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MADISON ELLE BEER: "At Last" & "Someone Like You" (cover's)

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This induction into this journal's music and art's honour roll society will be to highlight some of the cover work of Madison Elle Beer, a fairly new vocalist out of the Long Island, New York area, that just is across the board "outstanding" ... as far as potential and what to expect in her future line up ... as far as a genre? ... it's simply too early to tell where this is going, and I would have to look at somewhere around a 2nd album to really get a grasp on where she intend's to take her work, and of course alot of that is going to now have to do with who will be behind the producing and so forth, and any contractual obligation's thereof. But if I were a producer or related in this industry working with her, I would absolutely be thrilled to death to work with her! ... of course I have some unconventional idea's as well for perhap's some direction or guidance that I would like to toss her way too : ) But she just has one of them voice's in it's earliest stage's that will only mature, perfect, and find it's own ground in time, rest assured.

I happened to pick up on her and been keeping an eye on this powerful vocalist since probably her first start on YouTube ... she was that good as a rookie even ... and just recently she also caught the ear of pop music icon Justin Bieber, which of course is a blessing if your in your start and the trenches, and hopefully as well ... whatever term's of her contract are though, she will have a certain amount of freedom to explore her possibilities, which in my opinion can be a very wide range, so please dont ruin that by cramming her into something that she may not be comfortable too much with ... let her influence's and creativity flow from her soul and mind ... I know how some of these manipulative bloodsucker's can be in the industry ... and stay sharp and on top of everything Madison, keep close to you and your heart, all those on your level that have stood by you from the start as well ... those kind of friend's you can never replace, believe me!

A couple of her piece's below I wanted to highlight, the first one of course the Etta James classic "At Last" which is superbly covered ... but I also wanted to throw in some more raw and less polished work done in some public marketplace or whatever ... to look at that as well ... and when you can work well with minimal equipment and stage like that ... your on the right track dear. Anywayz ... wishing you the best of the best and a long career to come ... you deserve it!

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Madison Beer- At Last- Etta James (Cover) ... Thanx to MADISONBEER

Madison Beer- "Someone Like You" Adele (Cover) at Heather on Earth C ... Thanx to MADISONBEER **** I also wanted to post this one, because of her vocal style here catches me quick on one of my all time favourite vocalist's Stevie Nicks, who has alwayz blown me away too ... but it just remind's me so much of Stevie's silky smooth style


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