Monday, May 31, 2010

WITNESS TO WAR: .... A Memorial Day Homage ....

It's been a damn busy weekend .... but I was focused on getting home to my computer and being able to post a "Memorial Day" homage after driving for hour's and hundred's of mile's. It's a posting that I dont like to miss.

Many of us have familia, friend's who have served, including ourselves in the war's over the year's, and many of us know someone who never made it back. These folk's that serve of course are the true "elite" of America .... because without .... well .... there wouldnt be much of an America. For those who gave their lives, those who served, and all who now are serving active duty as well as our reservist's, THANK YOU.

I was searching for something to post here .... and ran across this website called
"Witness-to-War" .... which I thought would be nice to post .... since it has an array of actual testimonies/ video's you can browse through and literature, and a wide array of photo's as well .... just a great website in my opinion for this.

Friday, May 28, 2010

GULF OIL CRISIS: Can those "Too BIG to Fail" be "Too FRAIL to Prevail" ? ....

I havent posted much about this crisis/ catastrophy simply because I dont know enough about these drilling issue's, beside's what I posted about BP being accountable in this posting. Mr.Demeur is more knowledgeable in these subject's and Mr. Tim been really keeping a close eye on this in their posting's which I frequent.

But first here .... a little video from journalist Ms.Maddow of MSNBC .... then a few cent's of my own on those who are handling this crisis.

Consequences of Gulf Oil Spill Rachel Maddow ... Thanx to PRESIDENTOBAMA3's CHANNEL

It is common belief amongst most of us as I posted time and again to think without these icon's from government's to corporation's to churches to set our standard's and act on our behalf, that we would be doomed to a world of poverty, endless chaos, failure, etc, etc. We have become accustomed you can say to being babysitted, having someone tell us when to eat, then asking if we should use a spoon or fork? But what is one supposed to think or do when those who lead us, prove to fail at almost everything they do? One would figure to just get rid of them and go another route or find replacement's. I remember once a small Texas rural community 10 year's or more back that had a major water pipeline break with several problem's that the government was quick to say they will come in and fix it for them .... well after a few week's and a shitload of red tape .... the people just simply forgot about the government and the towns people rolled up their sleeve's and done all the work themselves and had it done in one week .... everyone contributed .... folk's brought in their backhoe's, shovel's, piping, local hardware joint's contributed, many folk's cooked meal's for the worker's, etc .... a real team spirit that got result's in one week what the government was still debating on and making assessment's on for almost a month. But that has alway's kind of been what we consider the "Spirit of Texas" .... even though were mostly all from somewhere's else .... we all mostly came here for that independence and feeling in a way of solidarity, with maybe a tad less conformity as well.

Well .... these poor folk's in Louisiana are similar .... they want to act, and want to move, and are willing to put their neck's on the line, and roll their sleeve's up ... then later we can play the politic's and the blame game and all the other pop culture shit we are so used to. I dont know the answer's, and my guess is that BP is really trying to cap this thing .... after all .... it's to their advantage to do so, financially and public relation's wise. But this is a problem that has many other side effect's that can and will result, as far as damage to the Wetland's and along the shore's inland. What is the hold up of letting at least the folk's do what they need to, to stop this before it keep's expanding it's coverage? How many more expert's need to evaluate, before people are simply allowed to act? I mean .... we have BP and the government doing their job's (they say) below the water's .... and we have folk's lined up waiting to get "permission" to sand bag or use other mean's from stopping the oil from coming more in toward's the coast, I mean what the fuck is this ? .... "Simon Say's" or "Mother may I" ? ... All of these people also told that they just cant act , but need to close down all their businesses too? What do they live off of? I realize you may say .... well BP will cover their expenses .... well that's nice of course after all the litigation and filing's and paper work, etc .... but in the meantime .... what do they live on? their retirement? sell their asset's and property? Many of these folk's dont have those financial resource's to just be down indefinitely .... unlike those icon's who dictate to us .... we actually work hard for our small wage's, and used to deciding on issue's in limited amount's of time and actually getting result's because our livelihood's depend's on it. They are survivor's and in the trenches daily ... with limited resources ... something our iconic power's never have to deal with.

Between the political crap and all the popular crap and the "wait game's" ... it is clear that many we believe are too big to fail ... are too frail to prevail.

That's the REALITY!


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

DEAD KENNEDYS: .... "Take this Job and SHOVE IT!" .... and .... "Holiday in Cambodia" (Live) ....

The choice/ induction for this journal's music/ art's selection will have to be one of the hardest working American band's, that originated out of the Bay Area (San Francisco) .... The "Dead Kennedys" .... just downhome, ass busting live performances, great music .... and one of the greatest punk rock band's in history. I have been a fan of their's for year's .... but it was a blogger Ms.WinsomeDove .... who brought up this band in some comment's, several posting's back .... who is a fan of their music, that inspired this posting here.

