Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ALIEN SEX FIEND: .... "Ain't Got Time to Bleed" .... and ...."Nightmare Zone" ....

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This posting of music is to honor Mr.& Mrs. Fiend and associate's, of an outstanding UK music group, "Alien Sex Fiend" for all they have done in over a quarter century of work. When I was posting about the "Texas Bat Cave's" .... in an odd way .... it made me think of this group. I attempted at first to try to describe their composition's and style .... then just said ...."fuck it" ... I'll let this do it! :)

But anywayz .... I had seen this group once in the early 1990's in an old warehouse place off of downtown Dallas play a Halloween Party that I attended. They just put on one of the best "live" show's that I ever attended. I chose a couple to post here from a long line of music. Enjoy!

Alien Sex Fiend- Ain't Got Time to Bleed ... Thanx to LUNATASMA

Alien Sex Fiend- Nightmare Zone ... Thanx to AILYNE



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