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MARILYN MANSON (2012 album): "Born Villain", "Slo- Mo- Tion"


***** PD/ RCJ: "MARILYN MANSON" past posting's


I wanted to highlight here a couple of favourite latest piece's from Mr. Brian Warner and his crew Marilyn Manson ... this latest 2012 full album release, which is their 8th now ... is such a piece of art, and has to be one of the best project's in their history in my opinion ... just outstanding work here, as far as composition, engineering, aesthetic's, etc, across the board ... and I have to congratulate and give a tad of credit to the fact of the new recording label of their's, and a new openess and exploring their depth even more (which Mr. Warner admit's to the contractual restriction's himself from the previous label). When I first seen this crew nearly a quarter century ago it's had to been, they had a very tight budgeted stage show, small venue, limited prop's and such due to the tighter budget, etc ... but I was blown away at the intensity of their live performance, and knew this crew would be a classic in the future as far as their worx and creativity, production's, etc, even though many just thought of them at the time, as just another "shock rock" crew, and perhap's here today and gone tomorrow ... the composition alone stood out like a turd in a punch bowl as far as how creative this man can be too, just a bundle of talent I seen! And I hope to catch the next Dallas show as well. This below only a couple from this outstanding piece of work ... and Thank You ... Enjoy! : )

**** NOTE: Some of the content in the first video can be a tad graphic for some I need to add here, I chose the uncensored version to relate to the full expression of the piece.


**** NOTE (production): As odd as this may sound to some, I wondered if Lady GaGa's "Born This Way" could have partly inspired Brian's work on this? ... I say "odd sounding" because many MM fan's would think of that as a negative statement in a way ... and to also add here that neither Warner or film director Shia LaBeouf mention nothing of such when putting together this piece/ video (Nick Knight & Loic Maes were primarily behind GaGa's filming) ... look at both video's closely ... and beside's, like I stated in GaGa's posting's, regardless of all the low brow pop music criticism toward's GaGa from some musician's in the more serious and heavier rock/ industrial music industry ... Lady GaGa is as well a bundle of pure talent. To even sound a tad more odd here ... I wouldnt mind at all seeing the two working on a project together ... some (like a buddy Dave who's a metal guitarist musician : ) think's I'm half nut's proposing such idea's of mix matching artist's or whatever ... but too ... I never been very conventional in some of my idea's either when it come's to the art's : ) I also like to see Trent Reznor and Manson work as a crew, but no one would think of that as "odd", or Ogilvie and other's. But also, I'm not talking about the music composition here ... but the theme and related in the visual art's and such ... and I do know that the composition of the music was being arranged in it's early stage's probably as far back as early 2010 at least is why I say this, which is a year prior to GaGa's release ... however, when ironing out on mixes and the visual's for the final production is what I'm looking at. Then too ... in this industry ... technological trend's play a huge role in these art's because of the latest equipment that is used, whether it's for the music end or the visual art's end ... I mean it's been this way since the first start of recorded music actually ... and alot of time's you will have producer's in all these various avenue's that will provide idea's and concept's for various artist's of stark different genre's as well. Point being here, that everyone inspire's everyone.



Marilyn Manson- Born Villain/ New Album MAY 2012_ UNCENSORED_ ... Thanx to MAATAII

Marilyn Manson- Slo- Mo- Tion ... Thanx to MARILYNMANSONVEVO


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