Below I chose a couple of their classic's to post .... the first is fitting for the time's .... a remake of the country classic .... "Take this Job and shove it" , originally by Mr. David Allan Coe ...... the next song called "Holiday in Cambodia" (Live) Enjoy!! :)

Dead Kennedys- Take This Job and Shove It ... Thanx to TAKTWO2

Holiday In Cambodia- Live (Full Length Copy) Thanx to ELGUB


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TEXAS "BORED (Board)" OF EDUCATION: (Part 2) .... A Lone Star "Conspiracy" to "Corrupt" a State and Nation ....

This Part 2 of "Texas Bored (Board) of Education" .... is to simply show how deep and complex the agenda's are of politic's in our nation (many nation's for that matter). And that is what all this horseshit is all about, nothing more .... it hasnt a goddamn thing to do with "thinking of the Kid's" and other pop culture politically correct bullshit .... it is ALL about politic's, and programming thinking, of the "youth", because as child psychologist's will tell you .... the early year's of children's lives and what they are taught and experience will have a strong impact on what they will follow and think as an adult. Dont misunderstand me here .... I am NOT against at all teaching alternative perspective's and looking at the entire picture .... I am all for it and in agreement actually of some of what is proposed to be taught and change's. However .... I dont feel that this is a workable approach at this time. If they were so concerned with alternative perspective's and viewing all side's and angle's of recorded history .... they wouldnt try to eliminate at first term's like "Slave Trade", giving it new term's to sugar coat it into some shit like "Atlantic Triangular Trade" or other similar horseshit .... call it whatever the Hell you want .... but leave in all the other too, and dont make it so a school kid has to answer the question on an exam quoting your politically lopsided horseshit point of view or opinion to pass the grade. Also this is focused on mostly what "children" are taught, grade school level .... they all know goddamn well that in high school and college you get more alternative perspective's and theories .... this is simply to open a back door to let other item's of their agenda have area's to slip through .... they all know what the deal is and what their intention's are ... and I can assure you, it is NOT about trying to broaden kid's education ... but to put a cap on it as is. And to manipulate it to their standard's instead of just wanting to have a clear look at history.

We all know the slave trade game and the marketing behind it anywayz .... it was huge business at that time .... anyway you slice it .... but the bottom line .... it wasnt a goddamn corporation and was what it say's plain and simple .... trading slave's, who were considered by many folk's of that era, as "sub-human" not being as part of the same species of human for that matter, but somewhere's between human and ape.... and many black's were looked at as more ape than human, so dont feed us your sugar coated horseshit. They bought them, sold them, traded them like a commodity and fucked them.... period. And I mean that literally .... white slave trader's were fucking the slave women, white slave owner women were fucking the slave men ... and even the men of the church going white slave owner's like pedophile's were fucking the slave children. This politically correct nonsense is about as stupid as "coyote's" (human smuggler's) of today who bring "wetback's" from across our southern border .... referring to their business as "importation of alien undocumented guest worker's" .... they dont say that shit .... only political flunkies trying to be popular and fashionable use horseshit like that .... the coyote's will tell you straight up ...."We bring in Wetback's". Slave's were considered as NOT human .... but property .... just like in 2010, immigrant Arabic Muslim men who tell me that their women are their "property" .... and in those day's, black's were sub human property .... period, and this mentality was wholly supported by christian's, their value's and their churches .... period. They supported it wholeheartedly as an intrical part of christianity, and would tell you straight up .... "We dont allow Nigger's in our church ... nor does God care about Nigger's". C'mon .... since everybody love's the truth .... tell it all .... let's really get a "clear" perspective on history, heh? .... fuck using the "N-word" even .... tell it like it is you cowardly parasite's .... c'mon ... "share" ... let's explore "truth". :)

But all in all ..... I was sucker punched on this one .... I sure as Hell didnt see this one coming .... I was more concerned with these fundamoralist parasite's trying to teach my kid's Biblical stories in science class as I posted here in Part 1, I didnt expect this sugar coating crap of history, especially the founding father's nonsense and debate and some other crap. Thank goodness with today's digital technologies in printing and publishing, state's are in a better position to not have to buy Texas textbook's if they choose not to. And this is one where I am glad the nation is up in arm's over Texas .... we need all the support we can get here!

***** CNN/ U.S.: Texas OKs school guidelines after ideological debate (newsread/ video)


Thursday, May 20, 2010


This is one of those touchy subject's, but nonetheless, one that I need to address in this journal. I have brought up in previous posting's, such as this one (see 2nd paragraph in particular), about the rise to come in suicide's , also another piece here , and in some cases group suicide's as well. Why? .... simply because of the economic challenge's that were to come, societal peer pressure's, frustration, lack of trust in leadership, and also perhap's if this so called "Health Care Reform" that was recently shoved through on a strictly political basis, rushed by pressure and timing, and backed by those who forced all kind's of stealthy underhanded promises to the corporate icon's through it, I doubt is actually as "rosie" as some of their media source's say it will be, especially those who were so gung- ho on standing behind public option, but threw in the towel in a heartbeat at the last minute to save their political agenda's, "flip- flopping", .... which may be a tad more benefit, or better than "NOTHING" ( as I stated in my "HealthCare SnoweJob" series ) .... but still just dog biscuit's, far too complex with too much pork and NO PUBLIC OPTION, meaning .... NO COMPETITION, or at least any significant. And simply with rises in problem's so will increase the suicide rate's as well .... it was clear as day some time back, if we missed it, it was because as usual .... many didnt pay attention to the signal's.

