Monday, October 19, 2009

Swine Flu Blues News ....can get to You ...Part 2 "The TAMIFLU SCREW" ....

This posting is part 2 of original posting on april 30,2009 ... to follow up on the "scam's" that we will get...because of this "rush of fear". (I had to replace below video)

swine flu April 28 2009 only 500 million doses of tamiflu , 5.5 billion at risk ... Thanx to DELTAPECO

This is what happen's everytime when we let these thing's "get to us". Remember ... wherever there is will find it ...the wolves smell the blood and sense the fear...and they prey on matter WHAT the new scare is.

The reason I posted this originally back in April of this because of the panic that will come that we see now...and will see increase over the next few month's.They are trying to grow this stuff as quick as possible...we have the BEST in medical science working across the globe ... so there is no reason to panic and buy this crap that will be pushed off on folk's whether it's bunk Tamiflu ... or a number of other thing's that will be conjured up and created to "rescue and save you".

Take the basic "precaution's"...stay aware and alert ...and your forearmed as you can get...but as I posted in part one ... dont let this get to you ... because your "mind" can play you more than the "player". We have to expect these thing's...and it's just another challenge we will have to deal with.Get used to it, because as I also posted time and again...understand because of this "global warming" or the politically correct term "climate change"... you must expect also for possible new viruses to mutate at a fairly quick rate ... after all ... they are life as well...and life evolve's. BUT ... it will be dealt with ... and it make's us sharper and more aware of the condition's we will be faced with.

You may think ..."well...there's been death's..." etc. Every year you have death's due to influenza ... every day you have death's/fatalities from motor vehicle accident's. You dont run and panic to avoid the motor vehicle's deal with it. No different actually.


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