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KIMBERLY LAGAYLE McCARTHY: Texas to EXECUTE Woman is called "RARE" ... Would her Victim's "CARE"? ... " RARE or FAIR"? ... & Executing a Would- Be CRACK COCAINE COUNSELOR (INCARCERATED AMERICAN PT.17)

Kimberly Lagayle McCarthy

First of all Buenos Dias from the Ranch on this dark gloomy thunderstorm stricken morning here in Dallas ... but thing's will be alot more gloomy non- weatherwise down Houston way in Huntsville Texas today, as Texas get's ready to execute a woman, that has gotten a fair share of local and national coverage. But this Part 17 of the "Incarcerated American" series is not to show support for Ms. McCarthy or to shed tear's over her execution ... as in the linked piece below this posting ... I also support indefinite suspension's or even abolishment of the "death penalty" in Texas if is the "peoples" choice, and only support it for the familia's of the victim's and victim's is all ... so I can take it or leave it.

Of course much talk even locally is because Ms. McCarthy is a woman and black, all but one juror was white (understand that "defenses" play a major role in jury selection too, so dont blame that on the court), or the 1600+ folk's that signed the petition to stop her execution demanding that we show mercy and that she can be a positive influence with God's plan to use her to touch the lives of other's that are on the path of destruction, strung out on crack/ cocaine or whatever, as a sort of counselor (apparently God has alot of "plan's" for folk's, since he himself dont do much of a goddamn thing), the talk about her being the ex- wife of New Black Panther Party founder Aaron Michaels (which is a type of racial seperatist group, philosophically in a sense like the White Aryan Resistance or Ku Klux Klan type militia's basically, well armed, but not the horrible history of folk's like the Klan) founded in Dallas, etc, etc ... none of which should have a thing to do with this at all. I am fair when it come's to issue's like this ... and feel strongly that women and people of colour should be treated fairly ... just like I am concerning this new ruling to allow women to be in direct combat I am all for as well ... or any other job or anything that a person/ individual qualifies for, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or whatever. And of course this is rare, because in my opinion, women especially in Texas has been excluded in many cases as mom's for example for killing's of their children, and not had to "pay for their action's" ... as shown here in the "Killer Parent's" series time and again.

The evidence against Ms. McCarthy is alot by itself and the nature of the offenses as well ... she has also been tried twice here since the first time it got knocked down on a technicality over search proceedure's or whatever, the Supreme Court even wouldnt touch it, or anyone else in Texas for that matter, she also had 2 other similar murder's that she was also indicted on with DNA and fingerprint's included in both robberies/ murder's, yet not taken to trial over the other two, and only tried officially on the last case. Her last victim was a retired 70+ year old college professor, Dorothy Booth, who Kimberly went by to borrow a cup of sugar ... then beat the woman with a candle stick holder, led her to a chopping block, put her left hand on the block, and cut off her wedding ring finger, with the ring, then proceeded to beat and stab the woman till she was sure she was dead ... this was the offense that they finally tried her on to secure the conviction, etc. Two of the other offense's seperate from that, that Kimberly was indicted on, included 81 year old Maggie Harding who she beaten and stabbed to death with a meat tenderizer during the robbery of her ... and 85 year old Jettie Lucus who was beaten and stabbed to death with a claw hammer during a robbery with the same MO, etc

I understand drug addiction/ dependency as good as anyone with that problemo ... I fought with addiction throughout my life, and I know how it can be overwhelming at time's needing dope ... but these type of offenses to support your habit is really uncalled for, this is over the edge. And frankly Ms. McCarthy has got to be one of the dumbest criminal's of that type I have ever seen, it's almost hard to believe she done this ... I mean ... you do this to your next door neighbour, an old retired professor, then actually use your own drivers liscense to pawn her wedding/ engagement ring for a couple hundred buck's (which tell's me the value of the ring(s) was probably in the $2K/ $3K range, due to what percentage pawn broker's give to buy or pawn) then run to the crack/ cocaine house, then go to the liquor store using the victim's credit card's at the liqour store etc, etc ... this is downright stupid as it get's ... but not enough to be non- punishable, such as a person with real mental disabilities. So I really dont care much or have too much sympathy over her execution, nor would I think that her victim's would give a rat's ass or "care" much themselves, and I do think her conviction and trial's were "fair".

Enough said ... Word Out ....

***** USA TODAY: Texas woman's execution halted; DA won't appeal **** it appear's a Dallas state district judge halted the execution in the last few hour's

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