Now some may consider these online chat gatherer's as similar to Dr. J. Kevorkian, but I dont see any likeness, nor do I see any reason that if a trial were to be held, that such nonsense should even be admissible, in comparing this to assisting suicide whatsoever. I consider this/ these people as nothing but "online anonymous pussies", who are only "Pandering Predator's", trying to make sick fantasies of their's a reality as long as someone else is doing it. And believe me .... when time's get tough, and folk's get depressed for one reason or another .... these vile piece's of shit come out of the woodwork/ cyberspace, who have no real life, beside's preying on what they can find online to inspire and infuse with their worthless calculated rubbish. They themselves should commit suicide and do the rest of us a favour.

I am also in support of what Dr.Kevorkian (some link's for him here) was doing .... which was completely different, I had to lay with loved one's who had no hope of living, and only enormous suffering, including my own mother (Mary Gigi Pygone) who doctor's kept alive through drug's, and expensive system's, who wanted to die, but they said she wasnt in her right mind .... my mom asked me on her death bed to end her life, and I couldnt do it, and just cried/ wept when I left the room so she wouldnt have to see me, I experienced this daily for almost a month. I had two other friend's that begged me to help them die while on their death bed's .... I never got used to it .... and still have dream's of it. This is also why I support assisted suicide plan's or option's such as what Oregon has ( or a right to die ) ... I think it is choice, in grave situation's, and I visited Portland (OR) a few year's back and didnt see folk's lined up to commit suicide or seen literature handed out to encourage it or advertising. So the idea that this would promote suicide is silly. We have created a society where folk's are called nutty for thinking suicide, and drawn to go shopping and fall prey to these predator's whether they are anonymous online, or just political folk's trying to take advantage of the time's to recruit suicide bomber's to carry out terror mission's .... another issue we try to avoid too much .... and when you have issue's you avoid .... well .... nothing get's solved, or much too slow. No I am NOT suicidal .... nor no matter how tough time's got or how frustrated I was .... never been in a position that made me even think of suicide .... I have alway's wanted to live .... but that's just me .... and never been terminally ill to the point to wanting to end it all.

But below here also a few recent short video's from CNN .........

Man accused of aiding suicides online ... Thanx to CNN

Suicide attempt survivor shares story ... Thanx to CNN


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Walking Away" .... "Moral SENSE" .... and the moral of the "Moral" ....

One of the thing's I posted since the beginning of this journal time and again, is the need to "walk away" .... as I point out as an essential need or at least an effort to really get "change" .... and of course that it will come in time, when people's back's are against the wall, for you can only pull this crap for so long before folk's decide to "act". Every empire throughout recorded history had a rise and fall, or what one may call "change", then come's the new, and rebuilding, this is why I constantly hammer this issue .... because we alway's look to those who been ruling us to tell us "what's next". What America was in 1970 is NOT what America IS in 2010, or what it will be in 2030, as far as the American Dream, privacy, straight business, free market ... you name it. You can continue to get screwed and live on pop culture cliche's, broken promises, etc, etc., or simply take action yourself when those who are the decision maker's fail to show competence .... and let what "has been" just deteriorate and collapse or actually "change", a sort of "natural selection", if you will. And part of that change or restructuring for the benefit of all, does not include doing business as usual. As far as the "moral" here ..... "moral SENSE" you can say is the moral of the "moral".

Now many will see a video like this and say it is not "moral" to just walk away and abandon your obligatory duties such as in this case mortgage's are concerned. But by whose moral standard are you talking about? It will soon come to light this complex mess that the bank's pulled .... in time .... which was basically turning Wall St into the Vegas Strip. Where all kind's of thing's were going on behind the scene's .... especially homebuyer's across the nation being rounded up for a pool, then all the credit rating's of those altered and manipulated to put them in a boom of high marketed new home's, even though they knew it was all a gamble, taking them projected asset's and loan's on paper .... borrowing and lending against them, then the big insurer's jump in and insure all the move's, and the losses, banking that they can move everything before anything default's, and make a bundle. Then the bubble burst's .... and the insurer's see that they cant even cover what they been collecting high premium's on .... and so goes the episode basically. And who get's stuck with everything? heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... I dont think I need to tell you. :) .... But also it is important to understand what you walk away on as far as credit is concerned, and especially these big loan's and "strategic default" , in other word's the law's vary from state to state, some state's the lender's have the "upper hand" so to speak, and can tear you to ribbon's, the cases in this video, show Arizona for instance .... which is more like Texas, and easier to walk away. It is important you contact your state's "Attorney General Office", and find out exactly how your state work's and your right's.

