benefit's in need constantly of extension, a huge privatization of military to independent contractor's who charge 3 times the rate's of a government military, even a health care reform that ended up with NO competition/ public option, to keep cost's down, with million's of new poverty folk's to have to be subsidized, so they can pay these corporate health GIANT'S premium's, and NOT expect taxes to increase. You cant "say" that you would "stop" taxation and larger government .... because you cannot, even if you are republican and as pro- business as they come. Government certainly cant just create job's in a free market abundantly, nor can you hand all this over to the corporate sector to trust to do so, because they are strictly more than ever moved strictly by greed and profit.

NONE of this is the fault of the current administration, it took year's and growth in population, immigration, deregulation of the corporation's, shade tree trade practice's, and risky moves in offshore investment's and endeavor's to get to where we are now .... most was all set up by the last administration who just let all Hell break loose since day one they took office (Bush/ Cheney ... who I also voted for, as well as being a mostly republican voter most of my life). This administration is doing everything humanly possible to make this ride smoother for American's, and doing what they have no choice but to do. If any of this GOP had any answer's ... they would present them, and long ago ... not just talk about what other's need to do. THE GOP HAS NO SOLUTION'S .... and are only looking to regain a majority of power to appease the "God's/ Corporation's". Trust me .... if McCain/ Palin and Crew were running the show now .... riot's would probably be breaking out by now! And unemployment at about 15% instead of just under 10%!

This next video is former Alaskan Gov.Palin, and former GOP VP nominee. Then some word's on her as well.

HLN: War of words between Palin and Obama ... Thanx to HLN

Why where Palin was speaking is called the "Southern Republican Leadership Conference"? ... I mean .... the north and south is not divided like before the "Civil War", this is ONE COUNTRY. President Obama is doing what will eventually have to be done globally, he know's it, and many other's do as well. And not just Russia, China IS A major player in this just like Russia, and have to be dealt with, beside's ... it's in both of our best future interest's as well .... China also hold's alot of our debt's and we owe them....period. I have posted as well about the "new face" that China will show in year's to come. Democracy or Communism aint what they once were, and time's have changed.

If Palin isnt running for a 2012 candidate, their/ she's not doing a good job at saying it. They slapped her with McCain as a last minute grab out of desperation, looking for a female gender candidate, to get Clinton voter's, and women vote's, instead of a candidate of color, because they figured the dem's already had that sealed with Obama, leaving a only small chancey black vote to grab..... number's would be larger with a woman, and because of angry dem's who were Clinton supporter's. They screwed her up (Palin) by two thing's ...."rushing" and "hiding/ programming" her. In her last run with McCain .... in other word's .... too much, too late. We can make joke's about her till were blue in the face from laughter .... but she is no dummy, and VERY manipulative ... trust me ... she is a winner. I would love to sit down over a beer and small chat with her, or see a ballgame .... but I WOULD NEVER IN A MILLION YEAR'S VOTE FOR HER. She play's a deadly game that can only bring misery to the living. She is a WINNER. Those who talk about how dumb she is .... maybe so .... however .... she can "sell" ... she's a "hustler", and she is a great communicator with common folk. They say her and McCain lost big time in the election's .... NO, by the election's electorial vote system .... YES ... by popular vote .... it was as tight as an armadillo's ass! Their getting her in the arena now .... to give her two year's to play and see if she can do anything, this way ANY dirt can come out soon enough to be forgot about by 2012, and long enough to see if she can cut it as a front runner .... if she cant ... they will let her know early and she will simply disappear, until time to show the lead choice support in their run. This is all the strategy here. She actually has nothing to offer but a great line to the million's that love her, which is all they want .... but a disaster she would be as a President. They are simply giving her time on this one, which they neglected to do the last time as I pointed out above and it hurt them in the longrun.

This next video is Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky .... with more BS, that I will add to after.

No More Bailouts ... Thanx to DR. MARION THORPE

Here of course McConnell is playing the "bailout" hand. Let me just point out that this whole bailout deal this time was orchestrated, designed, and pushed initially by the GOP and the last administration, who gave the corporate sector a "fair chance" with deregulation in 2000 to show just how good the corporate private sector can do for America when government stay's out of their business, especially on "job creation" ... and even trade and investment policies .... and look what happened to America between 2000 and 2008 ... I shouldnt need to explain much here. This is a losing team period, and like misery, it need's "company" .... avoid them and the company.

In all three of these video's .... not one idea or solution was presented actually. This is what they are selling you.

Enough said ...........

POST NOTE: This posting is not to suggest who is right or wrong, or to endorse one over the other. It is to point out what is offered on the table. I personally feel the dem's would be the best choice as far as a smoother ride for what's to come over the next couple year's is all. I voted both parties, and mostly rep during my life. But never felt married to a party or a specific agenda or movement. I have alway's been neutral and open to new idea's. But frankly there are none out there that are truely saying much of anything different at this point in history. To vote inde would do nothing, and all that is chosen for us to choose from is done so by big money. I would gladly vote rep if I felt that they had something to offer, I simply dont see that they do, and are more in a time warp basically, or dream state as far as any idea's to deal with what we have and what's to come, is all.



Infidel753 said...

For the record, I should point out that the comment I wrote on your 2008 posting doesn't reflect my current view of Palin.

It's true that she originally appeared appealing because she seemed like a "regular person", and that the McCain campaign tried to keep her under control, but since the 2008 election we've had ample opportunity to see her on her own and it's clear that the reason they had to try to control her is that she's given to irresponsible and inflammatory rhetoric in the Glenn Beck mold. And, in fact, she is clearly not very intelligent, even though that was less obvious earlier.

Infidel753 said...

to give her two year's to play and see if she can do anything, this way ANY dirt can come out soon enough to be forgot about by 2012,

It doesn't work that way, thank goodness. Dirt that's bad enough doesn't get forgotten. This is why Ted Kennedy eventually gave up on running for President -- he realized that Chappaquiddick was going to keep coming up every time he tried it.

Notice how lately everyone's saying Huckabee won't run again. It's because of that prisoner he released early who shot all those police officers here in the northwest. If he ever runs for President again, even thirty years from now, it will be brought up, and he knows it.

Also, becoming a declared Presidential candidate launches a media vetting process unlike anything else. There's no other scrutiny like it. Even as much attention as Palin has gotten, it's nothing compared to what would happen if she actually ran for President in 2012. Things might well be discovered about her then that hadn't been found before, even with her current publicity.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thank You for your input here Mr.Infidel. I reckon only time will show what she's up to, and those who are behind this recent showcasing of her's.

Tim said...

Although I see her as a box of rocks,She does have that"IT" people are attracted to. I wish she choose a field that didn't Gin people up to extreme thoughts and possibly violence.
Very nice post and as always inspires some thinking on the subject.

Ranch Chimp said...

Thanx for dropping by Mr. Tim!

Ranch Chimp said...

One more item I want to add here is, Mr.Infidel has a point as far as "dirt" is concerned. The kind of "dirt" I am speaking about here is different, not all "dirt" is the same. In other word's if Palin for instance had somethiong behind her like a passenger dying without her attenpting to some way try to prevent that person from dying, due to her being alleged as drinking and driving, there is no way that she would be even making any public speeches on behalf of the GOP right now for, not to mention having book signing event's and signing autograph's that matter, so I think it's safe to assume that the current GOP "IS" flirting and skirting her. The "dirt" I am talking about is the "minor" dirt that can come up here and there randomly, whether "fabricated" by her opposition, or whether it is "true" and can be "confirmed" .... such as familia dirt or farting at Wal-Mart, having a "gay-dog" or other minor nonsense that intrigue's the "masses".