Tuesday, January 22, 2013

DAVID COVERDALE/ WHITESNAKE: "Still of the Night", "Slow and Easy", & "Bad Boys" ... for TANYA

David Coverdale

This induction into this journal's music/ art's honour roll society will be to highlight and honour in particular, the outstanding showmanship and vocal's of Mr. David Coverdale, founder of Whitesnake. This posting is also partially inspired by and dedicated to Tanya, who was so blown away the other day when I told her that I seen Whitesnake "live" (she absolutely adore's David and their music) ... and Tanya is in her mid 30's let's say ... so she was just a baby when I did see them actually, which was I believe if I recall correctly back around 1981 or so (?) ... anywayz ... I took a girlfriend I was dating to see Jethro Tull (that girlfriend who I was just dating on weekend's then is now my wife today, who put up with all my loud music too, bless her heart ... I used to break the filter's off my cigarette's and loosen them to work as sound reducer's, to insert in her ear so she wouldnt get hearing damage : ) ... Coverdale with his Whitesnake crew opened for Tull ... and I didnt know a thing about Whitesnake's music at the time, but knew vaguely of Coverdale, being that he worked with Deep Purple for a bit sometime in the mid 1970's (I previously seen him do lead vox August 1974 for Deep Purple in the Houston Astrodome), so of course knowing that he had to pack a punch, if he had to try to fill the shoe's of a guy like Ian Gillan too : ) Even though alot of folk's at first credited their sound to Deep Purple ... when I heard later in the 1980's some of their polished new work like "Still of the Night" ... my first word's of reaction was "Led Zeppelin" ... plain and simple!

The first video is recent, an interview with David conducted by his granddaughter Georgina (she's so cute too : ) with some question's on his start to today in the industry and such. Then I wanted to post 3 video's of live performance's as a sort of triology if you will that cover's 1987, 1990, and 2004 ... the 1990 piece include's as well Steve Vai on guitar. Later in the 1980's they really got recognized and were I believe at that time on the Geffen label, who was doing so many successful act's/ crew's at the time too in this genre ... which I will put as a classic type of 80's rock, very well polished stuff and very commercialized at the time as well. But David alwayz stood out to me as such a superb vocalist as far as his range coverage and versatility, good persona in showmanship as a front man, etc ... Enjoy!



Whitesnake TV Episode 1- Interview with David Coverdale ... Thanx to WHITESNAKETV

Whitesnake Still of the Night Live 1987 ... Thanx to DAVIDOLIVERAS

Whitesnake- Slow And Easy- Live At Donington 1990 ... Thanx to POISON690922

Whitesnake- Bad Boys GOOD QUALITY ... Thanx to RUNBROWNIEDMC **** this piece was cut at London's Hammersmith Apollo 2004




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