Despite all our generosity to these so called free market enterprises and icon's in the form of "corporate welfare" ... they still decline to give back adequate help and be responsible for any of their part, or even "team player's" for that matter ... they want their cake and to eat it, and to be tight fisted and not let a dollar go .... because they also look at the masses as dumb .... which they are correct .... the masses are mostly dumb to this, that is why they have such large "game" .... but it is only a matter of time before folk's get keen to what is happening, and decide to take their own action since those who informally "dictate" have proven to be washed up. Some will say this can only lead to economic crisis if everybody defaulted .... but understand that nothing worth going out on the limb for is easy ... it will not be cakewalk, for anyone .... but it's a matter of "survival". It is not doom and gloom or the end of the world if we fight back in this manner .... it is the best move to enact actual change, and a matter of survival and wisening up. To me these folk's that walked away ... are real American Patriot's in this video .... Enjoy! :)



Tuesday, May 18, 2010

URIAH HEEP: ...."Easy Livin" .... and .... "Look at Yourself" ....

For this posting for the music selection ... it has to be "Uriah Heep", and past due for that matter. This group had to be one of the first group's that drove my love for rock music. I heard them first probably 1970 or so .... went to see them "live" around 1972/1973 first in New York City, and they just blew me away with their powerful "live" sound and performance back then .... so much that I seen them a few more time's by 1976 or so, catching tour's in Toronto(Ont), Buffalo(NY), as well as Houston(TX).

The line up of band member's back then were just a chemistry that had an excellent composition .... and a sound that wedged it's way right to the bone "live", a real powerhouse, a true rock orchestra. Unfortunately vocalist David Byron died as well as bass guitarist Gary Thain long ago. The band's sound took a different direction of sort, even though guitarist Mick Box who was also a founder and composer of it's sound ... is I reckon the only one left of the original member's, that kept it going up into the present. After Mr.Byron left around 1976 just didnt seem the same, and I didnt really keep up with their new line up. Also I may add, David Byron had such an impact on me as far as vocal's as a kid, everybody I got to jam with year's back, I alwayz jumped to do Uriah Heep cover's before anything, at a young age I was very comfortable with David's vocal work and this crew's work to play with.

Uriah Heep- Easy Livin' Live ... Thanx to CETERA NOIR

Uriah Heep- Look At Yourself Live In Budokan 1973 ... Thanx to LJFOXI


Image result for uriah heep vintage poster 1973


Friday, May 14, 2010

CORPORATE TAX EVASION: ( NATION OF BS: PT 3 ) "Breaking Law the Legal Way ... One Legislator at a time PT.1" ...

Part 3 here of the "Nation of BS" series will focus on legalized corporate tax evasion. (NoBS Pt 1 here .... and NoBS Pt 2 here). And of course this series simply focuses on various urban pop culture myth's that we are fed like a buffet to believe.

This is something I have been waiting for, for several year's .... and it all couldnt hit at greater timing. Yet I'm still waiting for when they find out in detail what this Iraq Invasion been about, but most importantly who made what and how much off of it .... monetary-wise .... which should be coming to your local theatre's soon! :) A few year's back I was pointing out how some major corporate icon's also will relocate, probably one of the largest to do this recently was Halliburton when they relocated from their homebase Houston to Dubai. Why do I say some will relocate? Because when the heat get's too hot in the kitchen ... you simply need to get out. And all these folk's knew, or at least suspected that the heat was going to turn up, when "candidate" Obama was running and gaining ground, this is why I was saying back then, if this guy got elected .... head's would really spin, and not just the right, but the left as well .... that is if he kept to what he been talking about for a few year's prior to his candidacy announcement, and is why I was so gung- ho on getting him elected, in the hope's that this would happen basically. I mean .... I could care less about his race/ ethnicity, or if he was muslim/ christian/ atheist, or had a birth certificate, or wear's a flag pin on his lapel, or how many homo/ lezbo friend's he has, or if he attend's church, the pop culture concern's that is .... I am a serious man on some thing's, and want to see action, not how fashionable or likable one can be in other word's. With the combination of his election, along with certain administration member's and study/ investigative panel's, new communication technologies, along with growing tension in the masses, unemployment increases, home foreclosure's, a growing lack of trust in government, tight election's, etc. .... the chemistry is just right, for actual change to soon arrive. Below a short video clip of how much (and this is just a "conservative" figure, rest assured .... there is alot more!) tax revenue is anywhere's but America. Then a few more of my own comment's on this.

Google find's loophole's to cut taxed by $3.1 billion ... Thanx to BLOOMBERG ... the original ABCNEWS video here was deleted and replaced with this newer video off YouTube dated 23 March 2012

I have seen so many topic's concerning how much taxes the so called "elite" and our "corporate loved one's" pay .... with all these pie chart's showing percentage's, and giving stat's on who pay's what .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... most of what is produced and presented by party flunkies on the left and right to show that their on top of this, and bless their heart's for at least trying. BUT, one of the thing's most fail to see is the whole picture, or flip side, including behind the scene's .... and believe in most of this, and also dont think like those who are in charge of this whole scene .... they think like .... well .... common folk's are taught/ programmed to think, and many dont dare get out of the box, for whatever reason, whether it's politic's, peer pressure, fear in many cases, etc.

