Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ICE T/ BODY COUNT .... "COP KILLER" .... and .... "RICOCHET" ....

This posting for the music sector of this journal is to honour Mr.Tracy Marrow, known in the music and film industries as "Ice T" .... an American songwriter, and actor, rap artist, and US Army Veteran. His career which had somewhat of a rough start really went well for him as far as success is concerned over the last quarter century. I personally consider him also as one of America's top urban contemporary poet's .... along with another favourite of mine which would be Mr. Lou Reed, who I also posted here.

This posting of "Ice T", at this point in the journal was inspired by the previous posting about police brutality in America, concerning the Mr.John McKenna case, and comment's and view's from online writer's/ blogger's .... Mr.Demeur.... Ms.Rita .... Ms.TNlib .... and Mr.Tim, also Ms.Winsome Dove (which came later) And because when "Ice T" came out with this first video with his band "Body Count", called "Cop Killer" .... there was an abundance of controversy, from recording companies, to radio station's who basically banned it from pop commercial airwave's across the nation, with the exception of inde radio station's, publicly funded such as Dallas' 89.3 FM "KNON" .... to outrage from law enforcement agencies across the nation as well as even the NRA (National Rifle Association).

As for me .... it is "art" and freedom of expression, which in my opinion should have no limit's, whether I like it or not, if I dont like it .... I will shut it out/ off. The inspiration of this piece "Cop Killer" was basically from what I posted in the previous posting as a condition in America .... then, 20 year's ago .... which of course still exist's in 2010 America. So it just didnt come out of nowhere, it was "inspired", and show's the flip side of the coin if you will. But anywayz .... the two video clip's below .... start with "Cop Killer" (live), then one of his/ their classic's "Ricochet". But indeed a couple fine piece's of work here, and Thank You Sir, for your contribution's! Enjoy! ....

Body Count feat. Ice- T- Cop Killer (Live @ Pinkpop 2015) ... Thanx to 3VOOR12

ICE- T- RICOCHET- [Dirty, HD] + Lyrics! ... Thanx to OFFICIAL GANGSTA MUSIC



Tim said...

Some people just find it hard to hear the truth.
Angry Black men have always been a source of truth.

Ranch Chimp said...

"Angry Black men have alway's been a source of truth" .... Reckon you have a point there .... havent even thought of that one.