Monday, October 5, 2009

Alternative Fuels and Energies ... for future use ....

I am not one that know's a Hell of alot about scientific engineering or theories, research, what work's and doesnt work or the practicality of some of these trial's and such, but I do know without trying, you'll never know ... so whenever I can pick up a lil education I try. So what inspire's this posting is a gentleman (Leon)  here in the DFW Metroplex that I have done business with a couple year's, who is a small business owner ... when we see each other time to time, we usually have a little small chat concerning various thing's.

When I seen Leon the other day ... he brought up that he has seen a couple of my post's in this journal ... although he hasnt commented ... but did think that my talk about Global Warming ... and Alternative Energies and fuels and such was not very practical thinking and more harm than any good, economically speaking. Leon brought up some good point's though ... and of course ... I give everything and everyone the benefit of the doubt. Some of my non-practical and sci- fi thinking he pointed out is below.

He told me to try using a couple solar panel's on my roof to run my air conditioner and utilities in august, which is the hottest month in this part of Texas ... unlike today in Dallas was about a high of 70 degree's for instance ... which is open the door's and window's type air conditioning. Also he asked me if I had a electric car and it was charging while I was at work, or whatever I was doing elsewheres ... what if an emergency came up and I needed to drive right then and there? He also brought up all the money spent by oil companies to try to make reformulated grade's of fuel for our existing vehicles ... and they will find the answer's with their scientist's that they spend so much on ... because they have the money to do the research ... and who else could pay for it? Also he stressed the importance of petro fuels right now, and the idea of shutting this all down or over- regulating such would be disastrous economically, being the ripple effect on the economy and job's. And regardless right now of whatever measures we take ... the climate is still changing and we dont have a snowball's chance in Hell of stopping what changes the earth goes through by just trying to convert all over to green tech. And he seem's to disagree with me when I tell him that green-tech's is a great investment right now ... because what if it dont even turn over as far as product meeting consumer's demand's? ... and we have no reason to think it will be the next big thing as far as energy being solar roof's or electric car's, etc. But, I think that these are some reasonable concern's. But alot of this is based as well on my talk about global warming, I know ... because Leon dont quite "buy" that what we are seeing is caused by human's let me add. Does it really matter who or what caused it? IT'S HERE ....

No ... I DONT KNOW what the answer's are to energy demand for human's in the future, but I do know that energy and fuel of today will become history. Nor do I think that a couple solar panel's in "2009" will cool my home and serve for all my utility usage in august ... not just in Dallas ... but most of the USA, nor do I think that batteries charging car's all day is the answer ... or even nuclear power. What I am saying is that it is "possible" to get our energies from wind, water, and sunlight is all ... but not trying to change wont change a damn thing ... bottom line. Until someone can show me it's "impossible", I simply dont buy it. We dont run a locomotive/ train these day's with steam engine's either, in fact all of transport need's on land and air are quite a bit different than the last century. I also have stated time and again throughout this journal ... that I havent heard one good reason why polluting the earth the way we do is beneficial to it or us? Money and job's? ... well ... yeah, okay ... but, method's of manufacturing, occupation's/ trade's, and how the market's work changes as well ... especially the market's! India a couple year's ago came up with a car that can run off of over 90% air compression ... now it doesnt have all the luxuries of many of our vehicles ... but it does do the job ... and it is a start ... and there is a buck to be made off it ... and it does create job's ... as long as none of the big money entities try to interfere with that as well. I do realize how well nuclear power work's in France as well ... but I believe that we are even to the point to move one step beyond that as well. I am with the President on wanting to eliminate especially all nuclear use period ... I dont see any enviromental advantage to it. Right now we need it for defense ... especially now. My concern isnt that it kill's human's ... because my objective in war (unlike most of our representatives) is to kill the enemy ... but I know that "Drones" (un-piloted aircraft's, not piloted from a human in the cockpit, instead on a ground based computer system) and many new defense technologies can handle the future ... and will. My problemo though was damage and possible damages to the earth from nuclear power ... not because of human casualties ... human's replenish like the bloody season's change.

But we will come up with much and better alternative's for energy and fuel demand's, it's simply a matter of how long and when is all. But just sitting around thinking we are happy now, and all our need's are met ... and it is alot better than 50 year's ago, or that our biggest and best petro producer's are the high priest's of energy, and they will find all the answer's, etc, etc ... is not the answer as well. Maybe we will have nothing we ever even thought of in the future ... and maybe a combination of energies for different usages ... much more variety and ideas than we have now, and way more competitive ... I dont know how it's going to get done ... I just know it "CAN" be done. And these studies, trial's, and creation's/ invention's do generate job's. Mr.T.Boone Pickens even, who made his million's off of oil ... is now in the process of investing in the largest windfarm development this nation ever had here in Texas ... and been also investing in natural gas production. Believe it or not ... just natural gas can easily fuel the existing vehicles our country has, with simple small modification's/ attachment's to the vehicles we have now ... but also realize that there are many who dont want to see that either. What we "can" do ... and what we will/ want to "do", is two different thing's.

Our science's/ technologies is all that will save us on every avenue ... and will make us the God's that we once wrote folklore about ... IN TIME ... with a little luck from nature. Why do I say luck? Because ... all considered ... we have been simply in the right place at the right time ... understand that we will have challenges to come ... and I dont mean in 100 or 200 year's from now ... so we can just sit on our asses and write fantasy novel's about the future. The earth is fixin to go through some serious changes ... with this ice melting and change in atmospheric condition's, marine life ... and the list goes on ... with "ALL" life form's ... meaning bacteria's, viruses, that may effect not only human's ... but also other form's of life ... and may even mutate quicker in some instances than we can keep up with as far as fighting. The universe is also alwayz in motion and changing as well ... and we have to be ready for thing's like even an asteroid hitting the earth, or other challenges. Just because we havent had to experience these thing's in our history doesnt mean we should dismiss them as non- possibilities ... especially with all we have learned about the evolution of this earth and universe.

POST NOTE: I also want to point out that even if we just convert the fuel usage of our daily vehicles ... as natural gas, electric, or any other alternative ... this idea that it will hurt oil producer's and job's is nonsense ... DO NOT BUY THAT. Sure ... it will affect a little profit- wise at most. But look at the list of the thousand's thing's we use/ consume that are made from petroleum ... also consider that the last I read was the largest consumer in the USA of oil was our military ... and we know that isnt going to cease any time soon. The bottom line is they just want more of a monopoly than actual progress ... it's all about money ... these alternatives for our daily vehicles will not send any of them to the poor house or even within walking distance of it ... or massively contribute to unemployment. Again ... dont buy this nonsense.


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