Again ....I am NOT anti- business at all, or anti- corporation at all, I am strongly for free market, strong competition, and swimming in reward's for those who actually compete, take real risk's, are cutting edge and real contender's .... none of this exist's though. On top of all this .... most of the controlling entities, that are American made icon's and homebased here, are some of the most non- patriotic, non- moral, non- ethical, non tax- paying citizen's this country ever seen. Basically they dont have a bit of integrity or can be trusted on a damn thing. Look at the pharma giant's for instance .... they are willing to spend $80 billion in discounts over a decade to sway our representative's to "vote" and pass the very proposal's that they engineered through our legislative branch, that the prices will not be negotiated on phama drugs with no price setting by government (LA Times). Basically corporate attorney's that were voted in by us, who get their plan's and proposal's to vote on, through private sector corporate attorney's hired by the same entity. They all claim that they are the pinnacle and founding familia of free market, and without them we are all doomed to eternal poverty, crisis, doom and gloom, heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... and they alway's cry/ whine that they should have a right to do what they want with their money, including foreign/ offshore investment's, which I am all for as well.

I actually agree with them .... they should make alot of money if they produce, and damn sure should have every right to invest their own money as they please. But these same icon's .... push legislation to make all of us "have" to buy their product's, and also to make it illegal to buy any prescription's out of the country .... I mean .... fair is fair, heh? Let us legally choose where we want to spend "our" money as well. "Buy and invest in America" they all tell us through their marketing and political flunkies's patriotic and create's job's. Yet none of these have a sliver of patriotism in them who tell us this. Nor do any of them value anything that most folk's do .... they are completely foreign to anything that represent's free market, competition, or even basic value's of true democracy .... they are basically dictator's in well tailored business suit's instead of uniform's. As I said time and again when I see all these chart's and survey's of how much tax or expense any of these pay out .... I am shocked if they pay damn near anything out of pocket on tax or anything else, because if you take a close look at all the loophole's, tax law's, and such .... I see no reason why any of them would have to pay a single dollar for anything, or have any kind of real loss or even challenge for that matter. I mean .... there are no rule's, and any rule's that are made only applied and imposed or enforced on us.

Is what they are doing in these video's or article's "legal"? Of course it is .... who do you think engineered the legislation and rule's/ law's to begin with? Do you actually expect them to propose any legislation that would hamper their profit margin's? This is exactly why .... our representative's need to be more transparent and flexible and we need more regulation's to be frank .... there IS NO "order" in this reality, except what they "order" .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh. Again .... think like they think to create your strategy and opposition, you cant defend yourself against that which enslave's your mind and value's thinking like it's "programme" tell's you to think, that's just silly. This again will all come to an end eventually and this will change when this all simply collapses, and the new come's in, and it will ..... in time .... bank on it.

Enough said ........... Actually I need to run and watch my show "Desperate Housewives" I have on my DVR! :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

DATELINE HOUSTON: .... Tip's for "Teacher's" and "Driver's" .... : ) (NOT COOL 4 SCHOOL PT.1)

First of all, this is not posted to insult Houston at all, I love Houston, and it was my original Texas hometown. But these two short clip's had a twist to them that brought laughter to me, being back to back on CNN and local Texas News. I dont find this video of the teacher getting on the student's ass "disturbing" at all, if this kid really done what the teacher say's he done. In school, there are "bullies", and sometime's bullies get retaliation, the hilarious part was listening to all the kid's laughing their asses off as this kid get's it in this video/ article. Was it right? I dont have a "right/ wrong" answer .... I simply call it, "action/ reaction". But it's not often a science teacher step's up to the plate to kick some ass! :)

A Charter School Teacher beats up a student ... Thanx to SUZIEE83

This next short clip, is of a driver that was apparently in a hurry, lost control, went airborne, landed on the roof of a business, and unfortunately the driver died. Cause of the wreck is under investigation, but you cannot go airborne like that without a high speed .... just ask the science teacher. :) The tip/ lesson of these two video's I would have to say is .... Driver's be more aware of your speed .... and ..... Teacher's make sure before you beat some kid's ass, no one has their cell phone's out. :)

Fatal Accident Leaves Car on Top of Building ... Thanx to MCMONITOR


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

JEFF O'CORBETT: .... "San Antonio Rose" ....

And for a lil traditional "Texas Swing" for the music selection .... I chose this piece by Mr. Jeff O' Corbett doing an instrumental/ one man version of "San Antonio Rose" .... I just love how this guy put's it out, with his own unique flavour. The song was originally wrote by "Bob Wills" of "Bob Wills and the Texas Playboy's" back in 1944. Enjoy ....

