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Texas Execution's: Should they be indefinitely suspended? ...ABSOLUTELY! .....

I could have chosen some videos to post for this ... I chose this one from CNN, because watching his defense attorney loathe this interview, and the fact that he looked like he just woke up hungover and milked a cow ... had me laughing up a storm! : )

CNN AC360 Oct 15, 2009 Part 2/2: Todd Willingham's Defense Attorney Disgraces Texas Justice ... Thanx to STUDENTS AGAINST THE DEATH PENALTY

I also want to say here ... that once, I was in the Navarro County Jail before (20+yr's ago?) ... and was tried in Navarro County Court for possessing and transporting illegal narcotic's. I was stopped in this town on an interstate for driving about 90+mph in the middle of the night ... I was in a hurry to get home to Dallas ... just left Houston a few hour's before and only had about 60 mile's to go, and didnt expect to be pulled over when most people were asleep (out in the wood's). A search was called, drug's were found ... and my residency was in question since the computer said I lived in various state's (Florida, New York, Illinois, Texas), also questioned why I had so many road map's in the vehicle for other town's, such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Houston, Chicago, etc (it's my 'right' to, I told them, since I have had to drive around all these town's) I also was well dressed, and in a new vehicle, so I didnt look like a druggie, and DID NOT own the vehicle the drug's were found in.

At the trial ... I hired the retired Navarro County District Attorney to defend me ... who just wanted to try a defense case and thought that my search was in question. I even took the stand at my trial ... and made the jury and judge laugh when I explained the stop (lil added humor on my part during my testimony : ) and search. I was found "not guilty" based on the fact that the search was questionable ... and I did not technically own the vehicle. But I must say ... it was one of the most friendliest little town's that I have ever been to ... known worldwide for it's "fruitcake" ... it seemed like everyone in town wanted to sell me fruitcake! :) (town's name is Corsicana, County of Navarro) NOTE: I did not own the vehicle, was not under influence of drug's and was found NOT GUILTY. Newsread and video below.

CNN: Texas Commission signals halt to investigation of 2004 execution ... this case concerning the alleged wrongful execution of Cameron Todd Willingham .

NIGHTLINE: The wrongful execution of Cameron Todd Willingham ... Thanx to FREETHEINNOCENT

I want to be fair here to all side's ... because I dont really buy the fact that this man was innocent yet ... I have read too many testimonies that make's me think that this man is possibly guilty ... and I know that Governor Perry is angry because the CNN as well as Dallas' WFAA/ Dallas Morning News both take the liberal slant and are not alway's fair. But that is the whole point here I am trying to make ... I may FEEL he is guilty from what I have read ... BUT ... the fact is ... I have REASONABLE DOUBT ... and when you have that ... and a man's life is on the line ... you DONT execute until you have ALL the fact's ... okay?

I am interested in this case ... and been hoping this would come to national media atencion sooner or later with a strong case ... if not this one. Yes ... I am pro death penalty ... BUT ... would have NO PROBLEMO at all with abolishment of it. I only support it for the families of the victim's ... and many of these convicted are like a wolf, once they had the taste of "blood" (killing) it can be difficult to rehabilitate. Anyone who has raised or spent time around wolves know what I am talking about, the kill can desensitize you and become what it is ... which is "nature". This desensitizing though work's as well on the citizen's ... and in this case ... the people's of Texas. Why? Because many in Texas has slipped into this mindset that if you get 8 or 9 out of 10 right ... it's okay. NO ... that is not okay! When you let sloth control you ... and accept that ... you are not doing your job right as a citizen or a juror, defense, or prosecution. It doesnt matter his past record ... or his abusive style ... this particular case is all that matter's in this trial ... and there are forensic scientist's that question whether or not the fire was intentional. Therefore our Governor has a responsibility to DO HIS JOB as well ... and to stop this execution until this is cleared up. It doesnt matter if the Appeal's Court's, even Federal have passed on it ... which they DID ... more than once ... what matter's here is the scientific proof and evidence.

For too long I have questioned some of those execution's that were done in Texas ... especially in these small town's ... because of forensic's and especially these state appointed defense attorney's who show up in court looking half hungover and half asleep ... even falling asleep in a couple cases during the trial's. I cannot stand people that do a half assed job ... period! If this case did not get national media atencion ... this guy would have never been thought of again ... because to many he is nothing more than poor trailer trash ... to be honest here. And this happen's to, too many that are poor I feel. Even his wife who testified in his defense during the trial ... just a few day's ago told a newpaper that he confessed to it, to her before his execution. Even jailhouse snitches have told authorities that he admitted to it. So this is NOT by any mean's cut and dry ... and he certainly wasnt the most loving husband and daddy that some paint him to be ... nor was his wife either.

But ... in my opinion ... ALL execution's in Texas should be put on hold period! We need to stop this from happening ... and science and technologies will help us clear much of this up ... but they cant if you dont let them do their JOB as well.

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