Thursday, April 1, 2010


Not far back I was BMB (bitching, moaning, and bellyaching) about the President being too soft as far as pushing for a public option in health care reform, but only because I am such a socialist SOB on certain issue's, and actually for nationalized health care for that matter .... and wanted to have to see these mega insurer's, who I previously worked for at a time ... have to actually "compete" .... but I knew what he and our whole House and Senate was up against .... I sure as Hell wrote enough in this journal about it as far as the "Health Care SnoweJOB" series in this journal.

So in this posting I want to point out some significant item's and move's that this President is making that will really get thing's rolling in a direction that will over time show to pay-off to a degree. First off hand that I can think of ....was this business about funding for stem cell research that former President Bush was uptight about as far as government funding of any kind, even though recently because of wording in this new health reform some thing's of that reform are concern with folk's, which is too complex for me to understand right now, until some of this new law get's ironed out. Another just recently the other day .... where the President decided to take the student loan business away from the big bank's and let the government control the loan's .... which I was jumping for joy over .... these same bank's been milking the system for year's on this .... not just student's, then even supplying the same student's they control their loan's, with more credit card's putting them in endless debt to these institution's for year's to come!

Now a huge political controversy has risen since yesterday over this plan of the President to research and drill around the USA coast line's for oil. I mean ... the enviromentalist's and even many democrat's are in an uproar over this. I am actually very enviromentally supportive of the need to clean up the filth we produce in our air and water's .... as anyone could see reading my posting's in this journal on "Global Warming" ... I am also for the eventual elimination of all nuclear usage as well. But on this one .... I am behind the President 110%! .... some of which I will comment on after these video's. Rest assured Mr.President .... you will get my vote to run for a 2nd term, even though I dont like repetitive terming ... I will also elaborate some on after, as to "why" I feel this is important. However .... I also posted in the earliest part's of this journal that if this man is elected .... both side's will be at odd's with him .... because they will not understand his thinking ... my thinking is more in alignment with his, which is why I supported this guy before he was even a candidate .... since most folk's only see thing's "party" wise or "left/ right". I am not against folk's that think like that .... I understand .... the system was "created" that way .... and that's all most of us ever knew .... and this will change generation's to come as well.

President Obama drilling flip- flop? ... Thanx to CNN

But the reason I support this move as far as the drilling .... is because we are so dependent tremendously on foreign oil, and the fact of the matter is .... even if we all drove electric car's ... you still need petro .... the list of the product's that come from petro is long! Actually our military last I read was the largest consumer of petro in our nation. And the business and exploration isnt gonna cease any time soon .... too complex .... and the auto business is exploding in India and China as well... many speculator's are banking on that. In the meantime .... we will be doing everything we can to tighten enviromental regulatory bill's and carbon output. This is a plus as well especially economically, and the technologies today for research and drilling is far different than 30 year's back. But yes .... alot of folk's will be really pissed at this! Understand that other's are going to continue to drill all over the world whether we do or not .... period. This will all cease in generation's to come as well. But now .... this is the best move.

I dont like much repeat term after term in politic's .... one reason is because we have folk's still on the Hill and payroll that have been there for decade's ... and frankly dont seem to do much of nothing but run their mouth. It is easy to get frustrated in the short term .... this President and his crew been in office about 14 month's, the damage and beating that we have taken took year's to get to this point, and even more hard time's are to come as I mentioned before. It take's time to undo what has been done .... this is why I feel we should give this administration enough time to actually get "change" rolling .... we cant do this shit overnight. There is no "pill" or "quick fix", or the idea that we can wake up the next morning and it's all gone .... this isnt the big screen .... this is reality. I say give the man and his crew time to work thing's out ... we have many issue's .... changing the crew in the middle of the job will only make the job/ task that much more difficult to reach completion is all.

POST NOTE: I want to point out that I realize what a spill can do, and dont like the idea of new drilling, I know how much untouched land/ water area that these petro giant's have had to explore and done nothing. During the Obama/ McCain campaign run, I was against McCain/ Palin's plan to give "more" area .... in particular to an area in Alaska that I knew they wanted.... and I knew damn well that McCain/ Palin would have signed it into play quicker than Obama reversed funding for stem cell research. Because they were all about corporate pleasing. This is NOT about corporate pleasing here. The fact is .... we know we are going to be still using oil through this energy transition, any way you slice it, we also know the economy is still shakey regardless of what the official word is, and is borderline on many thing's still especially middle America, which has been the engine for year's and the foreclosure's of home's. Local budget's are tight coast to coast, and it will be very easy at this time to fall back into another recession .... if you take a clear look at the economic's math. I feel that considering the fact's .... that this IS a GREAT move .... we are so dependent on strictly foreign import's, the revenue this can generate in time domestically should be of significance, even though it wont show for several year's down the road .... it's a start.

Enough said ....



Tim said...

I think the guy got his mojo back.
Ever since our win in the health care debacle. Shit's happening now and I'm happy about it. Let's hope the Dems. keep supporting him.

Ranch Chimp said...

Remind's me of that ole Blues classic ..."Got my MoJo Workin" (Muddy Waters), one of my childhood favourite's! Well .... somethin seem's to be cookin .... and I hope your right, and folk's will still support.

Thanx for your voice here Mr.Tim ....