Jeff O'- Texas Swing Instrumental- San Antonio Rose ... Thanx to JEFFOCORBETT


Monday, May 10, 2010

TASTE OF TEXAS: (Part 3) HOUSTON'S "JOHNSON SPACE CENTER" .... (To: Amanda and Graham)

First of all I came back to update this posting as sort of dedication to Amanda and Graham of the UK (England), who were vsiting Dallas for their first time last week, and hoping ya'll's memories are as pleasant as they were during your visit! :)

Taste of Texas Part 3 will take a look at Houston's "Johnson Space Center", and a look at a typical day on the job at the center, as well as a look inside of "Mission Control". There are tour's you can take of the facilities, but it will take all day as well, it's a fairly large campus actually with quite a bit goin on. Also of the Taste of Texas series Part One .... and Part Two.

ESA's astronauts in training at Johnson Space Center, Houston ... Thanx to STEVEBD1

Take a Peek Inside the New Mission Control Houston ... Thanx to NASA JOHNSON


Saturday, May 8, 2010

2010 HAITIAN QUAKE AFTERMATH: (Part 2) .... Do we ever get what we PAY for and ORDER? ....

Part two here of the "2010 Haitian Quake Aftermath" (part one here) is to take a brief look at what is happening nearly a half year later in Haiti after all we have contributed to make sure there is a smoother ride post devastation. I mean .... the people of not just USA, but even other countries around the world acted so quickly because they knew in a situation like this how quickly you must act. And many small donation's poured in from average working classes that dont even get a tax write off for their small donation's as the major companies do, because they dont earn enough to file a long form, since everyone love's the truth. It is almost sad that we even have to have this volunteer Mr. Sean Penn, to show us a real picture of the progress we are making, who if wasnt a celebrity wouldnt be no way heard beside's maybe a blog posting in the distance. I give much credit to Mr. Penn for actually speaking the truth of how complex this situation is, which shouldnt be after nearly a half a year of constant relief pouring into the system set up to help.

It make's one wonder perhap's "What are we doing inefficiently?" .... Well frankly the answer is "nothing" as far as what we the people are doing .... after all, like every other circumstance that is in need of dire immediate atencion .... we do all we can, and act quickly. The problem is obviously the people and/ or agencies that we have in place and support to handle our finance's and need's as usual. Showing once again that it is common ordinary people that make anything/ everything work, yet we have incompetent ruling power's handling everything from war's, to relief effort's, to our financial institution's, to even how we will be dealt with as far as health care. I mean .... do we ever get what we pay for and order?

What you see in this video below, there is simply no excuse being this far into the relief effort's and having more funding than they need from contributor's, to have this young 15 year old man die when the medication is widely available that could have prevented this. There is no financial excuse, you cant blame it on timing, because nearly a half a year is way long enough to have this in place, you cant say our military or gaurdsmen havent been acting .... Hell, they were in there pronto rounding up people as if it was an invasion damn near. Frankly, since truth is what people want, is the power's that control could give a rat's ass less if ten's of thousand's died from diphtheria, as long as it isnt something that will hamper their political goal's. And the only reason they allowed such quick occupation of force's, was to control crowd's, and lessen catastrophic chaos, since so many Haitian immigrant's are in America and it's going to be a tight election year. There is no excuse for any of this whatsoever but incompetence again from the top. And if thousand's die from widespread diphtheria, which the power's better hope doesnt happen ... it will be one more fork in the asses of the people who are getting more hip and keen by the day as to what dictate's how thing's are done.

Every tax paying citizen of this nation who donated their hard earned dollar's to this relief, should raise Holy Hell that this situation in Haiti is NOT at a different stage by now. And question any or what progress has been made. And if we are NOT getting efficient result's .... you fire and re-hire someone who can get the job done, the same way we are hired then discarded for the least little thing, you just dont let the same people/ agencies keep doing business the same ole same way. If we dont learn now, rest assured one day we will. We act quickly and efficiently when push come's to shove .... and so should those who act on our behalf, that is what they are paid to do. This is our own backyard .... a country in the America's, that are just like us, and in need of a hand.

Another thing to point out here, is that all the million's that have not been spent are making interest somehow, someone behind the scene's are doing something with that money, dont tell us it's sitting in some big Piggy Bank waiting to be spent. Mr. Penn point's out here first also that there are not enough vehicle's, why isnt there more? Why are we not buying up huge order's of basic/ standard 4X4 ATV type GMC Hummer's, that are designed to handle terrain's as such after a devastation like this? We certainly are not lacking fund's for it .... and at the same time it would be great for General Motors America and business, and help at least if not to create job's .... but to be able to keep those that we have in these production plant's.

***** CNN: Diphtheria epidemic threatens Haiti ... (newsvideo)


Friday, May 7, 2010

LINDSAY LOHAN PT.1 : (Nation of BS Pt.2) .... an All American Girl .... fell victim to "Hypocrisy" and "Child Abusive Society" ....

