Sunday, January 27, 2013

THE WILL CALLERS: (PT.2) "Right On Time" Live Session

This cut is a piece that Justin (guitarist) was going over with me the other day, that I didnt get to post on Part 1, because it wasnt finished at that time ... it is also included on their new debut album/ cd ... and good deal at least that the debut is finished and out finally to get that end out of the way. But this also is a time when hard work need's to step up a notch as well ... and today, it's a tough game as far as promotion's and contract's, etc. The reason I stress this so much to a young gent like Justin, is because he is sort of a salesman here as far as public relation's is concerned, and a real hustler I may add. The small thing's are really importante when dealing with your fan base ... in other word's ... alot of one on one contact at show's is alwayz importante with those who you entertain, after all ... your selling a product as well ... and those who support your show's on them working venue gig's or whatever ... are also your "customer", and nothing is better than that intimate relationship with each and every fan when possible ... that simple handshake, hug, one on one is very importante, personal advertising one on one to individual's and mingling with those in your audience after your set's, etc. and those are the special qualities as far as public relation's is concerned that I notice Justin has that I was pointing out to him. You can cut all the stuff you want on record ... but that alone doesnt make that special "connect". Also Justin is a well rounded type guitarist as well, who cover's ... whatever ... whether it's classic blues, soul, country, heavy metal, etc.

At the same time, this can be a frustrating time as well, as far as direction despite getting past that 6 month syndrome ... when you put so much into a piece of art ... and Lord know's these dayz ... believe me, ya'll are going to put several thousand of your own money into production (as ya'll have seen), even as a small crew ... your young, fresh, and all have alot of different idea's even as far as direction, etc regardless of unity ... you can take some hard hit's/ losses (because I can sense some of the frustration's that ya'll are having also on some thing's). I know this too well as I was pointing out to Justin, from year's back coming within inches of contractually finalizing a "major" record contract/ label with full financial sponsorship/ backing on top of it, that went sour overnight, after month's of commitment (long miserable story too), because of simple dispute's as far as obligation's to the sponsor's, and I've seen it time and again with other's I knew over the year's (and I was a wild ass back in them dayz, who may be jamming at some venue and before the night is finished, end up in jail, sleeping around with galz who I couldnt even recall their name's the day after, etc : ) Your gonna see time's when you just say "fuck it" and feel your financially better off sticking to an 8 to 5 job ... after all ... you got bloody bill's, and got to eat, eh? And as I was telling Justin ... you will never be able to get it out of your system, no matter what you are doing as far as a career ... you will alwayz be an artist, plain and simple, and will alwayz be involved in some aspect of it, even when you get old guy {: ) My daughter even who was initially in an art's school, recording, working and touring as well as a vocalist, who also could work in writing, arranging, engineering, etc (salsa, latino, tejano dance music ... she is also a bilingual vocalist) After getting her bachelor's and on the road to going into the marketing end of the industry as well, took an offer to go into something completely different that came up not even related to art's because of the money ... today at 27 now ... she has to actually still sing on the side, because she cant get it out of her system, and still sing's locally in her spare time.

But anywayz, enough from me, and wishing ya'll the best ... and Goodnight ... Enjoy!

The Will Callers- Right On Time Live Session ... Thanx to THEWILLCALLERS









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