This is part two of "Nation of BS" series (part one here) .... which is nothing political, but for myself, it should be ... because as I have stated before time and again how children and young adult's are one of the most abused segment's of our two faced society ... and used as a commodity of sort. Well Ms. Lindsay Lohan I chose as a "poster child" type figure for this posting. She is called by many a "spoiled brat", a thief, drug addict, trouble maker, and the list goes on of all the name's she has been called over her unconventional lifestyle. There is certainly more gossip and trash on this girl and her life than you can shake a stick at on this internet .... and .... of course when your in the limelight as she is .... you have to expect that. But many of these folk's that milk and feed off of her, are good for nothing themselves ... no more than two faced hypocritical trash in my opinion. Below is a short recent video from some entertainment sector of CNN .... then a few word's of my own.

RCJ: LINDSAY LOHAN PT.2 ... 03 November 2011

***** CNN: Lindsay Lohan's troubled timeline ....

I am not one of her music fan's or movie fan's .... not that I dislike them ... I only seen a couple movie's with her, and only heard a couple music piece's, so my inspiration for writing this has nothing to do with being a fan, or because of her look's (she is old enough to be my kid for that matter) or any of the other pop culture reason's for liking her. I have just heard so much negative about this girl over the last couple year's .... I was just curious how "bad", or "terrible" she really is, is all .... and of course done a tad research myself.

All of the thing's they say this lady is, and all the name's or insult's they may have for her .... the bottom line is .... she's an all American girl. They say she parties all night, she get's high, she "may" have stolen this or that, she has assaulted folk's, etc, etc. She is a product and reflection of her surrounding's and upbringing. You dont want her to party? .... after all the stress she goes through? or to use drug's? She's young for Pete's sake .... under alot of pressure, and by golly if she decide's she want's to get bloody drunk as a skunk .... what the fuck is it to ya'll?!! The only thing ya'll are concerned with is not her, but your bloody investment and commodity! But I am sure it would be fine if you crammed your legal pharma drug's of anti-depressant's and other brain altering crap down her throat ( as you hypocritical type's do to so many of our children ), to "perform" and "conform" to your nauseating expectation's of righteousness and acceptable pop culture purity. She was posing in undesireable photo shoot's? So what kind of part's do ya'll who make million's off her, have her act in them bigscreen production's? .... desireable? She's on her last leg and she better get her act together or else? Or else what?!!, rest assured ... you may be eating them word's in the future! What are ya'll? .... god's of the industry? Trust me .... this lady could find work elsewhere's .... it isnt like she need's to work in America exclusively for ya'll. For those who worry about her morality .... worry about ya'll's own fucken morality!

As far as I'm concerned about her so called parent's .... well .... let me put it this way .... I dont think much of them. Ya'll have been making a fortune off her too! Even using her to sue each other for percentage's of her earning's, write book's and song's, etc .... how weird coming from a dad who she claim's didnt even give adequate financial support to her as a kid. Everybody want's her to bend over backward's, she has alot on a busy agenda, she need's to take a "time-out" and forget ya'll, and start to think more about doing what pleases her. And we alway's ask stupid question's of each other .... after some young person may end their own life .... of "Why?" ...." She/ He had it all " ...... etc, etc. If you cant see why these children get angry, fly off the handle, end their lives, or any other ill turn, you must be blind, or have forgotten what it is like to be young, or in a position like that. Time change's folk's .... and any "change" in her will only come from her and her heart .... it's not anyone else's choice!

Sure .... she's popular as well as relentlessly hammered by the critic's, but also an all "American Girl", I will dedicate this classic music video to Ms.Lohan ...... "American Girl" ( "live" 1978 ) by classic rock composer/ songwriter "Tom Petty" ....this will be added to the "RCJ MUSIC/ ARTS HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY"

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers- American Girl (Live) 1978 ... Thanx to NEVERATIME


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ANTON SZANDOR LAVEY: .... "Romancing his Keyboards Orchestra" .... his "Music and Theory" ....

Image result for ANTON SZANDOR LAVEY: .... "Romancing his Keyboards Orchestra" .... his "Music and Theory" ...

Anton LaVey & wife Blanche Barton

This posting for the "RCJ MUSIC/ ART'S HONOUR ROLL SOCIETY" of this journal is to honour the music and theory of Mr.Anton Szandor LaVey. This man certainly had a deep love for the art, although was never mainstream .... so unique with his style of a one man orchestra. Mr.LaVey was also a writer/ author ... with several book's that were sort of a philosophical inspiration to me as a young man. April 30th would have been his birthday .... but he passed away October 29, 1997. His music preserves a classic touch, and shows that the art has no timeline. He was also friend's of the contemporary rock composers/ artists Marilyn Manson, King Diamond, as well as several others in the arts.

He has a way of what I call "Romancing his Keyboards Orchestra" indeed, with that added touch of sensuality for the art. Below he perform's and explain's in short the music and theory behind the composition. And "Thank You Sir", for your contribution's to the arts, literature and enlightenment! ... Enjoy! ....

***** What I done here is linked the full length documentary of his, if you choose to watch his entire video ... starting at around 38:30 in the video, he will go into some more of the theory end of music (short clips below). But the video has also more about the organization he started, and the philosophy behind it, if you are at all interested.

Anton LaVey and his calliope ... Thanx to CURIOSAPARAVANE

Speak of the Devil: The Canon of Anton LaVey- "A Big Top Medley" ... Thanx to CHURCH OF SATAN

***** Below I wanted to add a piece done by Anton and his wife Blanche on vocals ... the music and lyrics to this piece were wrote by Meredith Wilson.

Anton LaVey performs "You And I" ... Thanx to AUBREYWEIRDSLEY


Image result for ANTON SZANDOR LAVEY keyboards


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

NATION OF BS: (Part 1) .... "BP's accountability" .... I'll "semi" believe it, when I "see" it ....

One of the most disgusting thing's of our nation is also one of the most entertaining thing's of our nation, which is our "Bullshit" .... we have some of the best bullshit and bullshitter's on the earth. Our Bullshit is 2nd to none, it just dont get much better anywhere's! :)

"Nation of BS" will be sort of a mini series I will be posting, to not say that all in these posting's are BS, and I am out to attack them, but to focus more on "questioning" what is truth and what is not true, and the popular phrases, cliche's, buzzword's, political correctness, and all the other nauseating pop culture shit that we are fed on a daily basis ... this is for entertainment purposes only. I will be bipartisan as well and fair, this is not a journal as one see's in the header to promote, defend and/ or tear down any social, political, or religious organization's or movement, or any of the other associated. I particularly wanted to start this approximately 6 month's before 2010 mid term election's and been planning it for some time .... this year in particular because of what I posted in the series called "2010 Show", in part one and part two, of how much BS that we will have to be fed especially in this election year with all the concern's and issue's that are on the table, this should be surely one Hell of an entertaining year I figured, and alot of fun watching these two primary polarizing side's of the left and the right, with their battle's of good vs. evil, and the schlew of shit that people will pour out of their mouth's just to try to get vote's in this case, or whatever other agenda they have.

A nice posting that I happened to catch today on a blogsite that I frequent by Mr.Tim Waters called "Scared Stiff" in this posting, caught my atencion, because when this BP incident of the oil spill happened, everybody was rushing to the podium's to say that BP will be held financially accountable, etc, etc, etc, (add nauseum) which is nice, but it also made me wonder ...."Oh really? .... WOW! ... I feel so relieved and thrilled!" ( that is the popular response ). I am more of the type of feller that will say "I will semi believe it, when I actually see it". For me some of the best bullshit artist's of our time and nation are politician's/ lawyer's, folk's who sell insurance, and used car's (forgive me .... it is called "pre- owned vehicle's" now to be politically fashionable) .... all of which I trust about as much as I would a pedophile babysitting my grandkid with a kiddie fetish! :)

I actually DO HOPE that BP would really be accountable, and I sure as Hell am not against BP, or drilling at this point in history, I realize how important petro is as I posted some of the thousands of items we use daily here, beside's just the petro that we use in our transport vehicle's, so the idea that we can just stop using petro is absolutely silly, however we certainly can reduce our usage and become less and less dependent on it through our newer technologies as time passes. BUT .... we all know that "fair" is not a one way street, if it was .... heh, heh, heh, heh, heh .... I reckon it would be useless to even use the word "fair". I will try to be as fair as possible as far as posting news video's and link's as I can. It can be a lil more difficult to post that way, for instance .... if I post a FoxNews video or piece, you know it will focus more on the socialist evil way's of the left, and their godless immorality, and of course if I post on the other hand a MSNBC video/ piece ... it may focus on how dumb/ stupid, backward's, and bigoted everybody on the right is, etc. I like CNN basically because they "try" to be a lil more expanded or universal let's say, as far as mainstream "Top 10" type's .... including many blog's .... basically all a similar herd approach, just different side's of the coin .... both will alway's be "good" and their opponent of course is alway's "evil" basically. I am not knocking it, most folk's actually love that route and are pre-programmed to only have that level of thought, and those in the media's get alot of praise for it, from their sheople/ following/ flock ("sheople" is basically people that are led like sheep) so it work's for most of the herd/masses.

Gibbs: Boot on Throat of BP ... Thanx to ASSOCIATED PRESS


Sunday, May 2, 2010

PRESIDENT OBAMA: ... Give's dinner a little "Stand Up Comedy", Wassup Mr. President ... Tell us how it is ... : )

Anywayz .... I was lookin for a lil comedy for my next posting, had a few in mind, but thought President Obama done fairly well at the "White House Correspondents' Dinner" .... and said .... "What the Hell .... tell us how it is Mr.President!" I would bet the "State of the Steak" was pretty good too! :) Enjoy ......

President Obama Remarks at 2010 White House Correspondents' Dinner ... Thanx to C-SPAN